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Build your Vacation Rental Website with the all new Airbnb Clone Script Version 2.8

Airbnb did not take too long to launch. Hardly two days. Its founders were expert web designers who knew how to find their way to make computers and the Internet work for them.

But, not everybody is a true-blue coder. Most of us can write code, but will it work? No, right?

Now, what if we have the grand ambition of launching a feature-studded vacation rental website but with a near-zero coding knowledge.

No problem! Say the creators of Apptha Airhotels. Apptha Airhotels is a vacation rental script coded on Magento 2. Magento 2 is the latest and most powerful eCommerce platform you can get your hands on right now.

From extreme flexibility to high-end customizations and also engaging UI, Magento 2 has tons of features to put your vacation rental script on the league of big players like Airbnb.

Everything you need to know about Airhotels – Airbnb Clone Script

Airhotels Workflow
An Airbnb clone script is basically an accommodation booking script that allows interested individuals to create their own website like Airbnb that mimics all the features that made the vacation rental website a global phenomenon. The Magento Airbnb clone script, Airhotels can be further optimized for performance with add-ons and extensions that are abundantly available in the market today.

The Airbnb Clone offering from Apptha titled ‘Airhotels’ comes with an array of promising features, including:

1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Instant installation
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Lightweight design
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Bug-free code
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03100% customization
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Powerful & Intuitive interface
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Scalable and Flexible software

Apptha Airhotels Demo

Advanced Features of Airhotels Airbnb Clone Script

Features that make Airhotels a one of a kind vacation rental website script.

Video Monetization

Home page Video slideshows

Captivate guests with video banners/galleries depicting site location, vantage points, exoticness, etc. of the property.

Search Option

Advanced search

Faceted navigation based advanced search enables users to pick the right properties that suit their personal preferences.

Detailed Booking

Explicit Property Detailing

Facility to describe a property captively through video banners, image banners and snippets in slider format.

Seo Friendly


Rank higher in search engine ranking with SEO friendly URLs that fetch customers queries for local properties.

Booking Option

Hourly Booking

Time independent booking system that brings maximum utility for discerning travelers and overworked hosts.

Booking Settings


A 100% customizable code that enables admins to add, edit or delete custom attributes or to create a personalized theme.

Sales Boosting – Free Addons
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Paypal adaptive
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Recurring payments
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03One-step checkout
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Social logins

1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Free installation
1467287701_system-tick-alt-031 year Amazon powered AWS cloud hosting
1467287701_system-tick-alt-033 months free support
1467287701_system-tick-alt-0310 days money back guarantee


A Comprehensive Vacation Booking Software

Apptha Airhotels allows you to build any kind of booking website, not just a vacation rental website. Have a network of yacht owners, or own a couple of yachts that you want to let out? Apptha Airhotels can be customized for building a yacht booking website.

The 360-degree customizability of the software makes it an ideal fit to build any kind of booking website including bikes, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, campers, and much more. The opportunities are as wide as your imagination.

With features for hourly-booking and calendar integrations, Apptha Airhotels is the perfect choice to build a booking website that can navigate a user right from discovery of a service to paying for the booking.

Build Airbnb Website

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58 Comments on "Build your Vacation Rental Website with the all new Airbnb Clone Script Version 2.8"

Wade Sheckler
5 months 4 days ago

i want to start a accommodation booking and rental business with this airbnb clone script. tell me more details

4 months 28 days ago

Hello Wade,
You will be contacted by one of our team member with the details about this airbnb clone script.

Gary Phoebe
5 months 4 days ago

What is the support period for this vacation rental software?

4 months 28 days ago

Hi Gary,
you get a support period of 3 months for this vacation rental software.

Dean Winter
5 months 13 days ago

can i customize this readymade airbnb clone template to my needs?

5 months 12 days ago

Hello Dean, you can customize the airbnb clone template to your requirement.

Jonathan Byre
5 months 13 days ago

What are the payment gateways available with airbnb clone script?

5 months 12 days ago

Apptha Airhotels supports 180+ payment gateways. You can choose your preferred one for your airbnb clone website.

Julie Fell
5 months 22 days ago

I want to start a vacation rental website and i found this airbnb clone script. I want to know if it is possible to embed videos on the property listing.

5 months 20 days ago

Hello Julie, this airbnb clone script has the feature to embed videos on the property listing.