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Contus Fly – A Flexible API that Can Accommodate Any Audio/Video Calling Integration

Skype. WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger. WeChat. Slack.

Every known instant messaging app today comes pre-enabled with voice video calling.

Gone are the days of voice calling. Video is the new telephone call.

Video audio integrations tools are the machinery that makes instant messaging apps capable of communication using real-time video chat. They provide the technical infrastructure to set up interactive real-time video communication that can be scaled easily.

Be it a one-on-one video call or a multi-participant video seminar, video audio calling integrations make it happen.

Video/Audio integration tools are basically WebRTC tools. WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. There are many voice video call integrations in the ready-go pack that can integrate into a website or a mobile app for communication. They are usually available in the market in the form of APIs or plug-and-play solutions that make it easy to embed video call into a website to deliver custom video chat experiences.

How Video/ Voice Chat Application Works?

The voice communication will happen between two clients over the VOIP (voice over the internet protocol) is one of the popular for voice and video call. The voice call works on the principle of WebRTC. The WebRTC has 3 separate methodologies namely,
Voice & audio server architecture

  • Signaling
  • STUN server
  • Turn server

In which, signaling initiates the user data, messages for the media. And also ensures the signal at both sides and provide the signal for the clients. Websockets are used in the Signaling. In order to make a connection with the clients, we need a peer to peer connection. There are two types of servers

  • STUN Server
  • Turn Server

The STUN server provides public IP address for peer to peer connection, other IP address does not enable the peer to peer connection. The Turn Server acts in the absence of peer to peer connection failure to establish the connection between the clients and users. These methodologies work for the same video calling, and other media to establish the support for the users in the chatting app and other devices.

What does Contus Fly have in offer?

Contus fly source codeContus Fly is an instant messaging solution that can be customized to build a real-time chat app. It has in-built voice video calling features and also Contus Fly source code can be integrated with other SDK and APIs to create a utilitarian chat application. The chat application can score high on several user-focused features like online presence indicators, private chats and group chats, location sharing, screen sharing and any other feature that makes enterprise communication systems like Slack, Stride, and the likes a hit.

The Benefit that You Get

Contus Fly is a 100% customizable chat app solution that will suit to integrate the video and voice chat to enable video/Audio call. As an enterprise-grade user, you can pick any third party integration and integrate with Contus Fly’s backend to add video conferencing to your chat app or website.
voice & video call integration structure
Additionally, Contus Fly can be customized for several use cases. From a dedicated chat app within an office to a doctor-patient communication system for hospitals or even a help support system for banking or financial institutions, Contus Fly can be used to build any kind of real-time communication system.

Contus Fly – Voice/Video Call Features

Low Latency -The message can transfer within a short period of time. It consumes the low level of data.

Encryption – At one end of the sender’s voice/video is transferred that can be encrypted and another end receiver can be decrypted the voice/video for most secure communication.

Cross Platform – It supports the cross-platform and also allow to run the application from the existing platform.

1 to 1 or One to Many -The Audio/Video call integration Facilitate a group call or individual communication with highly reliable and efficient quality calls across all the devices.

Own Turn Server – This acts as a medium to route the connection properly between the client and user with ensuring bandwidth usage.

Adaptive H264 Codec – This helps to provide quality video or voice continuously at very low bit rate without reducing the complexity of the video/audio.


Integrate voice calling integration

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20 Comments on "Contus Fly – A Flexible API that Can Accommodate Any Audio/Video Calling Integration"

28 days 21 hours ago

Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I liked the line where you wrote”It has in-built voice video calling features and also Contus Fly source code can be integrated with other SDK and APIs to create a utilitarian chat application”.
Keep on sharing!

Alan Walker
2 months 14 days ago

There are many criticisms on the new interface change of WhatsApp itself? Photo and video sharing experience also seems to be a bit slow? Why is that?

2 months 13 days ago

For sure, the slow photo and video sharing experience are not the resultant of the new user interface design change. Maybe it would have created a visual disconnect between the users as they would have got more used to the old design, but it has got nothing to do with the app’s performance.

Each platform (iOS, Android, Windows) uses different compilers and so the execution time for an action will differ based on it. So, if a file share is done between two nodes, each belonging to different mobile platforms (ex: iOS and Android), there could be a bit of time taken by either one or both of the compilers to process it.

Charles Putin
2 months 30 days ago

How long it would take to integrate 3rd party video call into your source code?

2 months 27 days ago

Most probably it does not take much time to integrate the feature. Shoots faster.

Majo Ruth B
2 months 16 days ago

i just want to build up my own style messenger in my location in my country and i need open source code in which i can build my app i need integrate that app messeging between users and photo sharing phone call or voice call and also video call conferencing?

Ram Chand
2 months 30 days ago

I am considering developing a hybrid app over native. The app will have secure video call facility, sort feature and integration with payment gateway. Which platform is the best- Iconic, Xamarin or PhoneGap? Or is there is a better platform that I can consider?

2 months 27 days ago

Xamarin would be the best choice.

Ryan Chan
2 months 16 days ago

Hi Masi, we are interested in adopting a ready-made chat-communications app into our own Angular JS app. I’m researching the many different offerings on the market and yours looks impressive. Can you give me indicative pricing to begin with and some more information about what we need in terms of infrastructure if any.

3 months 14 hours ago

How much does it cost of contus fly source code?

2 months 27 days ago

Purely depends on your requirement and standards.

Lynda James
2 months 16 days ago

I’m interested in a websocket pub-sub, presence, geo-location, chat, group-chat, chat storage, file share, screen share, webrtc calling (voice and video).

2 months 14 days ago

Is Contus Fly making video chat/ conferencing?

2 months 13 days ago

Hello Akora,
Of course, Contus Fly support the video chat conferencing integration to any level.