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Video Conferencing Solution: How It Multiples the Productivity of Businesses by 5x Times

So, you’re frustrated with the inability of your video conferencing platform to do the ideal things you actually want to.


Your participants want to join your conferencing right from mobile devices on-the-go, from a personal computer or meeting room from any part of the world.

And the list goes beyond…!

Even though your investment in third-party video conferencing apps is high, but your video conferencing software can’t do all the things that you can probably accommodate for every-day work scenario. No matter whatever business you are dealing with, every organization wants to build connected relationships irrespective of distance.

This is where you feel your total investment on video conferencing is not matching your conferencing needs. Typically you play “hide and seek” with your video conferencing to match the investment and performance of the software. Let us grasp some of the pain points that most of the organizations and enterprises encounter with effortless video conferencing platforms.
video conferencing platforms

1. Unbearable Acoustics

Video conferencing, Call conferencing or video conferencing solution – whatever you want to term it. Conferencing is all about seeing it and believing it, but due to technological updates (WebRTC), most of the video conferencing API & SDK providers fail to withstand the value. It is found that IT services have earned revenue up to 4,300 million U.S dollars with audio conferencing technology.

2. Complexity in the Login Process

Dial-in conference call participant is one of the most common techniques most of the providers offer. With a mobile number, following passcode to connect is a huge time loss and it doesn’t guarantee that your expected participants will join. The process delays the conference calls up to 9 minutes which isn’t an interesting factor to consider when it comes to the real-time collaboration of any business.

3. Security Issues

The purpose of conference calls is to discuss, collaborate confidential subjects at anytime which reduces the cost and significantly the time. Naturally, the host sends invite mails to the participant with the bridge number and passcode where the user can forward the mail to anyone, then she/he can eavesdrop the entire conversation when it comes to audio conferencing. The same applies to video conferencing as well.

4. Hosting Group Conferences

When it comes to project discussion, conference calls are the main resource for enterprises and other professionals to collaborate. Most of the video conferencing software doesn’t connect more than 5 participants in a discussion or meeting which drastically reduces the productivity of the business.

Now, it’s Time for the Action

The purpose of your communication differs based on the principle of business. Every organization, business and enterprises are expanding across the world and maintaining an effective collaboration with the employees or professionals is the ideal deal for productivity. A self-hosted or cloud-hosted video conferencing solution is the right strategy to streamline every collaboration taking place in Education, Healthcare, Sales, Enterprise purpose, Media & Entertainment and much more.

An exemplary video conferencing solution must possess great communication functionalities that adapt to any enterprise or industry.

A Note-worthy Video Conferencing Solution Must Possess:

Video Conferencing SDK & API Process

  • tick-iconWithstand a huge user base when it comes to scalability,

  • tick-icon

    Performance-oriented during concurrent usage,

  • tick-icon

    Low latency enabled when it comes to the quality of audio and video,

  • tick-icon

    Rich in functionalities when it comes to video conferencing experience,

  • tick-icon

    100% Customizable when it comes to usage of conferencing for any industry,

  • tick-icon

    Complete API & SDK Provider with source integration when it comes to faster-time-to-market,

  • tick-icon

    Multiple availabilities of the video conferencing platform,

  • tick-icon

    Finally Cost-effective.

So, Where do can I expect such note-worthy video conferencing solution?

If you’re in charge of choosing the best enterprise video conferencing solution for your business, either as a decision-maker or a CEO or a Manager, then you probably have to analyze a fully super-packed suite of MirrorFly as an entire picture for your video conferencing demands and cost-effective factors.

See what you can expect from an enterprise video conferencing solution?

  • tick-icon

    Upfront, completely one-time payment for your entire video conferencing Solution.

  • tick-icon

    Absolutely customizable for any feature and functionality irrespective of platforms.

  • tick-icon

    Self-hosting to cloud-hosting, analytics is possible!

  • tick-icon

    Adding of participants limit up to 2000(is case of large meetings).


Amazed right???

Probably you just have to scroll down further to analyze the type of industries that an enterprise solution offers where you can build a video conferencing platform based on your niche! 

Discover Your Video Conferencing Needs Regardless of Industries

1. Smooth run of hospitals + Real-time Collaboration = Highest level Patient care

The video conferencing has been a key asset for healthcare specifically for doctors to connect with patients in real-time. It doesn’t stop with simply connecting doctors and patients, it also connects doctors, healthcare institutions, remote patients, ground employees and much more.

  • healthcare video conference

    Reduce waiting time and assist more patients with conferencing

  • Best healthcare video conference

    Assist to handle multiple Pieces of Medical Trainings

  • healthcare video conference Solution

    Allows to interact with a medical specialist at anytime

2. Collaboration + Connecting Teachers, Students & Parents = Enhanced Learning Experience

Education has greatly changed the way how students collaborate and learn nowadays, that’s where the video conferencing comes into play. To help students better understand the concepts and connecting teachers and parents to stay updated on the happenings in school.

  • Education Video Conferencing

    Bringing subject experts and matters around the globe

  • Education video conferencing SDK

    Parent/student and teachers virtual meetings

  • Education Video Conferencing API

    Conferencing virtual classrooms

3. Flexible timings + Reduce travel cost + Time saving = Increase efficiency

The right tool that HRs are longing to attract, retain and develop efficient employees that impact the growth of the organization. The video conferencing technology makes the hiring process much simpler and gets the work done in a short period.

  • Human Resource video conferencing SDK

    New hiring through conferencing

  • Human Resource video conferencing API

    Virtual Interviews across the globe

  • Human Resource video conferencing solution

    Global HRs collaboration

4. Team Collaboration + Instant Interactivity + Remote Workers = 5xtimes Productivity (Gas, Oil & Energy)

Reaching the remote employees is a big deal for industries like Gas, Manufacturing where all the workers are distributed across the geographical areas. Connects the global workers with the project head within a fraction of seconds to make a discussion about the current status of the project. The solution increases the collaboration of the team, saves travel cost and increase productivity.

  • Best video conferencing solution for gas

    Training sessions for global workers

  • video conferencing sdk for oil

    Quality check in real-time increases productivity

  • video conferencing api for Energy

    Connecting remote workers with virtual meetings

How Does the Video Conferencing in MirrorFly Performs?

“Whatever the conferencing purpose, scalability matters.”

Video-conferencing has a decisive factor that it has the responsibility to connect participants all over the world and even when the number of video conferencing participants rises.
video conference scalabilitySo, you believe that all the video conferencing providers use the same traditional technology to make conferencing, Nah! you’re certainly not true. Most SaaS-based video conferencing software like Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, and Zoom are not using WebRTC based applications. Basically, normal video conferencing calls are made over IP networks where the participants don’t exceed 3. But when it comes to scalability in video conferencing, it requires more IP networks.

MirrorFly uses one of the most advanced technology for transmitting content in real-time, WebRTC and MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) topology to maintain sublime video and voice quality for the participants connected over the software or application.

As of referred, there are only three technologies are dominating the video conferencing market.

  • Peer-to-Peer Connection (Mesh)

  • Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)

  • Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

These are the least used video conferencing technology where the execution in operating is complex and operational cost is high when compared to other technologies.

1. Mesh (Peer-To-Peer)

Peer-to-Peer Connection

It’s one of the lowest video conferencing solutions where there is no necessity of any intermediate infrastructure like media-server or cloud etc. Each of the clients sends and receives to and from other video call participants. Facetime and Skype are using this technology where hangouts use technology rarely due to scalability issues.

2. Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)

Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)It’s based on a central unit that receives streams from all the clients. These clients decide on which stream to receive from the other video call participants. The higher the number of video call participants, the more streams downloads which in result increases the bandwidth. It is found that all the participants are received by one central unit and forward it selectively to other participants. Google Hangouts is using this technology only if there are only 2 people on the call.

3. Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

The technology mixes up all the streams from all the participants. The MUC technology enables one to encode, decode and mixes up all the streams into one single at a time & transmit to other participants. Therefore, the streams from each client are common which reduces the bandwidth usage. The major highlight of the technology it that, any number of participants can join the stream or video call without reducing the video quality and decisive audio for the connected clients.
Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)MirrorFly uses this technology (Multipoint Control Unit) MUC and WebRTC as the prime technology for offering enterprise-grade video conferencing SDK for businesses.

Every business deserves a better collaboration tool to smooth-running of your communication right from the base to top management level. Video conferencing has the potential to transform your business communication, productivity and save a huge amount of travel cost.

Whatever the purpose of conferencing and industry, an enterprise-grade video conferencing api & sdk provider is the right you present to your business communication. Before partnering with the right enterprise solution provider, make sure the provider comes under these checklists.

Every business deserves a better collaboration tool to smooth-running of your communication right from the base to top management level. Video conferencing has the potential to transform your business communication, productivity and save a huge amount of travel cost.

Whatever the purpose of conferencing and industry, an enterprise-grade video conferencing SDK & API provider is the right you present to your business communication. Before partnering with the best enterprise solution provider, make sure the provider comes under these checklists.

Why Enterprise-grade Video Conferencing Solution?

  • tick-icon

    Experience end-to-end customization of video conferencing platforms (Android, iOS & Web) up to any number of use cases.

  • tick-icon

    Potential up to 2000 participants & 1000 viewers across the globe.

  • tick-icon

    Designed with advanced technologies (WebRTC).

video conference

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Great tutorial hearing about how to create a video conferencing for small & Enterprise business. That content step by step details also very unique and explained these technology features.

1. Peer-to-Peer Connection (Mesh)

2. Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)

3. Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

I would like more similar content from your side. keep it Mr.Sharvin Mohan.

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