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Best Fleet Management App to Simplify Vehicle Tracking System

“The Global Market Value of Fleet Management System is expected to grow USD 28.66 Billion by 2022 at a (CAGR) Compound Annual Growth Rate of 15.8%.”

“Vehicles are the greatest asset of Fleet Management.”

The implementation of advancement in Fleet Management has offered a wide range of comforts to the companies all over the world in their financial and Logistical services which are functioning under a very critical value. To balance the potentiality of the crisis in the company’s growth on relying Fleet, it is essential to take immense efforts effectively. Although the Fleet Management has revolutionized every company globally to manage their entire valuable asset through providing a combined set of functionalities that simplifies the processing and deliver efficient outcomes.

Thus a world-class Enterprise Fleet Management solution or application requires splendid technologies to deliver profitable functionalities that deal with minimizing the vehicle investment risks, creating cost-cutting opportunities, impactful bottom-line performance and bring a centralized interface to control over the entire system. So as to avail such lucrative fleet benefits, partnering with a top-tier fleet management solution provider is the ideal strategy.

Contus – Revolutionizing the next-level of Fleet Management System

CONTUS, a SMAC based digital transformation company with having insightful experience in creating exemplary enterprise level Fleet Management Apps for Android/iOS to some world-renowned brands. Let us take a closer look on the mastery objectives carried by Contus’ IoT application development team for a World’s leading Manufacturer of Commercial Vehicles that triggered their fleet management business value.

How Contus Achieved in Managing the Fleet Tracking system

“Contus’ Conceptional Game-plan in Contriving an Enterprise Fleet Management App to Unlock Efficiency through Managing the Trucks”

Effectual Admin Portal

Through Setting up a highly effective admin panel, the entire fleet business process comes under one particular dashboard. Contus created a Centralized fleet management web application that offers end-to-end information about every running process of the trucks, Contracts, Quotation of new vehicles and daily reports in a detailed display. The fleet management admin portal is connected within the ecosystem of the chains – Fleet Manager, Drivers, Load broker, Trucks and Load Carrier. The portal withholds multiple GPS tracking of the moving trucks.

It excels the accessing of fleet managers and drivers to create a deeper understanding of the running process of the fleets and the efficiency created by the fleet managers and drivers. This also enables to implement effective strategies to overseer the entire chain and to magnify the true ROI potentiality.

Automated Fleet Managers Platform

An Insightful Web Portal created by Contus to offer an absolute combination of functionalities under the fleet managers. This fleet management Web app solution assists the fleet managers in concentrating more on the administration of the driver through requesting tasks, send notification alerts to the drivers in a large manner.

The Native Fleet Management Web application for Fleet Managers stands as a standalone tool to examine the drivers’ efficiency throughout the journey. The platform also acts as a crucial tool for fleet managers by providing access to the documents and daily reports. Some of the key functionalities that Fleet Manager Platform offers:

  • A Complete examination of the Vehicles and their Contracts

  • Constant Updates on the Vehicle Mileage

  • Setting Up Certain Criteria for the drivers

  • Search of the Vehicle through filters

  • Whole database of the Vehicle diagnostics

  • Wages Estimation

Reliable Driver Management

Contus built an ideal fleet management app for android that persistently assists the drivers to get noticed through a real-time notification functionality during the contracts. The application also provides the exact location with features that maximize the efficiency of the drivers to reach the destination on time.

Load Carrier

Contrived a absolute reliable access for the load carriers through a fleet managing mobile application and web apps that runs seamlessly on iOS, Android and cross-browsers. The process initiates on contacting the fleet managers in order to shift the objective which is to be placed by the fleet managers to the drivers through the application.

Load Broker

The Secondary role in this whole chain actions. Contus developed an enterprise fleet management app for the load broker is specifically facilitates on Android and iOS platforms. The application provides end-to-end information during the crisis of the fleet actions directly to the fleet manager. Subsequently, the process takes place throughout the chain.

Technology Stack Involved in Contriving the Vehicle Fleet Management Software

  • Web Application – ReactJS, JavaScript, PHP 5.5, Angular JS

  • Operating System – Android & Linux

  • Web Server – Nginx

  • Database – Mysql 5.5, SQLite

  • Data Interchange format – JSON

Some of the attributes provided by Contus’ Fleet management app developers can be utilized on fleets on all the sizes of business to magnify the efficiency and maximize the monitoring of the fleet management through vehicle telematics Application.

  • Get noticed on every move of your fleets through Vehicle Tracking technology developed by vehicle telematics app.

  • Review the timely usage of the vehicle and the efficiency acquired by the drivers through remote onboard diagnostics feature in the fleet management solution application.

  • Scrutinize the entire performance on a single dashboard through collective Graphical Dashboard and Extensive Reports.

  • A Proactive attribute that facilitates the faults, reduce the cutting-cost and amplify the productivity through end-to-end Fleet Maintenance.

Know How Contus Helps in Simplifying the Fleet Management

The vehicle tracking app urges the fleet management solution to discover far beyond the limitations of the technology, developing independent software or applications such as route management, asset monitoring in a real-time basis, truck maintenance and reporting. Relying on these independent systems no longer applicable and are completely obsolete. A Complete pack of Fleet Management Software/Application that delivers insightful analyzes of every functionality within a single dashboard have the potentiality to take your fleet management into a profitable business.

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Does your app support iOS?

David smooke
1 year 4 months ago

Does your solution support GPS tracking system with live updates of the vehicles? Also need a customizable dashboard.