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How to Build a Multi-Screen OTT Video Platform and Ace it Like a Pro?

“OTT Video revenue is to reach approx $18,396 million in 2021”

With the rise of online video, video delivery over the internet has skyrocketed in recent years. As the trend of OTT TV is doesn’t in the way of changing its path, the “Over the top” has brought substantial change by creating an impact in the world of television. OTT has significantly disrupted the traditional cable providers. Due to the transformation brought by the OTT platform which has earnestly changed the business value of television into a consumer-driven from provider-driven. This lucrative business entices every business professional to initiate OTT video business services.

Let us take a close look at how to build an OTT video platform and the technologies carried on developing OTT platform.

Before getting into the play, let us take a look at what is all about OTT TV. Technically speaking, OTT is the delivery of multimedia over the internet without the use of any framework where the content is directly distributed to consumers. The bypassing network is a standalone product that has the potential to broadcast over the internet to the users. As you are very much aware of the OTT TV solution, let us pass on to see who gets benefited from the OTT platform.

Who gets maximum leverage with the rise of OTT Platforms?

No wonder the digital platforms have been great players who have constantly iterated the global entertaining market positions in distinctive fields. Now with the rapid growth of online streaming services has witnessed a steady growth through in the recent years of rapid-speed internet delivery.

Some of the major OTT media services consist of the popular VOD and music streaming that is expected to showcase remarkable growth, especially when pandemic took its deliberate attention towards venturing streaming high-rated videos.

It is said that the online video traffic is all set to rise about 70% of mobile traffic by 2021 and the worth of the OTT streaming market is set to hit 62.03 Billion USD by 2020.

OTT Viewing Experience Over the Traditional Cable TV

cable tv

As the video on demand has revolutionized the way of experiencing video content over the internet, the OTT platform contributed to taking the traditional cable TV to the next level of the viewing experience. The SVOD services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime has precisely taken millions of people viewing the experience through high-speed streaming content and accessed to watch their preferred channels.

OTT leverages Enterprises and Business


The trend of OTT is also expanding its boundary for enterprises by allowing them to communicate with each other for a paltry amount of cost and sometimes completely at no cost. Significantly, this has benefitted many corporate broadcasters and content owners to invest in its spectrum of digital offerings. As a result, this helps them to connect with their targets and increases the focus to provide value for their selling products or service which raise the bar of quality.

The robust heightening of OTT apps such as Skype, FaceTime, and Whatsapp settles as the key factor for conventional business collaboration and for personal purposes.

Here, OTT services play a most critical role in holding the business and enterprise-level applications. The key reason behind this is the video consumption via OTT streaming has given content owners to develop curated content for users at price points that sound worthy to watch!

Additionally, they provide exclusive features that attract every consumer and flexibility for over-the-top players to amplify their business growth.

Augmenting over Education and Sports


The OTT distribution landscape has been dominated by platform owners who strategize their primary source of monetization with mass attraction. Sports and Educational industries are the two major types which can empower content creators.

Apparently, it’s them who can gain positive implications via the monetization of sponsorship over ads, or other digital assets for the mainstream audience. With the wider distribution of dedicated broadcasting of sports with rights and Pay TV, streaming of rich live content is made simple and profits better user engage ability.

Also, when we look into the educational industry, many of the leading subject matter experts or curriculum experts can amplify their monetization models with live streaming or instructional videos-on-demand for facilitating better teaching pedagogies. For that matter, students and teachers can check how to start an OTT channel to supplant dedicated Elearning original content and engage in various educational activities.

How to Build Profitable OTT Business

Choose a better genre

To build a video streaming service you will have to choose an apt genre for displaying on-demand videos, movies, clips, or power-packed content for developing an entertaining OTT platform. Accordingly, you can select your business model to run it better.

Target Audience

It isn’t necessary that your approached audience would occupy only one mode of experiencing your vivid streaming products. So it is necessary for you to make them available at all possible corners of portable devices. Top OTT platform providers can help you to settle your strategic content delivery depending on where your subscribers require to watch them like a laptop, mobiles, tablets, etc.


When it comes to building an Over-The-Top streaming website your cost to develop it will depend on the type of content you would like to showcase to your customers. Then, plan your resources to create a tech stack service just like Netflix, & assure a compelling experience to your customers.

Better user experience

As it is always said that content remains the king of all traits, it has now become quintessential to suffice with original content to facilitate a fascinating user experience. Today, viewers expect to find more since the shift of television has developed a newer format of content. The penetration of crip valuable videos is much appreciated among the masses now.

User Insights

Generally, your target audience here would be wide and dynamic. The variety of entertaining content that you cater to suit their watching moods is likely to establish a particular mindset in the demographic. To study this, you could have user insights with personalized analysis tools like

  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Current viewership status
  • User behavior analytics
  • Revenue Report and lots more

ROI (Monetization)

Mostly OTT revolves around on-demand or live streaming services. Moreover, live streaming gives you to provide desired content then and there, which could help to monetize both in real-time. One of the instant monetization models that could yield you faster revenue is through attracting a large viewership via advertising. Also as OTT streaming providers, you could find potential scope for profitable income streams in larger sections.

Now, let us get into deeper on analyzing the technologies involved in building an OTT Platform.

ott video platform _technology

Cloud Hosting

Most of the OTT platform providers are using AWS (Amazon web service) cloud service as their premier cloud storage component. The cloud-based solution helps business professionals in building their own OTT platform to extend the scalability and consumer engagement in order to magnify the business revenue.


Nginx media server is the right java based application server that has the potential for handling a high amount of concurrent connections. The edge server serves as the best performer on holding static files that truly makes the work done in a much easier way of streaming high-quality content.

Streaming Protocol

RTMP (Real-time Messaging Protocol) and HTTP live streaming are the two main streaming protocols used in OTT Platform to streamline live streaming content. The RTMP protocol transmits the overall maximum possible data and also provides low-latency interaction.

Content Delivery Network

A Huge number of CDN providers are have been using in OTT Platform which is considered as the key component in reducing the traffic in the core network in order to increase the global low latency. The best CDN perceives great performance on a real-time basis.

Rethinking Security

DRM (Digital Rights Management) and AES Encryption are the most widely used security system which plays the crucial role in protecting the content from copyrights and enabling a barrier by shielding from unauthorized access of the Content.

A Rethinkable Solution To Create Next-level OTT Services

As of now, we have obtained some insights on the technologies used in developing an OTT platform. As concerned in the recent survey, 78% of successful OTT platform maintains a better recognition with their viewers which acts as the key factor in setting as the best OTT service. Only a certain number of OTT platform providers bring out such successful solutions.

VPlayed, considered as the top-tier global leader in providing best-in-class OTT platforms that result in providing a more engaging user experience to the viewers.

Let us discuss on some of its pragmatic features built on VPlayed OTT solution.

VPlayed’s Top-notch Features

VPlayed is a supreme OTT solution provider that can power the video demands of video creators, broadcasters, media channels and everybody else who wants to manage and monetize video assets. It comes with featured studded for omni-device media delivery. From camera to end user screen on mobile, tablet, PC or TV, your video can be streamed to any screen with universal display quality.

Adaptive Streaming

Adaptive Streaming
It provides an absolute online video streaming experience on concerning any range of bandwidth without buffering.

Cloud Transcoding

Cloud Transcoding
Equipped with a video transcoding platform that facilitates quick transcode of content on cloud & streaming live contents.

Offline Download

Offline Download
Experience rich offline playback video feature enabling every user to download their preferred video to watch later.

Video Content Management

Video Content Management
Streamline and store to a great number of videos across the platform embedded with great scalability and flexible features such as analytics, drag and drop and much more.

Social Integration

Social Integration
Enlarge the audience range through a dynamic social integration that enables to bring out HD videos on various social platforms.

Channel Partners

Channel Partners
Upsurge the overall flow of the content on partnering with third party channels through direct interactions.


Monetization Models
COTNUS VPlayed offers you several variations of monetizing models that you would need to build a streaming platform. Create your own server networks using SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, or Catch Up TV to directly deliver the streaming to your audiences.

Global Distribution

Global Distribution
Get entire access to monitor localized content that can be categorized into various audience segmentation where content management system helps to deliver videos and implement restrictions to other parts of the world.


Full End-to-End Support
Accelerate your streaming business with a complete video monetization solution ready-to-use with total control of managed OTT services.


Stream your videos in a tailor-made way on a real-time basis according to your geographical location-based linguistics. VPlayed provides multilingual support at local, regional and global levels of the target market.


Fully Customizable
Get a range of end-to-end supported services that can be fully integrated and customized as per your online streaming platform needs.

Content Deliver

Content Delivery Network
Content Delivery plays a primitive role in distribution of your curated media and so get a complete pack of managing and distributing content on a real-time basis. Now provide seamless entertaining outputs via adaptive streaming technology.

Video Hosting

Reliable Video Hosting
You can have the liberty to self- host your own content originals at your convenience with various solutions at on-premise or integrating at cloud infrastructure servers through VPlayed.


Analyse data to make actionable decisions based on third-party integrated tools like Google Analytics, Microsoft Analytics to track traffic for on-demand and live streaming videos using OTT streaming VPlayed solutions.


Optimize your platform niche needs with the best in-built video marketing tools with multi-device compatibility across various revenue development channels.


Start an OTT channel of your choice with standardized Digital Rights Management protocols to secure your valuable content with a durable video security solution. Deploy a high end-to-end encryption for all devices and channels.

Thus, every player discerned the actual disruption in the TV industry and originating to invest utterly on building a feature-rich ott platform to inspire themselves in pushing the content over the OTT platform that publishes geographically. So, the necessity of every content owners to pick the OTT service providers to reap a better ROI.

Let’s start to build your OTT video platform?

I believe at this point you would have been clear to find intricate nuances of how to build your personalized OTT video streaming platform. Make your OTT business successful through the perfect global services of VPlayed that ensures a win-win situation with its set of essential features & support systems.


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