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10 Key Features To Look For In An Online Video Education Platform

“Online learning has been on the rise and the reasons for the astronomical incline are apparent.”

One of the salient advantages of online classes is that they are easier to navigate on smaller budgets. Costs are often a prohibitive factor in why individual students are not enrolling in courses of interest. This is also a concern with businesses who want to enable their staff to receive additional training but have tightened purse strings.

When it comes to determining which online learning platform is the best, you might be faced with a multitude of opinions. But before that, it is vital to understand how choosing an live video chat app for education platform can be beneficial.

Why Choose an Online Video Service for Education

At some point in your research, you might have encountered the questions: is online school better than traditional classrooms? It’s quite a common conundrum, but there are distinct benefits that set the former miles apart from the latter.

If you’re still on the fence about online learning, here are a few reasons that prove why online learning is more effective:

Better Comprehension and Retention

Offline courses often struggle with knowledge retention; this may have to do with learning in unfamiliar environments and other distracting factors. The benefits of online school are that they enable students to engage with multimedia content and exercise more control over how best they take in information. This leads to better comprehension.

Better Support for Multi-model Learning

The multi-model method suggests that when a larger number of our senses are engaged during the learning process, we are more likely to understand better and remember more. Using an online video education platform for teaching allows lecturers to experiment with interactive styles of teaching. This caters to a variety of learning styles and ensures that every student is given information in a manner that suits them individually.

Helps Break Down Complex Information

Through using an online educational streaming service, it is easier to break down complex information. This way, lecturers and teachers are free to cater to as many questions as possible. They’re also able to experiment with the infrastructure available, which is not a possibility in traditional learning setups. Additionally, students can go back to refer to videos at a later stage, so they’re able to learn concepts better.

Develops Digital Literacy

In this day and age of automation and next-gen technology, both students and teachers must develop high levels of digital literacy. The majority of today’s job roles require some level of digital know-how; early exposure through an online interactive VOD platform can set students up for success.

Online Video education platform

What to Look for In An Online Educational Streaming Platform

If you’ve ever wondered “what are the features of e-learning?”, you’ve come to the right place. When choosing the right online education platform for your business, consider opting for one with the following key features of e-learning services:

1. One-To-One Tutoring and Lecture Capture

The best digital learning platforms allow teachers to interact with their students on a one-to-one basis. This could be through live audio or chat interfaces. Lecture capture facilities allow professors to record and store classes. Students can refer to them at a later stage and brush up on key concepts.

2. Custom Integration with Top LMSs

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are platforms where students can access their syllabus, course materials, lecture recordings and assignments. They’re also able to interact with teachers as well as other students. A good online video streaming platform for students must be readily integrated with top LMS platforms. Some of the ones in use currently are Adobe Captivate Prime, Moodle, Sensei and LearnDash.

3. Flipped Classroom and Social Sharing Platforms Integration

Flipped classrooms reverse traditional models of teaching. Here, students are allowed to learn course materials at their own pace. Social sharing also allows students to interact with their lessons across platforms. This takes learning out of stifled setups and allows students to put theory to practice in the larger world.

4. Frequent Assessments Can Reduce Distractions

Aside from online streaming platform lectures, students also benefit from frequent assessments, which online learning enables. These reduce their distractions and keep them focused on the syllabus or the lesson plan. It also enables them to imbibe concepts better.

5. All-Device Compatibility Adaptive Streaming

Students and teachers will be accessing the online education platform from a variety of devices and bandwidths. Therefore, it is vital that your platform of choice is compatible across devices. It should also be able to seamlessly stream videos by working with available bandwidth. Device compatibility ensures better user experience across the board.

6. Multiple Deployment Options

Organizations can choose to host their online education platform on the cloud, on on-premise servers or on a hybrid system of the two. Of all the features of an online educational video subscription platform, multiple deployment options are key so that you can choose whichever options work best for them. It also ensures that your organization can stick with one platform throughout your online education journey.

7. High-Quality Content Delivery

Laggy videos and pauses in streaming are absolute no-nos for something as vital as online education. Therefore, what makes a good online learning platform is that it is able to deliver high-quality content. This should be regardless of the number of users, devices logged on and differences in network connectivity.

8. Multiple Monetization Models

Organizations must be able to choose their preferred video monetization models. This could be subscriptions, pay-per-view, video-on-demand models or a hybrid of all of these. This ensures your revenue streams are diversified. It also ensures you cater to a wide variety of budgets. Naturally, the monetization model you choose will depend on the content you provide; that said, a platform that enables you to switch between options is most versatile.

9. Insight into Video Viewership and Engagement Analytics

It’s not enough for organizations to stream live videos or upload videos on demand. You must also be able to identify their audience and engagement numbers. This helps you make better content overall. It also enables organizations to devise strategies for broader or narrower reach. Analytics helps to identify which content type is performing better, what topics are gaining traction and whether existing content will need to be supplemented.

10. Content Security/DRM Protection

In an era where video bombers and phishermen are altogether too frequent, your choice of online video education platforms must ensure that users’ data and privacy are respected. This makes users more trusting of your organization and, in turn, influences engagement and retention. Your choice of platform will need high-end security frameworks and E2E encryption. It will also need additional safety features at the users’ end.

Creating an Effective and Interactive Online Video Education Platform

As an education provider, you will benefit from choosing an interactive online video education platform that guarantees several benefits, instead of just a select few.

VPlayed is one such OTT service. It provides an end-to-end personalized e-learning network that allows viewers to stream educational content seamlessly, across bandwidths and with zero latency. By choosing VPlayed, you are opting for the seamless integration of an online video education platform into existing setups, without throwing a wrench in the works of your business.

In this day and age, time is money and speed is king; ensuring that you have a high-functioning secure online video education platform in your system gives your organization the power to reach wider audiences.

If you want to Start your Own Educational Video Platform, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!


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