3 October, 2022
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The 5 Best Alternatives to Dacast – Compare Streaming Features, Pricing & More

Video’s growing popularity has necessitated the creation of video on demand platforms. They assist enterprises in proper streaming & managing their videos over the Internet. Dacast is the most well-known of the internet video platforms. It provides innovative tech solutions in the media industry.  Users can host movies, as well as embed them in websites and apps all because of advancements seen forth in this eminent streamline. The platform is great for content creators or business owners, however they can look for other alternatives to Dacast who want to offer premium movies on their websites or apps.

In this article, we’ll evaluate what all are offered in top alternatives that’s comparable to Dacast and identify which could be an ideal solution to explore.

Now, you might be curious to know…  

What is Dacast?

Dacast is primarily a best video streaming platforms that allows you to post, stream, monetize, and share live & on-demand videos. It is a unified streaming solution that is majorly utlized by professional broadcast streaming, content aggregators, media publishers, etc. 

When businesses choose streaming in any place, Dacast is opted as the first choice for OTT solution which majorly provides use cases such as media & entertainment business, religious services, sports and fitness commodities, & corporate organizations.

What Is Dacast?

In comparison to other competitors in the market 

Dacast features are well-suited and found to be a better alternative because: 

  • Top-tier CDN business relationships deliver content worldwide 
  • All plans include 24/7 technical support (email with live chat)
  • Dacast enables password-protected streaming for best video surveillance
  • Zoom integrations are also available
  • They potentialize with HLS streaming and RTMP ingests
  • Restricted access for Domain Name & to whitelist certain countries 
  • Access to the Player API & Video API for advanced customisation
  • Cloud video transcoding allows for multi-bitrate streaming 
  • Analytics for real-time video streaming 
  • Reviews for multiple language support favour your ultimate need   
  • Monetization of ad-free streaming AVOD, SVOD, & Pay-per-view

The best platform for you will be determined by your niche requirements. Indeed, you are looking for how well you can supercharge your business & make it easy for you to grow in a short span of time…

Top 5 Best Dacast Streaming Alternatives

Let’s look at some of these listed platforms, alternatives to Dacast & check out when they should be used.

1. CONTUS VPlayed

Whitelabel Video Platform to Broadcast Streams in Any Device  

Dacast Streaming Alternatives & pricing

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to stay on top of the OTT game at all times, VPlayed is your best bet!  The top-notch VOD platform developers of their solution brings your game-changing content plans to life. VPlayed is well-known for serving industry niches such as media and Broadcasting, Elearning, Filmmakers, Corporate owners, Sports, Fitness,Youtubers, etc.

Noteworthy features that cater to your business needs in contrast to Dacast starts with: 

  • 100% customization of the entire platform  
  • Facility of on cloud/ on premises hosting deployments 
  • Greatest alternative to Dacast can be constructed using cloud transcoding
  • Built-in video CMS library for your preferred business approach 
  • 6+ monetization models help you to drive flexibility to grow 
  • Accurate analytics solution to improve UX by accelerating consistent ROI
Want To Choose The Best Dacast Alternatives For Your Streaming Business?

2. Brightcove

Media-focussed another hosting alternative versus Dacast 

dacast competitors

Brightcove is a pioneering online video platform that specialises in providing video live streaming solutions to help businesses expand their audience anywhere. It was first introduced in Boston in 2004. As compared to Dacast this feature-rich platform not only helps content businesses to get their online-enabled broadcasts up & but also serves for streaming entertainment purposes. 

Here are some of its strengths to stream live & on demand videos:  

  • Another high-end video streaming services renowned in the industry 
  • All plans have premium price point as per customized requirements
  • Brightcove’s rich player is easily customizable
  • Quickly embed videos on your site & share them with a single link
  • Monetise videos with features like Google Ad Manager integrations, SSAI 
  • Brightcove gives data insights like new viewers, user views, similar to top competitors 

3. Kaltura

An OTT solution for Educationists & Corporates in Comparison to Dacast 

dacast video streaming

Kaltura is an open-source streaming platform with an API that allows for complete customization. Users can combine almost any programme to create the broadcasting experience that best suits their needs.

Some of its streaming reviews that you’ll need instead of opting Dacast are:

  • Live streaming is made easy on Kaltura 
  • Whitelabel HLS video player is found in contrast to free alternatives
  • A variety of integrations for monetization is available 
  • Reliable video security is well-known better than Dacast
  • There is an option of pay as you go for features, bandwidth access 
  • Best-suited for advanced enterprise streaming infrastructure

4. IBM Cloud Video

A Unified Cloud Video Streaming Next-best to Dacast 

dacast competitor

For enterprises who want to make use of Dacast-like capabilities while also storing their data on the top live or on demand streaming platform, IBM Cloud video is a viable option. The technology empire created by IBM is powerful and found incomparable to any other competitors in the market. 

Let’s take a look at what makes IBM Cloud Video A Better Option than Dacast 

  • Storing data on IBM cloud is a viable option
  • Addition of AI-generated closed captions to videos 
  • Offers support with regards to VOD hosting & management 
  • Video monetization plans are supportive with ad insertions 
  • Unlike Dacast, here customizable channel pages are offered
  • Data is stored in one of the IBM cloud regions with strict compliance  

5. JW Player

Powerful Streaming Platform for Streaming Best VOD or OTT

Jw player with dacast review

JW Player began as a feature of YouTube’s original video player and has since grown to become a full-fledged streaming platform. JW Player can broadcast live and on-demand content. It offers new-comer broadcasters low-cost as well as custom-priced plans for high-volume streaming.

Get a glimpse at JW Player’s superior features showcasing the difference 

  • Ensures to deliver real-time streaming with zero pixelates 
  • They support VOD hosting to stream with full SDK support 
  • Revenue-generating support via ad integration & player bidding 
  • DRM, geo-restrictions, and token-signing security are all available
  • Essentializes with white label OTT streaming that may be customized
  • Power with increased storage, enterprise solutions are available 

What’s the final word, then?

You’re seeking for a simple, no-hassle alternative to Dacast that can assist you with your company demands. Nothing less than the greatest will suffice. In this rapid-growing video marketing, there are numerous effective video streaming options. Broadcasters have a lot to consider as they look for the ideal platform because there are so many different features, customization and price plans to choose from.

We recommend that you delve deeply into comparing platforms while keeping your company’s streaming goals and functionality requirements in mind. Dacast & the other platforms that we’ve compared are all excellent choices, but the key is to select one that suits your needs.

All you have to do is to get connected with VPlayed for you to have all of your needs met and to take advantage of the competitive curve that unfolds to have a lucid and easy-to-use interface.

If You’re Ready To Incorporate Video On Demand Platform Into Your Video Content Streaming, Get In Touch With Us Right Away.
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