26 October, 2021

Starting an OTT Business: How to Create & Launch an OTT Platform, App or Channel?

With the rise of online video, content video delivery over the internet has boomed in recent years. 

As the trend of OTT TV doesn’t stop in the way of changing its path, the “Over the top” services has set a profitable standard in the line of media consumption & its effective delivery, creating a huge impact in the world of television. 

OTT platform architecture has significantly disrupted the traditional cable TV providers. 

Due to this transformation,  it has earnestly changed the business value of television into a consumer-driven funnel from provider-driven. 

“Skyrocketing growth of OTT Video revenue is projected to reach $171,772 million in 2021”

Source: statista

This lucrative platform technology entices every business professional to launch OTT services.

Let us get into this more as to how you can build an OTT video platform and check its technologies that are carried making it a stable sphere of recurring income.

Before getting into it, let’s take a look at OTT!!!

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What is All About OTT Apps & How To Make One For Yourself?

An OTT app, or over-the-top application, uses the internet to distribute your branded video content to your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV users instead of traditional cable or satellite distribution methods. These video apps allow you to facilitate favorite streams at the power of a button to your viewers on any device on the go. 

OTT App Development

Technically speaking, OTT is the delivery of multimedia over the internet without the use of any framework where the content is directly distributed to consumers.

The bypassing network is a standalone product that has the potential to broadcast over the internet to the users. As you are very much aware of the OTT solution, let us pass on to see who gets benefits from the OTT platform.

Why are OTT Apps Found Everywhere?

There are two major reasons for the best OTT apps being popular & seen amongst every viewer of yours. Firstly, it is the easiest way where consumers expect to experience the best picturization at their digitized smart palms. So, video streaming builders who launch their apps conveniently attract consumers, which indicates their rapid growth.

Secondly, OTT app development has given a boom to the VOD businesses, like never before. Videos are exchanged now & then amongst consumers where they preferably watch their favorite content on their own terms like any time, anywhere & using any kind of device.

As a result, OTT platform apps are proving to be an ideal solution! Let’s look into some numbers with edged out scenarios:

  • Did you know, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users in the globe in 2021, accounting for 48.20% of the worldwide population? (BankMyCell). Indeed, this proves a huge scope in creating OTT apps & owning a video app development company.
  • The majority of OTT consumers watch more than 2 hours of content when calculated per day, outpacing traditional & video-sharing sites. The top OTT consumption markets are the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. (Spot X)
  • According to Conviva’s streaming report, over 180 nations have 180 million unique OTT app platform users watching 180 billion streams every year, with 1.8 trillion real-time transactions per day. (Conviva)

Now let’s look into key aspects of leveraging OTT application development …

Benefits of OTT Apps For Video Streaming Businesses

You can have custom-centric OTT apps for clients that can provide its viewers with a wide variety of content on a click of a button…Whether you are a media-based entrepreneur or corporate channel broadcaster who looks into selling a huge range of content at your own subscription fee –

We all have the most-suited solution that works best for you 🙂

OTT viewing experience

  • Churn Reduction Through OTT Apps 

People will love to consume your content if it’s actively available on more devices, especially with those that your consumers are fond of using it.

This means that your subscribers aren’t stationed only in one place & not always they might use a laptop to view your content.

By building OTT apps for your customers, you’re allowing them to watch your content on the move via their mobile devices… You’ll be able to smoothen out a major source of friction, by having your subscribers stay on your service for longer to lower your churn rates.

  • How to Make OTT App Increasing Conversions

You aren’t only increasing the engagement of your existing consumers, but you also tend to attract new members.

Also, they represent complete freedom & convenience, since you are enabling subscribers to watch their favorite content on large-screen TVs, tablets, Web, Gaming consoles, etc are the dominant differentiator for consumers.

And what’s even better is that they are resourceful strategizers right from empowering enterprises to a multibillion-dollar company for getting high returns.

  • Best Means of Targeted Advertising

The innovation of OTT makes these tools available to more channels and platforms which couldn’t previously target or track engagement.

Advertisers on television had no way of knowing how many people saw their ads or whether they took any subsequent action after the ad view.

Ads can now be thematically programmed which is integrated via OTT app builders that help to increase smarter conversions matching its relevance

  • Segmenting Audience to Enhance OTT Service

Marketers may segment customers more precisely with OTT applications, which includes real user segmentation.

In the case of analyzing audio streams, before the radio towers broadcast frequencies had less of knowledge as to which user was listening.

But as of today’s scenario, podcast apps include accurate data on audience demographics, device types, and episode retention, amongst other factors.

  • App Provides Quality With Efficiency

Apps that are said to deliver qualitative app services are frequently able to take advantage of advanced technologies at a lower cost.

Paying for a bundle of TV channels that is primarily unwatched is inefficient and unnecessary from the consumer’s perspective.

Whereas when you offer a variety of content displayed that interests your consumers, will instead pay & get back for more to engage in the app.

Are You Interested to Launch Your Own OTT App?

Build OTT Platform

Who Gets Maximum Leverage With The Rise of OTT Platforms?

It is a known fact that video monetization is the driving factor to grow beyond expectation and has proven to be the game-changer… All thanks to the OTT industry.

Moreover, when you tend to choose SaaP solution you get limitless freedom with the usage of the platform developed with the amount of cost savings, creating a major plus in sustainability within the market.

All in all, it is a go-getter where one can decide to upgrade further or stick to the same. 

Broadcast Media – The broadcasting industry is well distinguished with the power of media delivery giving content publishers the freedom to cast their content worldwide. 

OTT broadcasting media

Education SectorElearning market has bought a huge revolution with the help of OTT platforms to have interactive learning experience via online quizzes, assessments, etc. 

OTT in Education

Sports IndustryTerritory of sports purely runs on live content distribution like match relays, mega sponsored events, that can be directly telecasted in your own set TV.

OTT sports platform

Film Making IndustryNow as a production house, content publisher, or distributor you can leverage your own streaming space & monetize content originals gaining maximized ROIs.

OTT film makers

Enterprise OwnersAs an entrepreneur, your business can now get covered with major inputs streamlined with self-developed channels delivering value-added theories.

OTT Leverages business

Online Fitness PractitionersEnlarge audience base by bringing your fitness expertise into the world of streaming technology. Centralize workout videos with self-hosted platforms.

OTT fitness streaming platform

Religious PropagatorsDuring these ups and downs of life now religious spokespersons can disseminate spiritual values via online sermons, lectures, live events via OTT media.

religious streaming platform

YoutubersNow gen xers who run a youtube channel can have a high jump by widening your existing customer base with your completely owned video marketing platform.

OTT video solution for youtubers

 So, these are the top-most OTT broadcasting sectors that exhibit the power of media delivery by providing an amplified opportunity for professional broadcasters.

They will be the future of unprecedented growth that’s come up to interact & entertain live audiences innovatively.

How to Create a Profitable OTT Platform and Apps For Your Streaming Business?

A step-by-step guide to build, launch & grow your OTT platform business with attractive features added with multiple revenue models. But, before that take a look at a list of things that help you to set up a profitable platform in ideal means of acquiring the best ROI perspective.  Scroll down to explore!

To provide an omnichannel scintillating experience to your users, make sure of: 

  • Taking steps to improve trust between you & users 
  • Referring marketing strategies to only one website 
  • Ranking yourself at the top in search engines 
  • Having email communication & reflect your brand more  
  • Accepting every type of payment on flexible modes

Build OTT Platform

1. Select a Popular Streaming Business Genre

When you start building your own OTT video platform you can choose an apt genre for displaying on-demand videos, movies, mainstream events, or power-packed content to serve the timely needs of your audience.

Accordingly, you can select your business model to run it better.

2. Target Your Audience At All Tech Corners

It isn’t necessary that your approached audience would occupy only one mode of experiencing your vivid streaming products. So it is necessary for you to make them available at all possible corners of portable devices. Top OTT platform providers can help you to settle your strategic content delivery depending on where your video subscription platform requires you to watch them like a laptop, mobiles, tablets, etc.

3. Plan Resources As Per Unique Broadcast Services

While building an OTT video platform right from scratch your cost to develop it will depend on the type of content you would like to showcase to your customers.

Then, plan your resources to create a tech stack service just like Netflix, & assure a compelling experience to your customers.

4. Enhance Varied Viewing Experience

As it is always said that content remains the king of all traits, it has now become pivotal to suffice with original content & facilitate a fascinating user experience.

Today with the advent of OTT app development, viewers expect to find more choices since the shift of television has developed a newer format of content.

The penetration of crip valuable videos is much appreciated among the masses now.

5. Analyze Your User Behaviour Insights

Generally, your target audience here would be wide and dynamic. The variety of entertaining content that you cater to suit their watching moods is likely to establish a particular mindset in the demographic. To study this, you could have user insights with personalized analysis tools like

  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Current viewership status
  • User behavior analytics
  • Revenue Report and lots more

6. Acquire High ROIs With Profitable Monetization Models

Mostly OTT video platform revolves around on-demand or live streaming services.

Moreover, live streaming gives you to provide user-centric content then and there, which could help to monetize both in real-time.

One of the instant video monetization platform that could yield you faster revenue is through attracting a large viewership via advertising.

Also as OTT streaming providers, you could find potential scope for profitable income streams in larger sections.

7. Shape UX/UI design in an eye-catching manner

It is of utmost importance to create a streaming platform that is effectively navigational and makes searches user-friendly.

Therefore, to gain your user’s attention & stand out amongst the competitive players, develop your website or application’s UI in a unique and dynamic way. 

8. License the content while starting your OTT platform 

Most of the major solutions work with an authorized set of content frameworks. Investing billions of pay with content licensing protocols before its platform launch will fetch the best returns with your content ideation, production & distribution to various channels that you decide to target.

9. Deciding on the OTT Website /App’s functionality

Video streaming solutions depend on a number of functionality that are user-centric which can be split into major 3 ways. 

The video is consumed by the targeted audience, creator, and content admin who regulates the performance of the content.

build OTT video platform

Technologies Involved in Building an OTT Platform

Having the proper tools to generate high bucks of money from your curative videos is essential. We can see them one by one, with their individual characteristics.

These pivotal technologies help you to accelerate your business plan with its unbeatable functionalities making it unique as well as futuristic for viewers, content owners as well as in admin.

Cloud Hosting

OTT Cloud Hosting
Most of the OTT platform providers are using AWS (Amazon web service) cloud service as their premier cloud storage component. The cloud-based solution helps business professionals in building their own OTT platform to extend the scalability and consumer engagement in order to magnify the business revenue.


OTT Video Server
Nginx media server is the right java based application server that has the potential for handling a high amount of concurrent connections. The edge server serves as the best performer on holding static files that truly makes the work done in a much easier way of streaming high-quality content.

Streaming Protocol

OTT video streaming protocol
RTMP (Real-time Messaging Protocol) and HTTP live streaming are the two main streaming protocols used in the OTT Platforms to streamline live streaming content. The RTMP protocol transmits the overall maximum possible data and also provides low-latency interaction.

Content Delivery Network

content delivery network
A Huge number of CDN providers are have been using in OTT Platform which is considered as the key component in reducing the traffic in the core network in order to increase the global low latency. The best CDN perceives great performance on a real-time basis.

Rethinking Security

OTT video security
DRM (Digital Rights Management) and AES Encryption are the most widely used security system which plays the crucial role in protecting the content from copyrights and enabling a barrier by shielding from unauthorized access of the Content.

How Much Does it Cost to Create Your Own OTT Platform? 

The cost of starting with an OTT platform and app development that’s similar to Netflix is determined by its size and capabilities. Therefore, while you plan to launch your own streaming platform, where you can potentially entertain your viewers with unlimited pieces of content you’ll need to decide on the technical stacks that will influence its estimated price. The cost of developing an app is also determined by the potential app development team that you choose to work with that includes the company’s geographic location. 

Total cost of developing a combined OTT streaming platform along with an app depends on a plethora of factors:

  1. Features and complexity of the app
  2. Size & Geo location of the mobile app development company 
  3. Platform on which you want to release the app
  4. Technology stack required to build the app
  5. Experience of the entire development team
  6. Time required to make a customized app

A Rethinkable Solution To Start Next-level OTT Services

While there is an emergence of technological come back in facilitating entertainment with powered innovation, it creates a healthy challenge for content makers & broadcasters to push their boundaries & deliver out-of-the-box content.

Thus, it settles to have a lasting impression in the targeted minds of the audience through varied OTT services.

Also, another way of pursuing it is that, it helps you to know that content personalization is the key to deliver a great watching experience to your target market, exhibiting uniqueness everytime!

In a recent survey, 78% of OTT platforms maintain a better recognition with their viewers which acts as the key factor in setting it as the best OTT service.

Only a certain number of VOD platform providers bring out such successful & durable solutions.

VPlayed, which is known as the top-tier global leader in providing best-in-class OTT platform development solutions are created to have more engaging UX for your viewers.

CONTUS VPlayed’s Top-Notch Features

VPlayed is a supreme OTT solution provider that can empower video or audio demands of content creators, broadcasters, media channels, and everybody else who wants to manage and monetize their priceless online assets. It comes with feature-studded for omni-device media delivery. From camera to end-user screen on Mobile, Tablet, PC or TV, your video can be streamed to any screen with universal display HD quality.

VPlayed OTT Platform Features


→ Adaptive Streaming It provides an absolute online video streaming experience concerning how to build OTT platforms at any range of bandwidth without buffering.

→ Cloud Transcoding Equipped with a video transcoding platform that facilitates quick transcode of content on cloud & streaming live contents.

→ Offline Download Experience rich offline playback video feature enabling every user to download their preferred video to watch it offline.

Video Content Management Store unlimited number of videos across your platform repository embedded with flexible features such as analytics, drag & drop option, etc.

→ Social Integration Enlarge audience ranges through dynamic social integration that enables the promotion of videos on various social platforms.

→ Channel Partners Upsurge the overall flow of the content in partnering with 3rd party channels through direct interactions.

→ Monetization Models CONTUS VPlayed provides best monetization models while searching how to create ott platform & shape your ROIs. Explore AVOD SVOD, TVOD, Catch Up TV, & more.

→ Global Distribution Monitor localized content with complete access control, categorized into various audience segmentation & delivers curated videos to only strategic locations.

→ Full End-to-End Support Accelerate streaming business with a complete video monetization solution ready-to-use supported with total control of managed OTT services.

→ Multilingual Stream videos in a tailor-made way according to your geo-based linguistics. Get multilingual support at local, regional and global levels of the target market.

→ Fully Customizable Get a wide range of end-to-end supported services fully integrated and customized as per your online streaming platform needs.

→ Content Delivery Network Get a complete pack of managing and distributing content via CDN networks. Now provide seamless entertaining outputs via adaptive streaming technology.

→ Reliable Video Hosting Take the liberty to self- host your content originals at your convenience with various solutions at on-premise or at cloud infrastructure servers through VPlayed VOD hosting.

→ Analytics Analyze & track data to make decisions based on 3rd party integrated tools like Google or Microsoft Analytics after working on how to launch OTT platform.

→ Marketing Optimize your OTT app with best in-built video marketing tools & multi-device compatibility across various social channels.

→ Security Start OTT channel with standardized Digital Rights Management protocols & secure your valuable content. Deploy an end-to-end encryption for all devices & channels.

Thus, every player in the TV industry invests only on feature-rich OTT platforms to push their path-breaking content that is published strategically. So, the necessity of every content owner to pick apt OTT service providers is very much in need to reap high ROIs.

Wrapping Up

I believe at this point you would be clear to find intricate nuances of how to build your personalized OTT video streaming platform. Make your OTT business successful through the perfect global services of VPlayed that ensures a win-win situation with its set of essential features & support systems.

If you already have an idea about starting an OTT business, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!

Build OTT Platform

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

If you want to compete with competitive brands with the multitude of OTT platforms out there it's pivotal in creating branded one for yourself using the following features all into your over-the-top channels with Live Streaming, Cloud Transcoding, Live to VOD, Content Partner Portal, White labeling & many more to integrate with.

In the course of OTT app development, each customer brings their own current ideas and monetizes them according to their business needs. Every client is invited to implement bespoke solutions & costs would differ according to their objectives. Our technical and sales teams can help you to build customizable OTT apps and your own video platform for whatever streaming niche you choose to focus on.

Whether users are found binged or planned-watching your content integrated through OTT development, the case of video sponsored adverts, pre, mid, or post-roll video ads are always used to turn viewing activity into advertising dollars into the platform, on the other hand, apps make your content available on any device at any place, allowing you to engage your audience even if they are thousands of miles away from your immediate streaming market. As a result, the way television channels are accessed over OTT has changed, opening up new revenue options.

We know that captivating revenue is the prime motto for you to build OTT service. Thus, you can have numerous monetization models giving you loads of opportunity with Subscription, Advertising, Pay-per-view, SSAI, Coupons & Promotions, etc can help you to turn your broadcasting OTT content into trillion dollars starting from TV shows, Movies, Web Series, and more.


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