1 February, 2023
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How to Build A Voice Chat App from Scratch or Using APIs – A Complete Guide [2023]

According to statistical data, around 91% of the 4.66 billion internet consumers are mobile users.  They use most online apps including social media with a strong user-base engagement.

Wherein, this digital era connected us through a variety of platforms. This has turned the focus of many young developers toward the field of real-time communication. Narrowing down, voice app development has become an interest of study for many programmers.

But this is not an easy game, since the market has a lot of leading players. However, I’d like to assist you with some of my research on “what’s the best way to build a voice chat app? Is it something from scratch or by using Voice APIs?”

Let’s start over with the market research on some popular voice chat apps!

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4 Best Voice Chat Apps For Android, iOS & Web in 2023

The global process of communication is going up every other day. These are the online voice-calling apps that have grabbed the audience’s attention. 

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Most Leading Online “Best Voice Chat Apps” that millions of users trust.

voice chat app

#1. ClubhouseAn Interactive and Fun Platform

The clubhouse app took off its journey in real-time communication by March 2020. It is a well-known social audio app, meant for iOS and Android platforms.

Clubhouse connects like-minded people from all over the world. It allows them to have discussions over their desired topics. Thereby, it creates a community to have interaction with fun. Moreover, it facilitates dedicated online rooms for live discussions. In this space, users can either be listeners or interactive participants.

#2. DiscordA Gaming App with Built-In Voice

Hammer & Chisel, a game development studio launched Discord in 2015 for dedicated gamers. Discord is a gaming app with VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution. At a very early stage, Gamers appreciated and accepted Discord as an app of their interest. This is because video games had to use built-in voice chat which didn’t work well for gamers. 

Discord has not only made its presence among gamers but has also attracted the common audience.  It still has positive feedback for outstanding functionalities. It includes creating servers and channels for a variety of purposes. It can also benefit as a background voice connection during online matches.

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#3. TelegramAnother Layer of Communication

Brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the founders of Russian VK, launched Telegram in 2013.  This app has started its presence with amazing functionalities of voice messaging alone. But in December 2020, it introduced its worth in group voice chat too. Here, any group chat can become a voice room that also includes text chat and regular media file sharing. 

While using Telegram, you don’t have to stay around all the time, instead can check other chats and send messages. You can also move your voice chat to any floating widget with ease as per your comfort. Further, Telegram does not restrict the limit on the number of voice chat users.  Instead, it creates a barrier between the role of “listener” and “speaker”

4. TeamSpeakBring Users Together on Chat Channel

Teamspeak (TS) is a VoIP communication app that was founded in 2001. It is one of the best choices for online gaming. Teamspeak uses the most high-quality sound for group calling. It is available with high-end security with almost very minimal performance issues.

Here, its cloud infrastructure allows users to synchronize their data across any mobile and web app. Moreover, this Teamspeak app provides over 100+ add-ons, skins, and voice packs.

Well,  until now I’ve covered some general understanding of voice chat apps. Let’s move on further with some of the exclusive features of these voice chat apps in the upcoming section.

Key Features & Functionalities Of Voice Chat App

Nowadays, voice chat has become one of the essential needs of people for its robust features. Here, we are going to have a look at some of the most essential functionalities that any audio calling app must have. 

Let’s talk about some of these features and functionalities based on Discord,

voice chat app development

Let’s talk about some of these features and functionalities based on Discord,

1. Multiple Channels and Servers

Servers and channels play their role when it comes to building communities. You can create or join many channels of interest. As a channel admin, you will have the privilege to:

  • Create voice and text channels
  • Instruct users about their role
  • Invite friends and others to join the server
  • Can perform changes with the verification settings to avoid duplicate account creation
  • Transfer all the authority to another account

2. Managing the Roles and Permissions

The admins have complete control over the roles and permissions. They can assign a variety of roles to the server and channel members, by making changes in every channel’s settings. These basic permissions involve,

  • General permissions
  • Text permissions
  • Voice permissions

3. Voice and Chat Functionalities for Better Connection

You can make your interaction more valid and accountable with the usage of both voice and chat facilities. Since most apps are built with WebRTC technology, you can experience high-end quality voice and live video calls. Moreover, you will also be able to share documents, images, emojis, etc. 

4. Customizable Profile

Creating a user profile is the foremost step for any user to get into any group voice chat app. That too when it is with the option of customization, the user is more comfortable at their pace. This option lets the user customize their user profile across iOS, Android, and web apps. Also, they can add integral information like name, nickname, picture, a short bio, etc.

The user can also provide their other social media handles to get connected to their circle.   Moreover, instead of creating a separate profile, the user can also sign in to any voice chat app. So that the voice chat app can directly access all their social media contacts through the app itself.

5. Search for People & Groups

Whatever be the design of your voice chat app, users expect default features like ‘search’. Here, the search dialog implemented in the user interface performs specific search activity.  It can identify people or groups in the app immediately.

Moreover, this option simplifies the entire search process for better user experience.

6. Message History for Better Business Communication

Few apps automatically delete the old messages if they cross the storage limit. But modern apps provide the option to store conversations on cloud/premises. This will allow users to retrieve their data whenever they need it.

7. Screen Sharing Gets Better Interaction

The screen sharing feature enables interactive communication within apps. During gaming or watching movies, this feature add-up more fun to the environment.  This will be very useful if you are planning to create a niche app for efficient team communication.

8. Notifications with Instant Message Alert

Notifications help you to keep your users informed on the incoming chats or calls. This helps you retain the connectivity among users. Besides, it also ensures active engagements with every incoming alert.

This feature comes with the following controls:

  • Mute all notifications
  • Mute notifications for a specific chat or channel
  • Mute the notification for some time

9. End-to-End Encryption

Secure communication is a demanding feature when you build a voice call app. Everybody demands safety no matter whether it’s with a voice call app or something else. Any leakage of conversations can drive a huge loss to both users and app owners, almost beyond expectation.

Hence, it is important to take security very seriously. End-to-end encryption is a  standard protocol that intends to prevent the loss of data in all possible manner. It implements multiple layers of protection to keep conversations highly secure.  This feature blocks any third-party intrusion into reading user conversations, including you.

10. Embedding Social Media

Sometimes people try to get connected outside the app, which might require a high level of authentication. Hence, voice chat apps facilitate features like social media integration. Most of chat apps provide access to get connected through two to four social media options.

Let’s have a look at some,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Steam
  • Reddit
  • Xbox Live
  • GitHub
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Battle.net

Now that you’ve learnt the features essential for your voice chat app, let’s move on to the next section.

Here, we will discuss the key steps to be followed while building a voice chat app.

What are the 4 Steps to Build A Voice Chat App?

Thinking about building your own voice chat app? You must definitely consider these factors during development:

4 Major Steps in Audio Chat App Development

voice chat app development

1. Market Research – A Complete Study

Market research is the key investment any business needs to make before a start to have a smooth growth. This process will help you to understand your target audience, their pain and needs. It will also get you aware of your competitors, and the niches that you need to build a better app.

2. Hiring an Appropriate Developers Team – The Strong Basement

Once you complete the market research, it’s time to look for the perfect tech team to work with. If you already have a team of skilled developers then it’s great. Otherwise, look for the ones who fit your project.

3. Create an MVP – Main Decision Making Point with Investment

MVP or The Minimum Viable Product talks about the most essential part of the entire process. It is there to make you understand the core to hit your target audience. MVP is all about actual products with the most viable and valid functions. It allows you to decide whether to continue investing in product development or not. The MVP relies on many criteria including the market’s reaction.

4. Testing & Launch – A Final Step

The utmost step of the entire process which can make your app popular in the market.  To get a clear vision on this, you can get users feedback in the form of surveys. Therefore, you can make further enhancements to your project. Once done with this, you can launch your app, explore, connect, and generate revenue.

Well, these are the most important steps for consideration when building voice chat apps.  But, the development is all about the back-end process. Yes! The real-time tech stacks that work smartly to grab the market.

After all this great research in all possible terms, let’s move forward with the main section. Ahead, we will discuss – building a voice chat app with APIs vs starting from scratch.

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Tech Stack, The Core Behind Every Successful Voice Chat App!

It’s the technology or the tech stack, the main reason behind the success of any voice chat app. 

Yes! They are the backbone that construct your app’s features and functionalities. Let’s have a closer look at the technical stacks for building a real-time voice chat app.

Let’s have a look at the technical stacks that are used to build a real time voice chat app.

Android & iOS App
  • Programming Language: Kotlin
    iOS – Swift
  • Networking: Retrofit 2,
    OkHttp 3
  • Database: Room, Anko SQLite
  • JSON parsing: Gson, Jackson
  • Image caching: Glide
iOS App
  • Programming Language:
  • Networking:
Back-End Development
  • Programming Language:
    JavaScript, Node.js
  • Framework:
    Express 4
Database — MySQL
  • API Documentation:
  • Infrastructure:
Third-Party Services
  • Storage: Amazon S3
  • Real-time Engine: Socket.io
  • Push Notifications for iOS: APNS
  • Push Notifications for Android: FCM

BuiScratch Vs. Readymade

When it comes to building your voice chat app, you must first decide on your development strategy.

You have 2 choices:

1. Build a voice chat app using APIs

2. Build a complete app from scratch

Yet, you can decide on this only on valuing the below factors:

1. Time Frame

It’s always a big deal to finalize the cost and timeframe to build any voice chat app. This is because the length of the time differs depending upon a variety of factors.

Mostly, if you have to go for something from scratch, you have to consider so many factors like,

  • Need to hire an appropriate team of developers
  • Look out for the infrastructure cost
  • Work on each and every coding to build the better backend

These steps may sound simple but will consume a lot of time. In turn, it will have a great impact on the cost of the project.

But, if you opt for ready-made voice chat APIs, you can build a complete app within minutes. Moreover, voice API providers render complete developer support till deployment. So, you can sit back, stress-free.

2. Pricing – Readymade (Both SaaS & SaaP Platform)

We all know that when you are planning to build your voice chat app, the pricing is a primary factor. The scenario differs for both ,

Exactly! If you are planning to build something from scratch, you have to prepare an estimation based on:

  • Look out for better infrastructure
  • Spending on resources
  • Hiring skilled developers, etc.

However, it’s a known fact that the overall cost at the end will of course be more than expected.

But, this is not the case with ready-made APIs when planning to build a voice chat app.
Voice chat API and SDK providers offer their solution in two possible ways. – One time license cost and monthly subscription plan. Let’s have a look in detail,

1. One-Time License Cost:

This pricing scenario is a SaaP model. Wherein, you have to make a one time payment to have all your desired features. Moreover, you can add up your required features on the go in future by paying for it.

2. Monthly Subscription:

This pricing scenario is a SaaS model. It supports the “pay-as-you-go” concept. Here, you can use your desired APIs for a month and pay as a monthly subscription amount.

So yes, you can now easily plan the strategy for your app development with the given information. Further, let’s discuss how these voice chat apps have influenced a variety of industries.

Impact of Voice Chat Apps on a Variety of Industries

Chat, video and voice call apps have made a substantial impact on almost all the industries. From healthcare to online education, every industry employs efficient communication via these apps.

These real-time voice chat apps for enterprises have increased user engagement and retention at large scale. Let’s explore a few corresponding cases:

audio chat app development

1. Healthcare Industry

Real-time communication APIs and SDKs connect doctors and patients instantly. It can help users schedule their appointments over calls and have virtual check-ups. Also, patients can share their diagnostic reports, images and files with doctors.

You can ensure the safety of every in-app communication by integrating HIPAA compliant APIs.

2. Online Food Ordering And Delivery Industry

Online food ordering industry falls under the category of on-demand industry. This industry is booming with the help of voice chat apps. It utilizes real time chat apps to connect to their customers every single day.

These voice chat apps play their role until the customers receive their ordered item. Moreover, it helps their customers to have a track of their order, with location tracking.

3. E-commerce Industry

E-commerce or online shopping falls under the on-demand category. This is mainly because people feel more comfortable shopping online.

These real-time voice chat apps are real-time chat for retailer brand engagement. They have cleared the way by connecting the retailers and the customer on the same page. These audio-calling apps have also made a secure pathway for shipping and payment. It includes end-to-end encryption by tracking the items.

4. E-learning Industry

The new trend has transformed the traditional way of education. It has made learning interactive and fun. These real-time messaging APIs and SDKs connect the students and teachers globally. Wherein, the students can have direct interaction with crystal clear voice quality. Also, it allows file sharing options during their online sessions.

We’ve now come to the end of the section.

Now, it’s up to you to decide on the app development strategy. Whether you want to go on with building something from scratch or using the real-time voice chat APIs. Whatever be your decision, It’s always better to have some research from your end.

Thank You with Good Luck!

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To Wrap up

Finally, if you still think that you need assistance in moving forward, let me help you. CONTUS MirrorFly has been in the field of real-time communication API and SDK providers for over a decade. It has assisted so many industries worldwide in building their voice chat app.  It has made integration of in-app voice calling APIs and SDKs into any existing android or web app easy.

Thus, feel free to contact us for further guidance on building your own voice chat app. We are ready to assist you with all your needs!

Thank You with Good Luck!

MirrorFly Voice API Is An Easy-To-Integrate Solution That Enables High-Performing Voice Call Services In Your Pre-Built Or Existing Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Is Voice Chat App So Popular?

The core reason behind the popularity of voice chat apps is that it provides the users with the feel of familiarity and comfort while exchanging the conversation using live audio, which is missing in the text-based chat applications.

How Long Does It Take To Create A Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse?

The time taken to create a voice chat app like clubhouse depends upon a variety of factors like level of complexity with feature requirements, resources and infrastructure, and more. On average, any voice chat app with medium and high level of complexity with more features, can take approximately around six months to get into the market.

What Tech Stack To Use For The Back-End To Make A Voice Chat App?

Whenever you are planning to build a voice chat app, there must be a powerful back-end support to assure you of uninterrupted communication among the users. Some of the recommended tech stacks are React Native, C++, JavaScript, Node.Js, Kotlin, Swift, and more.

How Can I Easily Embed Voice Into My App?

MirrorFly provides a guided documentation on integration process that enables you to embed the voice and text capabilities to any HTML or Java enabled app easily without any interruption. You can also make use of our guided tutorials that are for a variety of languages.

What’s The Difference Between Calls Made Via Voice API and WebRTC?

The calls made using the voice APIs need internet connection with VoIP network support whereas WebRTC calls fully focus on browser-based communication to get connected.

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