30 November, 2021

13 Best VOD Platforms For Starting a Video on Demand Business in 2022

With the outbreak of the pandemic situation across the globe, the urge for Video on demand (VOD) platforms has increased exponentially. The VOD market is expected to be driven by the rising influence of smartphones, internet accessibility, and growing demand for online streaming services in businesses and various sectors.

“The VOD viewership has expanded from 31% to 37% in the U.S ever since the COVID-19 situation”

The global VOD streaming platform market size is touted to reach 225 billion dollars by the year 2028 as per the reports suggested by Grand View Research. With the technological advancements, infusion of blockchain technology in video streaming, and use of artificial intelligence, the video quality will certainly boost the demand for the market over a stipulated time.

The adoption of cloud-based streaming solutions influences the growth of traffic and reach of content. Surprisingly, more than 70% of the U.S people have a minimum of at least one video-on-demand subscription when compared to their counterparts.

“Video-on-demand viewing rises by 155% each year with an approximate viewing time of 17.1 minutes for each session.”

What is VOD?

vod meaning

VOD stands for Video on demand, it is an interactive system for exclusive access to content that allows its viewers to access any video from a library of content with compatibility of viewing on their Mobile phones, desktops, TVs, and any other devices.

VOD solutions are becoming increasingly popular amongst the viewers and businesses as video on demand platform providers gives the viewers the choosability and flexibility of accessing the video content such as TV shows, movies, and much more.

How Does Video on Demand Work?

Before having the video delivered to your home, the movie or show is first put into a digital format and stored in a video server. When there is a VOD request, the movie is initially compressed & transmitted via the cable or broadband connection. After reaching the server, the movie streaming gets decoded and decompressed via a set-up box, later stored in a video server in the computer or television of the viewer.

The Benefits of VOD Platform

  • Convenience- Over the keyword searches, the viewers can search through the video library and view their choice of content whenever and wherever without any broadcasting barriers.
  • Sharing- The videos can be shared with predetermined audiences and they can be watched at their convenience.
  • Reach- The content creators can access any content beyond the geographical restrictions and time variations due to the presence of multiple screens on the internet.
  • Content Variety- Viewers can have access to an infinite number of topics and the results from the searches are generated in a quick succession of seconds with the use of rapid stream delivery.
  • Navigation- With the use of chapter markers, you can jump into a specific section of the video.
  • Compatibility- It provides HD quality viewing over the internet facility with low latency, zero buffering, and instant start-up of videos with compatibility across devices.
  • Viewership metrics- Easily gauge the measurements of the viewer activity via analytical figures. The determination of viewing behaviors in the target audience is quite difficult without the metrics.
  • Affordable promotions- The launch of commercials in the online forum is cheaper than the purchase of prime time spots for TV Ads.
  • Interactivity- Various features enable the viewers to have interactions with one another with the use of comments, likes, in-video files such as surveys, file attachments, and timed comments.

What are the Best Video on Demand Platforms?

 “The key to success lies in picking the right VOD platform.”

With many VOD platforms in the market, you need to understand the technicalities in each of them to see the right one that fits your requirements. Let’s dive further to explore the nuances of Video-On-Demand software and get expert insights on them. 

Top 13 VOD Platform Providers To Consider in 2022

I have huddled up the top 13 video on demand platform providers. You can explore and find out the best VOD software provider for building a successful platform for streaming your video content.

1) VPlayed

A Unified White-label VOD Platform For Your Streaming Business

VOD platform - VPlayed

VPlayed is a futuristic and 100% customizable streaming channel that is flexible, compatible, reliable with end-to-end encrypted features for business purposes with strong security attributes and multiple monetization models.

The multi-bitrate technology through the HLS player will boost the video streaming and their stellar content management strategies deliver increased engagement and increased ROIs. VPlayed is the first choice of many leading businesses for streaming audio or video content across all versions and devices. 

VPlayed VOD Platform Blusters Numerous Business-Building Features Like:

  • Robust DRM platform security with AES encryption
  • In-built CMS to manage content library
  • Integration at on-premise or cloud services
  • Complete Customization of your streaming channel
  • 6+ Multiple video monetization models
  • Seamless streaming through Customizable and dynamic Video Player
  • Transcode files and cloud encoding at a switchable bitrate
  • Scale higher success with marketing and analytics 

2) Vidyard

A Finest All-in-one VOD Streaming Software in the market

VOD Solution - Vidyard

Vidyard is the best On-Demand video service provider for hosting online videos on a large-scale basis. It gives you the right way to manage and host your videos online. Vidyard holds unmatchable player connectivity, customer service, and features to boost the video hosting prospects for corporate communications, marketing, and sales.

Vidyard is a first-class online video platform suitable for every business to increase leads, delight & entertain customers, and accelerate your pipeline. It is a video tool exclusively built for virtual selling and is quite easy for recording as well as sending videos with a personal flavor. 

Highlight Features of Vidyard Video on Demand Solution Includes:

  • Leading automation and video marketing integration platform for powering video data
  • Get optimum leads with personalized video experience
  • Ad-free content upload with video playbacks
  • Increased customer engagement

3) Wowza

A Global Distribution & Video Streaming Platform

video streaming platform - Wowza

Wowza is video-on-demand streaming software that allows the quick download of HD quality on-demand videos to any device and increases your viewer base by broadcasting pre-recorded video content to any computer, and player.

 In addition to this, you get to have strong security tools for protecting your videos. Wowza offers two primary products such as Wowza streaming cloud and Wowza streaming engine delivering solutions for VOD streaming

Features Distinguishing Wowza as a Top-notch Video on Demand Platform:

  • Reduce the first mile issues through proactive management with origin ingestion
  • HTML embed system for all devices to meet video playback needs
  • Publish content with master bitrate renditions
  • Protect your streaming with video DRM and RTSP systems
  • Smart embedded real-time streaming for the interactive virtual surrounding

4) Uscreen

Highly Customizable & Scalable Video Solution

Video On Demand Platform - Uscreen

Uscreen is one of the top video-on-demand channels for its exclusive monetization features. It gives the privilege to customize the appearance of the platform, pick the right video monetization platform, track subscriber analytics, and much more.

Uscreen ensures multi-bitrate streaming, quick encoding for a 4K UHD  viewing experience and the platform is white-labeled with a powerful global CDN. There are multiple options for increased user engagement, analytical data, and email marketing. 

Progressive Feature List of Uscreen VOD Software:

  • Distribute and monetize videos hassle-free with a recurring fee
  • Multi-device compatibility for automated scheduled content delivery
  • Track video progress with overview data of customers
  • Catch the attention of viewers with website themes and increase video plays
  • Conversion of search engine users with SEO strategies

5) Brightcove

A Reliable Video On Demand Solution

video on demand solution - Brightcove

Brightcove is capable of delivering videos across various screens and users without any glitches. With a strong media cloud, you get a centralized video network for live streaming, monetization, marketing, analytics, encoding, and much more.

Brightcove is touted to be one of the oldest platforms that offer VOD, cloud encoding, and live streaming. It is the right choice for monetizing content and serving the Ads with contractual services.  

Highlighted Features That Make Brightcove VOD Solution Provider are:

  • Monetize video content with leading networks using Ads
  • Optimize live streaming with distributed cloud support
  • Track the user engagement and interest with analytical reports
  • High tech security for improved video communication
  • Social media integration for video ranks

6) Kaltura

A Streaming Solution For Powering Video Experience

VOD Streaming - Kaltura

Kaltura offers SaaS-based solutions in developing media-oriented VOD software for Lecture capture, live interactions of virtual classes, and secure hosting of webinar sessions for education streaming platform. It integrates seamlessly with any existing CMS and is the right fit for seminars, courses, and all eLearning courses.

Kaltura offers flexible live streaming and on-demand videos for the hosting of registration-based or invitation-only events. There is a 30-day free trial and prices are listed out on request. It is specifically designed for enterprise brands and larger-scale institutions.

Kaltura Assists in Developing Significant VOD Software with Progressive Technologies Like:

  • Advanced meta-data and search attributes at one place
  • Easy integration of Kaltura’s API into the existing platform
  • Best in-hand broadcasting video technology for real time, VOD, Live, and much more
  • Scale higher revenues with a unique video cloud platform

7) JW Player

A Simple Video On Demand Streaming Solution

video streaming solution provider

JW Player is an end-to-end VOD streaming service for importing, controlling, and distributing videos effortlessly. They are equipped with multi-CDN network POPs for ensuring an efficient distribution to every region.

JW Player is widely appreciated across 130+ nations for their superior CDN solutions and effective distribution of video streaming. It delivers engaging video content to viewers in real-time with its smart recommendation engine. 

JW Player VOD Software With Advanced Features includes:

  • Digital distribution with H.264/AAC for HQ edits
  • Launch live events on your TV channel without any glitches
  • Maximize the revenue with video-based Ads
  • Use article matching for increasing user engagement by click to play rate

8) Vimeo

A Full-scale VOD Subscription Service

VOD subscription service

Vimeo is touted to be among the top 10 OTT movie streaming services in the U.S territory and holds a wide customer base of two hundred million users & known for its seamless streaming services.

Vimeo aids in distributing films, movies, and TV episodes easily with the use of sophisticated technologies. Oscar-nominated and award-winning movies are generally streamed on Vimeo for their popularity amongst viewers. It allows you to retain more than 90% of the creator’s income after the processing costs are incurred.

Listed Below are Vimeo’s Incredible VOD Platform Features that Include:

  • Decipher metrics with video analytics to deliver precision content
  • Control the content access with a secure, flexible, and simple interface
  • Global VOD content for progressive streaming
  • High volume streaming with advanced player 

9) Dacast

A Leading OTT Streaming Platform With Progressive Tools

Broadcaster VOD streaming

Dacast is an ideal solution for professional broadcasting and offers a seamless streaming solution. The pricing of Dacast is more affordable than any other streaming solution provider in the market.

Dacast offers no-contract options with very secure CDN networks for reliability in streaming and comes at affordable pricing when compared to other solution providers. It gives you Ad-free broadcasting and white label service plans with complete assistance. 

Dacast’s VOD Platform Boasts of Business-Building Features Like:

  • Best video hosting with global delivery
  • 24*7 tech support for a smooth hassle-free process
  • Robust security features for safe streaming
  • Multi-user access on specific plans
  • Cloud-based video transcoding
  • Smart real-time analytics and Ad-free streaming
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming for HD output

10) IBM Video Streaming

A Powerful VOD and Live Streaming Platform

VOD and Live streaming platform

IBM streaming solution makes use of AI-driven technology for interactive communication, content management, live streaming, and much more with the use of a potent VOD software. Enhance your business entrepreneurial talks with IBM’s cloud solutions for live stream events, product launches, and many more.

IBM allows management and monetization of your platform with flexible streaming across devices. It is mostly suited for enterprise solution usage, creators, and SaaS businesses in the industry. 

Features of IBM Video Streaming Platform Provider are:

  • Complete customization for API access with controlled user rolls
  • Password protected channels for ensuring restricted access
  • Leading CDN infrastructure for best streaming performance
  • Live call to action in the video player for clickable video relays
  • Scalable cloud-based broadcast solution for multicasting live streams

11) Vidizmo

The Most Valuable & Worthy Online VOD Solution

online VOD solution

Vidizmo is an all-inclusive VOD solution that offers a wide range of ways to ingest and upload media content compatible and flexible across devices. The monetization models generate better revenue opportunities and it holds a highly scalable video CMS to stream videos across geographical barriers.

Vidizmo is an exclusive enterprise video content management channel for troubleshooting multiple challenges in video hosting, sharing, managing, and streaming. 

Vidizmo Video on Demand Solution With Advanced Features are as Follows:

  • High definition VOD streaming of videos
  • Branded media portal for corporate communications, On-boarding programs, etc
  • Advanced analytical tools offer a centralized dashboard with media analytics, interactivity reports, and video analytics.
  • Smart API integration for management of content and access
  • Compatibility of devices for increase reachability and scope for content

12) Arvancloud

A Flexible and Hassle-free Video On Demand Software

free vod video on demand platform

Arvancloud software solution gives the power to store, publish, and convert video content without any infrastructure constraints. It is highly compatible and allows the creation of content in various formats for publishing. The powerful processing and integrated cluster ensure conversion of video processes in a short period.

Take a Look at the Advanced Features of Arvancloud Platform:

  • Cloud video advertising for the addition of Ads
  • Maximize the loading speed with integrated CDN
  • Smart web-based player for compatible and supportive streaming
  • Quick cloud server activation for a simpler process
  • 24*7 technical support and assistance
  • Intelligent API for video platform management

13) Muvi

Turnkey Solution To Launch VOD Service

best live VOD streaming platform

Muvi is a unique streaming platform that is specifically tailored to assist content broadcasters with quick OTT streaming needs. It includes exclusive and featured TV apps, Mobile, and Websites with end-to-end streaming solutions.

Muvi is mainly considered as one of the best live streaming platforms for OTT media distribution and empowers the audiences to launch their white-label video or audio streaming platform

State-of-the-art Features of Muvi Streaming Platform Are:

  • Fully customizable HTML5 video player
  • Advanced DRM and security tools
  • A comprehensive video CMS
  • High quality (HD) streaming with transcoding
  • Multiple and revenue-generating monetization models
  • Insightful viewer analytics for measuring the behavior

How to Choose The Right VOD Platform Provider?

Are you looking to start your VOD business? Get to know the features to look out for, while choosing the best VOD app solution provider for global streaming & monetizing video content.

With multiple online video portals for business requirements, finding the right VOD hosting service is the herculean task. VPlayed will be the best choice for designing a futuristic video streaming solution with 100% customization and a white-label solution.

Stream videos or audios on-cloud and on-premises, manage uploads with VPlayed’s in-built video CMS. Increase the user engagement and improve viewing experience with the multi-device support and their adaptive web applications.

VPlayed’s characteristic multiple video monetization platform are designed to improve the revenue prospects and maximize the power of your content globally across all mediums.


To sum up, Video On Demand is an outstanding way to connect with your viewers and scale higher in business growth. The right video hosting solution provider that integrates your content delivery will be the right choice in progressing the success ladder.

If you are interested to find out how VOD solutions can shift your business growth, check out CONTUS VPlayed for superior streaming solutions for any business needs.

Blogger and OTT Expert in Contus Vplayed. Interested in digging deep into vod streaming media business tools and Love to discuss and share views on the latest technologies tips, and tricks.


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