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Doctor-patient In-App Communication: How to Make Healthcare In-app Chat App Easy & Secure

“A reliable communication can reduce medical errors by 50% in a whole and has the potential to save $53 billions for the medical industry annually”

Although the illness is certainly bad, you see a dim waiting hall, a very long queue, desperately waiting to enter the doctor’s room and ill-lit of some patient’s face, these are the pictures one could imagine when he/she has to pay the presence to a hospital before a couple of years ago or slightly a decade ago..

“Oh! God, however, now the entire picture of visiting a hospital has totally transformed”

Thanks to the tech-geeks and technology upgrades of WebRTC, VoIP and so on.

Yes, healthcare chat apps are evolving the entire communication of the healthcare industry. Though Mirrorfly made it’s prominent foot-marks in the global messaging market, it still demanded a stage to put on a show. Now Mirrorfly rolled out its ideal messaging app for the healthcare industry embedded with sublime features.

It is found that better & reliable communication drives a better patient outcome. Obviously, the healthcare industry demands real-time communication like telemedicine and enterprise chat app for bringing Doctor-patient On Demand. With Mirrorfly In-app messaging, patients can connect broadly with a board-certified healthcare expert or professional at any day, anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection.

Let us take a look at some of the exceptional benefits that the healthcare industry can possess.
Traditional Consultation vs Modern Consultation healthcare chat app comparison

The Fruitful Benefits That Healthcare App Receive with In-app Chat

Accessible to Remote Areas

With the real-time conversation, doctors or healthcare professionals can reach rural-living patients, thus minimizes the travel-time & cost. The on-demand apps helps to book appointments with doctors, get a notification with doctors regarding health care tips.

Provides Better Care at Own Residence

Ensuring the patience’ care even at home is what the technology, namely tele-health embedded with voice calling feature provides. A live video chat with a doctor at their own home sorts out any type of health-issues on the go.

Reduction in Patient’s Cost

With video conferencing, healthcare professionals can with a vast number of patients for giving treatments & solutions to their health problems. This drastically improves patient’s care efficiency & helps the patient’s who can’t afford the expenses of visiting the hospital on a regular basis.

Personalized Monitoring

Doctor-patient chat app gets the opportunity to review every patient’s health progression in a much more detailed and real-time with the help of video calling, file sharing of the patient’s prescription etc., This in result enhances the trust & fulfillment between a doctor-patient relationship.

Makes Diagnosis More Accurate

Since the reports, scans, prescription of patient’s entire data is shared through the in-app chat application, the success rate of diagnosis with accuracy is better and reduction of medical errors is high. All the records related to patient’s treatment is stored in one place which is accessible by both the doctors and patients at anytime and anywhere.

Enhance Overall Efficiency

Doctors, physicians, and healthcare organizations can improve the efficiency of the entire workflow starting from appointment, handling multiple patients at the same time, and reduction of paperwork. Switching every healthcare processes to an application reduces the time consumed in handling manual works, and helps physicians, doctors to spend more time on providing treatment to patients.

In-app chat for Healthcare apps

Some Effectual Use Cases That Mirrorfly Chat API Possesses for Healthcare

Build doctor patient chat app like practo

Build Doctor Patient chat solutionPatient-Doctor Conversation

Healthcare biggest problem is communication! This is basically a 1-to-1 chat between doctor and patient for a secure & private communication. A great way for patients gets in touch with doctors at any time, anywhere, even in emergencies. This holds an effective interface for the direct conversation to streamline drug management, post-hospitalization & effective care on the go.

Chat solution with medical report sharing in real time Exchange of Medical Reports

The age of paper-medical reports are almost in the extinction where due to its inconvenient benefits & chances of losing, damaging. A single attachment of files, images, i.e X-rays, patient prescriptions, treatment reports within the message provide much effective treatment to the patient.

communication API for internal doctor discussionInternal Medical Staffs Communication

A personalized group messaging interface is the most effective way to bring every established medical expert & patient’s in one place. This ensures in transmitting of quality treatment to patients at any cost. With a dedicated group forum, enabled with chat & features filled with great medical experts can create powerful treatments that cure undesirable diseases. It also streamlines the workflow within the healthcare organization in a real-time and holds transparency.

Real time chat app for nurse communicationPersonal Nurse 24×7

Integration with Chatbot is another way to enhance patient care to send timely reminders throughout the day on regular medical checkups, drug routines & diagnosis. The technology magnifies rehabilitation care and the likelihood of the patients to recover fully.

chat app for fitness appFitness Chat Application

Wearables stands a step higher in the crowd. Yes, most number of wearables exchange insightful fitness information within the application, but to make it more engaging, chat possibility is the ideal tool. This creates an outstanding experience to fitness buddies & sports chat app to engage and fun with a real-time chatting with anyone across the world.

List of Few Prime Features For An Top-notch Healthcare App

  • Doctor Discoverability
  • Book, Schedule and Cancel Appointments
  • Scheduling Appointments for Real-time Conversation
  • In-app Direct/Personalized Chat
  • Doctor, Staff & Physicians Internal Chat
  • Doctor-patient Video Call
  • Video Conferencing for Doctors
  • File Sharing (X-ray, MRI scans, prescriptions, etc.
  • Notification on reminders

The Last but Not Least – HIPAA Compliance

Mirrorfly provides in-app chat and messaging protected by the most advanced security & privacy rules of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), a federal law of data security and privacy for safeguarding protected health information (PHI) & electronic health information of individuals.

With HIPAA Compliant, Mirrorfly empowers the privacy and security of patient’s data and care providers with secure in-app messaging across platforms.

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How In-app Chat Empowers Other Healthcare Related Apps in the Market?

Healthy Lifestyle Apps

  • Get instant guide & counseling from several lifestyle doctors through the app.
  • Have real-time chat with the specialist to get treatment regarding lifestyle goals.
  • Have video interaction with physicians for practicing lifestyle medicines.
in-app messaging solution for Clinical & Diagnosis Apps app

Clinical & Diagnosis Apps

  • Get point-of-care through your app through the direct chat with doctors.
  • Instead of bringing patients to the lab, enable physicians to explain via video chat about treatment.
  • Real-time data transmission enables patients to diagnosis & monitor blood pressure and share reports with healthcare providers for instant solution.
Doctor Patient Intraction Real Time

Pharmacy Ordering Apps

  • Chat instantly with pharmacy agents on the drug details, delivery status, etc.
  • Real-time notification on the availability of medicines, drug offers, and medicine stocks.
In-App Chat solution in Pharmacy Apps

Wrapping Up

It’s a never downing sector where the communication has to be at its peak for a successful running up of healthcare organization. Indeed, a chat API for heathcare is a significant need to integrate communication functionalities for every healthcare to outcome a quality patient care. With chat integration that provides, chat, audio and video call possibility in real-time on any devices for enhancing patient communication experience to a next-level. This creates chances for patients to follow up questions related to health problems with doctors virtually. Not just patients alone, even health professionals can increase work efficiency and streamline the works to provide the best quality of patient care.

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In-app chat for healthcare app

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10 months 1 day ago

Want to integrate video conferencing into school and telemedicine system. What is your pricing range

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We need a one-on-one chat function for healthcare appointment app. We want to exchange many simultaneous connections and various data.

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Hello, I would like to have more information about how can I integrate this solution into my project. TokTalk is a well-being platform that connects users who need to vent to someone (as it could be a specialist, psychologist, therapist, etc). The user flow is the following: 0. user pay a subscription (x chats/month) 1. user choose a specialist 2. user book a session 3. user enjoy the session 4. user rate the session 4. user can repeat a chat session with the specialist mentioned before Do you develop the whole process with my own UX UI? Many thanks Leti

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We are building a health app and will like to know more about pricing for your video calling sdk integration ASAP.

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Ahoy! We’re currently implementing the website for a virtual event. The site is based on WordPress with a custom theme, so integration of JavaScript components is possible. I’m checking solutions for chat and voice communication among the participants. Right now we’re considering CometChat. User number will be in the low 100 people range, so realistically the costs (we have two events per year, so it might make sense to just use one month of the service each time) should be rather low as well. Cheers and greetings from Vienna, Wolf-Dieter

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Hello Team We are maintaining one health care unit. Would like to integrate real time video calls in health care website to establish one to one interaction (doctor and patient). Looking forward for your response.
Thank you

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We are developing a Remote Patient Monitoring and Elderly Care solution at HARMAN, known as HARMAN RCP. We are looking to integrate RCP with leading telehealth solution provider for facilitate the virtual consultation workflow for patients and healthcare providers. We would like to explore integration of our telehealth solution with MirrorFly Voice call service for an integrated workflow. It would be great if we can have a call to discuss this in detail and explore how we can collaborate. I look forward to a response and setting up a conf call for this discussion Best Regards Ankush Anand

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Hello, my name is Polly. We work on AI telemedicine brain training system for kids with ADHD. We are going to use video calls during our telehealth calls between a tutor and a kid. Could you please share the price details if we consider using your API.

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My company is building a one-to-one video chatting service between health professionals and their patients. We’re looking for an web and Android sdk for video calls and would be glad to here about the modalities offered by your platform.

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Thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more information about doctor appointment booking app development. Please keep sharing.

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we are healthcare company, we have portal and medical apps for patient engament we are looking for a video conf solution to be used as one of the options that we can support please contact me to share more details

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I had a few questions about your software. Firstly, is there a free trial? If not, what are the licencing costs given a company that is just starting off? If I’m building a digital healthcare app, and wanted to add a scheduling feature, is that something you offer? If so, what are the costs for that? If the company wants to scale up in the future, is there support for that? If I’m building my app in Xamarin, is Mirrorfly compatible with that? Thank you.

1 year 11 days ago

hii, i need video conference api for our health website. so can you please send me price list and the procedure to integrate video conference api on my company’s website.

1 year 20 days ago

Does your chat API and SDK have voice messaging feature (allows users to record their voice and send through the chat)? Does the API and SDK work in US and China? Please let me know of your plans and pricing too. Thank you.

1 year 1 month ago

Hi dear, We are developing one of the telehealth product for patient and doctor engagement. We need complete APIs and SDK for implementation in our application (Web and mobile).

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We are urgently looking to integrate APIs for video and voice call along with chat features into our telemedicine platform.We would like to set up a call with any representative today itself so we can take this forward.

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Hello my name isnbtavis we are a company from LA that is interested in your healthcare system. I would like to know if you can send me more detailed information about the product, we are looking for it to have a waiting room for the patient and to allow payments within the application for patients who do not have our products. We currently have a website and a mobile APP for our clients. Is it possible to integrate them with your system through API rest? I would also like you to inform me about the implementation and fixed costs of the cloud service. Thank you so much.

1 year 2 months ago

We have a Android app + Node js based web application. We are into health case and need to integrate video calling between doctor and patient. Can you please setup a call to help us figure out pricing and how to integreate your SDK.

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Looking for chat API which can integrate into iOS and Android native code base. Looking for 1) In app user to user chat 2) In app group chat 3) Chat from a user links to web based platfrom for our staff to respond to