26 October, 2021

8 Best Chat Platform Providers of 2021[Ranked and Reviewed]

Are you looking out for the best chat platform’s providers for your mobile and web app, then I am sure that you must be well aware of what these chat APIs and SDKs are?

So, without eating up your time let me straight away get into the point as to what this post is all about.

To start with, this post is all about my views pertaining to my research, simply to give you certain clarity about the best Chat platform API providers for mobile and web in 2021.

Here, I have talked about the pros, cons, features, functionalities, developers’ perspective, their needs in enterprises, and much more, to explore.

So, Let’s start!

Comparison The Best 8 Chat Platform Providers of 2021

As mentioned above, it’s better for you to have an open mind while moving across the facts regarding these best online chat platform providers.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

Fully Customizable Chat Platform for Web and Mobile Apps
best MirrorFly chat platform API

Founded in 2008. In the early stage this brand has launched the market as “ContusFly” but, in the later run in 2019 the brand has been renowned as “CONTUS MirrorFly,” marking it’s all-time presence in all modes of communication including chat, voice, and video.

CONTUS MirrorFly mainly targets connecting people and businesses across the world in real time through multiple platforms. Today, it has reached the place where it has been recognized as the best chat API and SDK provider for iOS, Android and web apps.

MirrorFly Chat Platform Features

  1. All in one Chat Platform Including Chat,video and voice solutions.
  2. Whitelabel Chat Platform
  3. 100 Customizable Solutions
  4. Unlimited Video and Voice Calling
  5. SIP/VoIP Calling
  6. End-to-end security
  7. 150+ Chat Features


  1. Facilitated with On-cloud/on-premises hosting
  2. Highly innovative UI/UX design for better user engagement
  3. White label chat solution to build your chat platform
  4. Instant Support


  1. No monthly subscription
Supportive Platforms

iOS, Android and Web Apps

Why Choose CONTUS MirrorFly Chat API & SDK?

CONTUS MirrorFly is the most powerful and developer friendly API and SDK providers with chat, voice and video features that are mostly looked up for

  1. 100% customizable with over 150 + chat features that can be integrated effortlessly into any existing or pre-built device
  2. Support 1M+ concurrent users
  3. White label chat solution facilitated with ready-made platform
  4. Self hosted infrastructure with on-cloud/on-premises option
  5. One-time-license cost
  6. Enables high-end security with HIPAA, GDPR, AES-256, and much more.

2. Sendbird

A Complete Chat Platform for Android,iOS

Sendbird Chat platform API

Sendbird is a leading chat platform for websites and mobile devices which was founded in 2012. It takes care of most of the operational complexities under the same roof, providing the rich chat service with voice and video calling experience.

Sendbird Chat Platform Features

  1. Direct and group calling.
  2. Image filtering
  3. Multi-device support
  4. chat moderation
  5. Duto-reconnect
  6. Call recording and quality scoring


  1. Enables a variety of private group channels that can fit into any use case
  2. Permits chat users to freeze a chat channel
  3. Auto translation
  4. Available on free trial on all Pro Features


  1. limited Customization
  2. Beta version for video and voice calling
  3. The start-up does not enable any access to essential chat features such as announcements and delivery receipts.

Supportive Platforms

iOS, Android and Web Apps

Why Choose Sendbird Chat API?

Sendbird is mostly liked by the developer mainly for its interesting features that can be shared with encrypted files and autotranslations within the chat. It could be the choice for enterprises to have user support but when it comes to pricing, it may be a challenging one for small start-ups to rely on.

3. Getstream

Scalable Chat Platform for Any Apps

Getstream online chat platform

GetStream.io is an enterprise-grade chat and activity feed provider that builds a scaled in-app chat app in days. It was established in 2014 and has served over billions of end-users. It is one of the popular ones among other activity feeds that has supported Twitter, instagrans, Scaleforce, etc.

Getstream Chat Platform Features

  1. Threaded conversations.
  2. Spam and profanity protection
  3. Edit and delete messages
  4. Direct and group chats
  5. E2E encryption via TLS
  6. BGP + DNS routing


  1. Activity, notifications & personalized feeds
  2. Multi-region support
  3. Can be integrated with easy-to-use REST API
  4. Giphy, emoticons and file attachments
  5. Can be set with ease allowing minimum coding


  1. High pricing (499 USD/month)

Supportive Platforms

iOS, Android and Web Apps

Why Choose Getstream Messaging API?

GetStream.io is with a beefy chat SDK that is available with numeros custom features and vast UI options that can be utilized to modify the chats. However, besides the broad spectrum of features it’s the high price that can make someone closed off, mostly for the small and startup enterprises. Other than that it could be considered good.

4. Rocket.chat

Best Open-source Chat Platform

rocket online chat platform for business

Rocket.chat is an open source team chat platform for websites and mobile devices that was established in 2015 provides a robust communication platform bringing infinite tools and people together. It unites all forms of communication under a single roof regardless of the user’s device. It is an omnichannel platform that reduces the cost and increases the team performance by making use of several tools.

Rocket Online Chat Platform Features

  1. Audio and video
  2. Screen sharing
  3. File sharing
  4. Emojis
  5. Live chat
  6. SMS and CRM Integration


  1. It’s an open source which is easy to deploy and customize
  2. Enable easy integration using Webhooks
  3. Provides a live chat widget for any website
  4. Provides on-cloud hosting option with Sleek U


  1. No native office 365/Azure AD SSO and is comparatively costlier.
  2. Accessing and registering for the Rocket.chat cloud marketplace is not easy and intuitive. Also it requires a paid plan.

Supportive Platforms

Mobile and Web applications

Why Choose Rocket.chat  API?

Rocket.chat is considered by most of the developers as its an open source with self hosting option. In addition it is easy to integrate with any 3rd party device. It provides complete control over the data and privacy issues.

5. Applozic

A Complete In-App Chat Platform for Mobile Apps

applozic chat platform for business

Applozic is a complete instant messaging SDK solution that empowers the enterprise-grade in-app chat applications. It was established in 2019 as a real time messaging API and SDK’s with chat, voice, and video to any web, mobile and conversational app.

Applozic Chat Platform Features

  1. one-to-one and multiparty chat
  2. Delivery and read receipts
  3. Timestamps
  4. Typing Indicators
  5. Media sharing
  6. Protect and monitors users


  1. Provides end-to-end encryption preventing eavesdropping
  2. Enables multi-level authentication
  3. Facilitates multi-tenant hosting
  4. Controls the connections and MAU levels


  1. does not provides any in-built VoIP feature or WebRTC.

Supportive Platforms

Android,iOS Applications

Why Choose Applozic Chat API & SDK?

Mostly developers go for applozic when it comes to complete chat platforms for website and mobile devices, where it is easy to integrate with affordable cost to scale the user engagement. However, this is despite its lacking opportunity over voice and video features where it does not compliment most essential needs of VoIP, email and SMS messages notifications, voice transcriptions, reactions, moderation features, etc.

6. Apphitect

Modern Day Messaging Chat Platform for Web and Mobile Apps

Chat Platform API provider for android ,ios

Apphitect is a leading instant messaging API provider with offline messaging facility that provides several features like personal-chats, social interaction type, etc. Apphitect is a UAE based real time communication API and SDK provider founded in 2008.

It provides a custom built personal online chat app experience to their users with enriched UX, voice and video call integration with native messaging SDK support, multimedia sharing, etc.

Apphitect Chat Platform Features

  1. Geolocation tracking
  2. Voice/video calling and recording
  3. Voice/video conferencing
  4. VoIP/SIP calling
  5. Screen Sharing
  6. Presence indicator & social integrations


  1. Provides unlimited storage with on-cloud/on-premises infrastructure
  2. Zero down time
  3. Highly secure and scalable
  4. Docs and Support


  1. No monthly subscription

Supportive Platforms

Android,iOS & Web Applications

Why Choose Apphitect Instant Messaging API &SDK?

Apphitech instant messaging APIs and SDKs are mostly preferred by developers for being fully customizable with over 150+ real time chat features with easy integration into any mobile and web app. Since it is a SaaP-based model it is made available at one-time license cost with a self hosting option of on-cloud/on-premises services enabling unlimited storage space. It provides a safe and secure end-to-end-encryption over conversation and data.

Build Your Own chat Platform with 150+ Chat Features.

chat platform

7. PubNub

Real-time Communication Chat Platform



chat platform for online

PubNub is one of the most popular real-time communication platforms which was established in 2010 that provides service for sending data between devices in real-time. It builds real-time features into mobile, web, AI/ML, IoT and Edge computing applications. It has highly reliable and secure chat APIs when it comes to one-to-one, group, and live event messaging with in-app alerts and notifications.

PubNub Chat Platform Features

  1. Access controls/permissions
  2. Device targeting
  3. Proactive Chat
  4. Reporting/Analytics
  5. Canned Responses
  6. Mobile alerts


  1. Provides a good storage and playback space for real time events with zero setup cost
  2. Swift API works well with automatic retry for dropped connections
  3. Highly reliable and customer friendly


  1. Standard Plans does not provides access to PubNub functions, HIPAA and GDPR compliance
  2. does not provides good visibility into PubNub API calls as to get translated into any payloads
  3. does not support WebSockets

Supportive Platforms

Mobile & Web Applications

Why Choose PubNub Communication API & SDK?

PubNub is mostly liked by developers since they provide a real-time messaging-as-a-service wherein you will never have to manage your own server. Here, the users can manage multi-tenant space quite easily but with coding PubNub still lacks supporting the binary encoded messages where it only guarantees full data replication for their Pro pricing plans.


A Complete Messaging Platform for Business

smooch offered chat platform like whatsapp

Smooch is the conversation SDK platform that allows you to build chat app features into applications and web pages. Smooch was founded in 2015 who’s flexible SDK and REST APIs provides you a customized messaging tool to build your chat app. It empowers and transforms every customer’s interaction into a personalized conversational experience with their enriched APIs and SDKs no matter whether the interaction took place in real time or via a bot chat. To use Smooch’s plugins on a webpage you need to utilize a few of its options that includes the script tag method, npm and browserify, and bower methods.

Smooch Chat Platform Features

  1. Reporting/Analytics
  2. Third Party Integration
  3. Automated message formatting
  4. Message translation override
  5. Formatting support for complex use case
  6. Canned messages


  1. Highly reliable and customer friendly
  2. Smooch let your chat platform to communicate with anyone across multiple platform
  3. It provides an easy-to-use UI/UX design
  4. Strong solution with free plan


  1. Communication could be managed only through Smooch panel

Supportive Platforms

Mobile & Web Applications

Why Choose Smooch Messaging Platform ?

Smooch is mostly preferred by the developer as it is highly scalable and flexible enough to work with Objective C and swift on iOS. It can be easily alloted in AAR and JAR formats for developers by making use of Android Studio, Eclipse or Netbeans. Its REST API allows communication with backend tools.

However, the above data is based on my reviews and research, which might differ from your perspective. But, I have tried my best to get you the most of the genuine details.

Moving forward, let’s have a look at the concept as to why these chat platforms are that necessary for any business.

Do Businesses Really Need a Chat Platform, Let’s Explore!

Although the impact of mobile phones with text messaging has become more and more convenient form of communication. The instant messaging apps are still able to make their place in business communication with additional voice and video chat features overcoming the language barriers in real time. Moreover, they have been proven successful enough in business’s scenario – “quicker the process, the more chances of conversion.”

According to a report, it has been found that with real-time chat features nearly 63% of the customers are more likely to revisit a website or application. In fact, the real time online chat platform usage is expected to continue to grow by more than 87% within the next 12-18 months, which is more likely as the growth of a business by around 150%.

But of course, I do admit that these real time chat platforms can not build your business’s sales or assist you in making complex business decisions, but to some extent it will participate in the success of your business by being a part of your supportive pillars.

It will help your business with monetization, third party involvement, privacy and security issues, which is not that safe with other platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc., as they keep on updating their policy terms and conditions as per their needs.

On the whole, I can say that these real-time chat apps efforts and usage can address your customer’s needs and save your business’s precious time.

With this clarity towards the real-time chat apps contribution in businesses, Let’s have a look at the major concept in the entire journey as how to choose the best and right one for your business.

Want to Select the Right Chat API & SDK Provider – 5 key Points

Whenever you are planning to build a chat application, there are certain key factors that need to be considered before making a perfect choice with chat API & SDK providers for your enterprises with communication.

So it is important to see whether these chat apps are meeting your business’s technical and non-technical needs or not. Thus, let me list out some of the major factors that need your high-level of consideration

1. Multi-platform coverage

Be sure that your chat API & SDK providers are compatible enough to work with any existing third party application like iOS, Android or web app, providing a multi-platform with multi-device coverage.

2. Scalable chat solutions

To be the best chat platform, it is very integral to be able to adapt to audiences of any size. All this is based on your business needs with scalability whether it’s with one-to-one messaging, group chat, or open public channels, the chat app must be able to cope-up with all.

3. Secure enterprises communication

Security and safety are the key features that every business looks out for when it is about their user’s data and interaction. Ensuring a high-end security with encryption standard protocols including AES-256, GDPR, etc., can build customer’s trust.

4. Customizable

Creating a chat platform that meets all your business needs iswhat exactly you must look for. See to it whether your API & SDK provider offers 100% customization with easy integration of their APIs into any existing or pre-built device.

5. Price & Support

When it comes to pricing it is always better to go for one time license cost instead of monthly subscription, as one-time purchase of these APIs and SDKs will be comparatively cheaper than expected. Also check for 24/7 customer support as it is very much necessary to have your queries clarified in the first place before getting into further trouble with your chat application.

Well, the above post is all about my review and research and of course, I’m not asking to go with it as it is. But, I simply want you to have some market idea with an online chat platform, that’s the reason I am here with my content.

So, now it’s up to you to make a decision that will benefit your company and their demands. Still, if you think you need some more clarity and guidance just feel free to contact me. I am with my dedicated development team, ready to assist you with your needs as to how to create a chat platform in a cost-effective way.

Thank You and All the Best!

parthiba kumar

Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.


  1. Chinmoy Reply

    Hello Dear, I’m going to develop a LMS(learning Management System) and it will contain video conference facility . I’m interested to know about your MirrorFly Chat API. My site needs to host simultaneous meeting/conferece call via API as LMS system needs to do. Also need recording facility for those meetings. I want to know about Master account system’s detail pricing and plan. Please response as soon as possible. Thanks and Regards Chinmoy Karmoker

    1. parthiba kumar Post author Reply

      Hello Chinmoy, I am glad to know about your e-learning project and also that you are interested in our solution. Before getting in detail let me tell you that our MirrorFly chat platform API is compatable enough to satisfy all your application need. So, to brief about our real-time video calling API and SDK, it is fully customizable with over 150+ chat features that can be easily integrated into any iOS, Android or web app. We offer all these at one time license cost and to have more details with regards to pricing and other stuff, feel free to contact us to set an appointment to proceed further. Thank You!

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    Hi. My name is Lewis, product manager we are looking best chat platform API for our applications. We have a platform that prescribes exercise to patients with health conditions via an app and provides information back to their clinical team via our portal. We were looking in to being able to send messages from the clinical team via the EXi portal to the patient via the EXi app and vice versa. It was just a quick message to see if this is something that could be done? We have many clinical teams, so it would have to be set that the clinicians could only send messages to their patients. We are based in the UK. Thanks.

    1. parthiba kumar Post author Reply

      Hello Lewis, Your project sounds great. I am glad to let you know that our real time chat API and SDK could be the best fit for your projects needs. Since, our chat platform is 100% customizable with 150+feature option, you can integrate any number of features as per your business demands. To have more clarity about our solution, feel free to drop your details for us to set an appointment to proceed further. Thank You!

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    Hi, We’re a startup from Pakistan, We provide all-in one education solutuion as SaaS. We need to integrate video call and social features to our service. Our clients will be schools, colleges and universities.

    1. parthiba kumar Post author Reply

      Hello Shakil, great to know about your all-in one education solution. Of course, our MirrorFly Chat Platform its offered video calling API and SDK would be able to accomplish your projects need with full customization and easy integration option of over 150+ video, voice and chat features. To have more clarity with our features and functionality, kindly drop your detail with us for our team to contact you to proceed further. Thanks!

  4. Bill Reply

    Hello, we are seeking a voice chat software to connect users for a two party call without dialing-A strictly data connection. Additionally, scheduling and scheduling reminders would be a +.i think MirroFly Chat Platform its could be right choice for organization please share me pricing details ASAP

    1. parthiba kumar Post author Reply

      Hello Bill, I am glab that you have considered our chat platform APIs and SDKs for your project. Of course, our solution would be a right choice for you as our APIs moves alond with any 3rd party device effortlessly with end-to-end customization. So, kindly drop your detail with our team for us to contact you to proceed further. Thank You!

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    Hi Team, We are looking at exploring how we can use MirrorFly Chat Platform to enhanace our video calling journey. It would be great of we couldconnect over a call and we are looking for one time payment solution

    1. parthiba kumar Post author Reply

      Hi Nithin, I am glad to tell you that our real time voice, video and chat APIs and SDKs facilitated with 100% customization of over 150+ chat features is available at one time license cost. So, you can be relaxed and proceed further to drop your details for our team to contact you for further. Good Luck and Thank You!

  6. Abraham Reply

    Hello, I’m reaching out to you on behalf of my developers. We’re creating a room-based chat/messenger application where there can be 100s of rooms and each room can have 1000+ users. In each of these rooms, users may share their cams and can also speak without sharing cams. Please can you let me know if Mirrorfly license for video/ audio can work for us and what is the cost in this scenario? Your prompt answer is really appreciated.. Best regards Abraham

  7. kevin Reply

    Hi, I am part of a team developing an online resource for people living with dementia and their carers. I was wondering if you have API for integrating MirrorFly Chat API with an existing product? Thanks, Kevin

  8. Gohel Reply

    Hello, Actually we are building web application and we want to use your mirrorfly chat API and service for video call meetings, Meeting recordings, whiteboard. So, How are you charging? In our system we may have thousands of users and would like anyone to host meeting. Whether it is possible or not? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks!

  9. ramana Reply

    I am looking for a Whitelabel chat platform for the real estate application its similar Nobroker app. we have plan to launch next year march. we are seeking best chat platform providers . please contact me ASAP

  10. Damon Reply

    Hi Parthiba,

    Thanks for listing best chat platform providers, But you have missed the top chat platform provider of rocket chat(rocket.chat) this is a best open source chat platform API market . If you have any opportunity update your valuable list. Please let me know will send more details through mail.


    1. parthiba kumar Post author Reply

      Hello Damon

      Thanks for your valuable comments and i got your mail and i have mentioned 4th place in rocket.chat platform have a look .once again thanks for inputs

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