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MirrorFly – A Flexible API & SDK that Can Accommodate Any Audio/Video Calling Integration

Skype. WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger. WeChat. Slack.

Every known instant messaging app today comes pre-enabled with voice video calling.

Gone are the days of voice calling. Video is the new telephone call.

Video audio integrations tools are the machinery that makes instant messaging apps capable of communication using real-time video chat API & SDK. They provide the technical infrastructure to set up interactive real-time video communication that can be scaled easily.

Be it a one-on-one video call or a multi-participant video seminar, video audio calling integrations make it happen.

Video/Audio integration tools are basically WebRTC tools. WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. There are many voice video call integrations in the ready-go pack that can integrate into a website or a mobile app for communication. They are usually available in the market in the form of APIs or plug-and-play solutions that make it easy to embed video call into a website to deliver custom video chat API experiences.

So, before getting into its actual working principle, let’s walk through the complete understanding of a Video Chat API & SDK for businesses.

What’s all about Video Chat API/SDK?

Video Chat API is completely a video integration tool that can be customized according to business communication needs. With a video chat api, you can make real-time virtual communication from any device irrespective of platforms (Android, iOS & Web browsers). On top of it, the Video chat API offers all the technical infrastructure to integrate video chat into your mobile or web applications.

An End-to-end Explanation of WebRTC Streaming Infrastructure

Most of the video chat are established in two or more client devices using the WebRTC protocol. The connection can be established with two modes, Peer-to-peer connection and WebRTC Relayed Connection.

WebRT Peer-to-peer connection

The connections are made directly where the audio/video packets are streamed directly from the client to client. The entire process runs till both the devices’ IP address are accessed by the public internet. With an advanced LAN security, the peer-to-peer connection can be achieved with the set up of RTC configurations.

WebRTC Relayed Video/Audio Connection

This mode is accessible only if the peer-to-peer fails. In case, if the public IP address is not open, WebRTC connection can be established over the TCP using a TURN server. The TURN server acts as a data relay of audio and video.

Since, the market is overflowing with a number of video chat api providers, the quality of the solution and features differs. Though, the integration of video chats into any application is a complex thing, the successful integration for multiple use cases would benefit quite a lot. There are few challenges every solution or enterprise encounters while the integration process.

How Video/ Voice Chat Application Works?

The voice communication will happen between two clients over the VOIP (voice over the internet protocol) is one of the popular for voice and video call. The voice call works on the principle of WebRTC. The WebRTC has 3 separate methodologies namely,
Voice & audio server architecture

  • Signaling
  • STUN server
  • Turn server

In which, signaling initiates the user data, messages for the media. And also ensures the signal at both sides and provide the signal for the clients. Websockets are used in the Signaling. In order to make a connection with the clients, we need a peer to peer connection. There are two types of servers

  • STUN Server
  • Turn Server

The STUN server provides public IP address for peer to peer connection, other IP address does not enable the peer to peer connection. The Turn Server acts in the absence of peer to peer connection failure to establish the connection between the clients and users. These methodologies work for the same video calling, and other media to establish the support for the users in the chatting app and other devices.

How About Getting Started with Firebase to Build Video/ Voice Chat Application?

Firebase also stands a powerful API to build real-time chat application that possesses video,voice call integration with built-in security and safety feature to safeguard the entire chat conversation taking place in the application. To utilize the work of a WebRTC signaling, Firebase plays as real-time cloud storage in making API calls to client’s service that scales up to few numbers of users not exceeding 10. It requires instant payment for every usage of users across the platforms.

Challenges Every Enterprise Encounters While The Integration of Video Chat Solution

Long Delivery Times

A successful delivery of any application requires several AB testing and iterations. Likewise, the integration of video chat api involves multi-end testing right from deployment to code quality check.

Operational Complexity

Right from the deployment to managing the entire infrastructure of the application from scratch is quite complex and requires a handful of skills from techies. The developed infrastructure has to meet the expectation of the solutions’ performance. On holding these complexities, focusing more the development process will meet the expectations.

Cross-device Security

The development of any application from the initial stage is a major thing where you need to concentrate on the entire deployment process and development. Security and privacy standards are something most of the enterprises relay whatever the solution. When it comes to video chat, concerning the security of the video chat is the most prime factor where the overall quality of the solution is carried.

What Does MirrorFly Have in Offer?

Contus fly source codeMirrorFly is a readymade chat solution that can be customized any kind of business. It has in-built voice video calling API and also MirrorFly source code can be integrated with other SDK and APIs to create a utilitarian chat application. The chat application can score high on several user-focused features like online presence indicators, private chats and group chats, location sharing, screen sharing and any other feature that makes enterprise communication systems like Slack, Stride, and the likes a hit.

The Components Requires To Integrate MirrorFly’s Video Call API Into Your Existing Applications

Authenticating Account Credentials

On the prior intimation with our business team, you’ll get the entire source code with Video SDK credentials to utilize the services and to integrate the solution into your applications. The multiple authentication will help you access the entire video call SDK.

Server Application

With an advanced cloud based server application helps to run the application at your own premises and helps to synchronize the data such as contacts from third-party related applications. The server application will grant access to the entire video and audio call services.

Client Application

It’s the end user side application where the real interaction takes place. With the client application, It’s the application where the user sends messages, images and makes video calls with multi-party users for a virtual communication from mobile device or web browser.

The Benefit that You Get With MirrorFly

MirrorFly is a 100% customizable Video chat API & SDK solution that will suit to integrate the video and voice chat to enable video/Audio call. As an enterprise-grade user, you can pick any third party integration and integrate with MirrorFly’s backend to add video conferencing to your chat app or website.
voice & video call integration structure
Additionally, MirrorFly can be customized video chat api for several use cases. From a dedicated chat app within an office to a doctor-patient communication system for hospitals or even a help support system for banking or financial institutions, MirrorFly can be used to build any kind of real-time communication system.

Quick Implementation

  • With MirrorFly’s APIs and SDKs, the implementation of video calling is made simple where you’ll have the entire access to source code.

  • MirrorFly holds a bunch of 150+ tech experts, the deployment and implementation of WebRTC enabled video chat is made possible at a short period of time.

Reduced Cost

  • Since, MirrorFly is completely a one-time license cost, you don’t need to pay for subscription based models.

  • You can own the entire video chat platform with upgradable features and customization on the functionalities, design (UI/UX) and different hosting possibilities (On-premises/on-cloud).

End-to-end Security

  • Whatever the application, it requires advanced standard security and privacy policies. When it comes to business collaboration tools, Video chat for business requires the utmost security standard.

  • MirrorFly is equipped with enterprise security standards such as End-to-end encryption, HIPAA, COPAA and GDPR compliant to protect against security risks.

MirrorFly – Voice/Video Call Features for Businesses

Video Conferencing – Make unlimited HQ video conferencing from any application and host up to 250+ conferencing participants. With MirrorFly’s Video conferencing API, you can connect with your remote team across platforms & devices.

Live Broadcasting – Host high-quality live events to unlimited participants right from the application. Broadcast the on-going live events or conferences, training courses or anything happening to global users with a utmost low latency irrespective of bandwidth.

Video Recording – Record any of the on-going video calls, conferencings or audio calls with a tap of a button. You can retrieve the entire recorded content for further reviews. Record any conferences such as project review or meetings.

Screen Sharing – Share your desktop screen to any member to access the information such as presentation and files during the meetings. Broadcast your entire screen to your employees to get the tasks done quickly where the entire team can work on it simultaneously.

Cross Platform Support – MirrorFly’s Video call API & SDK supports major platforms such as Android, iOS and Web browsers to make calls from one device to another. Our solution also supports any device right from desktop to Tablet and Smartphones.

SIP & VoIP Calls – MirrorFly ensures SIP capability to make voice calls to network carriers from mobile applications or browsers. The SIP enabled calling replaces the traditional carrier network calling which is a cost-effective factor for most of the businesses.

1 to 1 or One to Many – The Audio/Video chat API integration Facilitate a group call or individual communication with highly reliable and efficient quality calls across all the devices.

Encryption – At one end of the sender’s voice/video is transferred that can be encrypted and another end receiver can be decrypted the voice/video for most secure communication.

Adaptive H264 Codec – This helps to provide quality video or voice continuously at very low bit rate without reducing the complexity of the video/audio.

Low Latency -The message can transfer within a short period of time. It consumes the low level of data.

Own Turn Server – This acts as a medium to route the connection properly between the client and user with ensuring bandwidth usage.

Cross Platform – It supports the cross-platform and also allow to run the application from the existing platform.

Native SDK’s – A set of Video/ Voice call native code libraries can be embedded into Android, iOS & web.

Spam Protection – Added powerful tools to avoid unwanted threats, secure the data and maintain privacy etc.

Full Customization – Customize the code conveniently according to the business model or backend code integration.

Use Cases of MirrorFly That Supports Multiple Industries To Communicate Effectively

Video Call Integration Into CRM Platforms

  • It increases the interaction between your sales team and clients by offering virtual communication possibilities.

  • With Video call integration in CRM tools, It helps to nurture and increase conversion rate of your leads into potential business deals.

  • The video call functionality helps to streamline your sales process by providing project demo to most crucial clients and much more to do with video calls.

Virtual Communication In Telehealth Applications

  • With MirrorFly Video call integration on telehealth platforms, helps to connect doctors and patients in real-time to avail treatment on emergencies.

  • The telehealth video calls can be helpful in remote areas where accessing healthcare related treatments is impossible.

  • The video call features helps patients to reduce the travel cost to clinics where virtual interaction is way more equal compared to physical treatment.

Teachers & Students Interactions Through Video Calls

  • With MirrorFly’s video call, eLearning platforms can connect students and teachers to make online education more interactive and effective.

  • Educational professionals and trainers can host online courses with interactive tools like white board drawing, private or group training with students.

  • The new normal of education system can be carried with video calling and conferencing to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Connecting Customers & Agents Via Real Estate Websites/Apps

  • Real-estate professionals can run their businesses through video conferencing & video calling by enabling customers to visit the properties virtually.

  • This helps real-estate professionals to deal with multiple customers across the states and districts simultaneously to deal with real estate managers in close contact.

Making Recruitment Process More Convenient for HRs

  • By integrating video call or video conferencing into HRMS Tools, HRs can streamline their recruitment process and drive more shortlisted candidates in a short time.

  • With video conferencing or video calling, it reduces the time it takes to interview a candidate and replace candidates to drive better productivity in organizations.

Reducing Compliant Issues In Travel & Hospitality Sectors

  • With video calling, you can connect with your customers during issues in real-time instead of emails and regular phone calls.

  • It helps your support team in connecting with customers through the existing application which in result enhances customer satisfaction and performance of your organization.

Real-time Interaction with On-demand Customers

  • With integration of video calls on on-demand applications, dealers, installation service providers can connect with customers to install electronic appliances due to COVID-19.

  • The video calls on on-demand platforms increases the trustworthy and customer satisfaction by offering instant response/solution to customers.

Cabinet Meetings With Government Officials Across the States

  • The video conferencing and video calls can help government officials to connect with other state ministers during natural disasters like COVID-19 to make decisions.

  • The meetings happening within MirrorFly integrated applications are secure and end-to-end encrypted to avoid leakage of government related information and protect against unauthorized access.

video call integration

One thing is Certain. We won’t compromise the Quality!

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