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Innovative Life Saver App From Contus Client

I’d like to share about a innovative Life Saver App, as the name stands it can prevent your teens, loved ones, and of course you from distracted driving instances, for Android developed by us for one of our US-based clients, Mike Demele of This app is currently available for download in US and soon it’ll be available for download in other countries.

Technology Behind the App: Lifesaver is an Elegantly designed with powerful GPS System and Accelerometer-based driving detection tool which ensures monitoring and to start a safe driving campaign.It uses GPS only when needed, as a result the most common power consumption issue is overruled.

How it works: Lifesaver often runs on the background of driver’s phone background and locks the smartphone whenever the car is in motion. However, the driver can unlock the device during emergencies.

Lets Check The Video On How Life Saver Works!

Check More and Download App at

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