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Connect to Millions of Students Through Online Tutoring with Contus Fly

According to the Unesco data, there are 1.29 billion students worldwide but the corresponding teacher ratio is comparatively less. To ensure each child gets a qualified tutor in a timely manner online tutoring was introduced. By providing messaging app for students it helps to reach out wide audience. Thus it not only helps to increase the literacy rates of any country but also raise the economic status of the average citizen. The effective use of chat based tutoring is gaining popularity and already a trendsetter in the education field where it uses many innovative approaches by using the latest technology, easy-to-use interfaces for both the tutors and the students.

Establish a Strong Rapport Between Student and Tutor

Step into the world of effective communication between the student and the tutor by offering teacher and student communication app structured learning environment through Contus Fly.


Student to Student

Peer interactions are made easy with education chats no matter where they are geographically put up. Now the students can collaborate with each other and discuss the subject and share the knowledge in a fun and secure platform.

Student to Professor

Connect to millions of tutors across the globe and get the most out of the chat apps for all your learning needs. Track the learning progress, record the lessons and get instantly connected to text, group chats or private chat through powerful SDK’s and messaging APIs’.

Use Cases of Online Education

Take your learning experience to a whole new level with the help of Contus Fly

Online Tutoring

Providing a user -friendly platform that is tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of the teacher and student in a completely secured end-end encrypted environment. Students can track all their learning progress, transfer the files and connect to the tutor in a one-one chat for a more personalized learning experience.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom facilitates real-time communication effortlessly by implementing chat app into any mobile or web applications.. With the help of the top-tier infrastructure now you can host your classrooms remotely and record the sessions for future references and share the content across multiple students.


With the help of the advanced encryption standard (AES) 256-bit, webinars are fast and reliable through cross-platform messaging and calling platform, no matter where the students and tutors are geographically located. Education chat apps provides a win-win solution to both tutor and the student.


With the powerful integration of WebRTC along with the help of video SDK, the teacher student communication app provides an excellent video streaming quality in high definition standards and reach your global students in a seamless way.

Contus Fly’s Innovative Approach in the Online Education Platform

Right from voice and video chat to the interactive live group chats Contus Fly has it all within a secure environment.

Facilitates the Tutor and Student to be on the Same Page

Communication is the key when it comes to the online tutoring and that is what exactly Contus Fly offers its customers with fast and reliable voice and video chats for students by successfully integrating chat app for online tutoring.

Facilitates the Tutor and Student to be on the Same Page
Make Every Group Discussion Productive
Make Every Group Discussion Productive

Build a strong team within the student community through powerful Group Chat features that not only help in knowledge sharing but also clarifies doubts and motivate each other.

Handles Reliable Authorization Techniques

Security comes first in Contus Fly which successfully integrates the chat app for online tutoring where the powerful end to end encryption and the highly secured 256 bit SSL model keeps the internet hackers and security crackers at bay.

Handles Reliable Authorization Techniques
Boost Up the Learning Curve By Practising Efficient Methods
Boost Up the Learning Curve By Practising Efficient Methods

Users can take complete control of the system by not only sharing the screens but also able to add text or diagram which helps the tutors and students to collaborate in a better way.

Impeccable Features Which Make Contus Fly to Stand Out From its Competitors

Customizable options for online tutoring enables students to get trained in a versatile environment and increase productivity to a greater extent.

Virtual Classroom Broadcasts

With effective audio/video streaming method which supports cross-platform functionality paves the way to a dynamic learning space that facilitates both tutors and students.

One-to-One & Group Video Chat

Experience High definition video chats whether it is a one on one video chat or group chats. The salient in-built technologies WebRTC and VOIP can be integrated into any mobile applications without any hindrance.

Collaborative Whiteboard

Now students can get a classroom-like experience virtually with the help of collaborative whiteboard which is touch-friendly and allows the students and teachers to easily collaborate, draws sketches, edit content through smartphones, laptops or desktops and share among them by collaborative e-learning platform for students and teachers.

Live Training

Instructor-led training is possible by the live streaming method with a sleek communication channel without any interruptions

Screen Sharing

Online tutoring chat apps provides a visual representation of the subject through screen sharing, students can now understand the concept in a quick and better way.

Archiving & Annotation

Chat history is one of the inevitable features that is offered by Contus Fly where the students can retrieve any important information anytime

Video Recording

Each student learns at his own pace. Thus Contus fly facilitates the needs of every student by providing them with a video recording feature that can be used for future references.

File Sharing

Content sharing can be done instantly with the help of the file-sharing feature. Now the students can transfer the powerpoint presentation or documents without any hassle irrespective of its size or format.

Chat Admins

Get the maximum privilege where the chat admins can modify the access permissions to any member in the group or individual, enable or disable file uploads and has the ability to manage all chat rooms and view the histories of chats and shared files in the group chats.

Push Notification

The in-app messaging provide push notifications which help to connect the students and tutors 24/7. With these push notification facility, it sends alerts to the students about the upcoming classes, any discounts or offers for the online courses anytime . It also helps to notify when a student or tutor is online. However, these features are completely customizable where the student can limit the number of alerts they like to receive per day.

Get a Multi-layered Secured Environment

All the education chat messages are encrypted in a highly secured network. Rest be assured with Contus Fly in-app messaging


End-to-end Encryption

Being proactive is one of the main USP’s when it comes to the chat security system. Experience multiple layered security with an end to end protection where every single chat conversation is protected. It also ensures only authorized users to get access to the in-app messaging platforms.

SSL Encryption

A secured network channel is crucial from any unwanted intruders or hackers penetrating into the traffic. Hence SSL encryption provides a dedicated channel between the client and the web server and prevents any malicious activities.

AES Encryption

Contus Fly includes an advanced encryption standard model which uses 256-bit SSL with a special algorithm to protect the in-app chats and facilitates an extra protection layer making it more robust and reliable.

Robust Authorization

The entire chat app for online tutoring right from the chat logs and the call records are safely has a back-up for future reference. The solid security model provides a secure environment to the users every time they log in to the chat application.

Practical Monetization Techniques to Increase the Revenue

Convert all your users into accountable customers through easy monetization strategy methods with the help of these teacher-student communication app.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control is one of the methods which prevents unwanted access to users from accessing any information which is not relevant to them. Role-based access also makes the sensitive details like account information restricted to the admin roles or any authorized users.

Credit Deduction

One of the quickest ways to monetize your in-app messaging application is making the user buy credits in order for them to use the chat app features like Video, Audio, Whiteboard,Screen share or any other feature.

Custom Advertisement

Now students can get the custom ads in their app where they get ads on any deals like combo package offers or ads related to new class enrollments based on their favourite subject and so on.


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