23 January, 2022
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How to Make A Music Streaming Application & Website Like Spotify?

We are in the new-age of technology were there is seldom a chance to get our daily-life ruled by the Internet. Surely we can say that we have outgrown traditional methodologies of doing things, like exploring the new way of listening to music, radio, etc. Apparently, this scenario in music streaming app wasn’t likely before as listeners used to download their favorite playlists in digital formats like Mp3, WMA, Mp4, etc ; without worrying about limited storage capacity of devices.

The forecast trends of music streaming website in the market revenue are predicted to upscale by $ 7.47 billion from the year 2021 to 2025. It has a progressing CAGR value rise of about 19% during the witnessed period – Source: researchandmarket

No wonder why music streaming industry is popularly revolutionizing? It’s because primarily the music companies/bands are seeking to invest in the music streaming industry across the globe which is a result to acquire profitable revenue. However, the craze over music is a perpetual process where the majority of music listeners are constantly are on music applications to enjoy the rhythm in their headphones just within a matter of clicks.

Certainly, the growth of music listeners’ auditory is progressively transforming the entire Music Consumer Market. This has directed to mushroom some global music application giants like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. These promising facts are the reasons that entice every aspired broadcasting professional to create a audio streaming app just like Spotify.

But before getting into the action build a music streaming app, let us take a look at who is actually ruling the overflowing music streaming market.

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How To Create a Music Streaming Website or App?

There’s no denying secret of what actually Spotify brings to you, cuz it has millions of music in its unique pack. The streaming service provides innumerable music audio mixes where there is no cost for a certain limit of their delivered services.

music streaming app

So, if you want to join the race of making your podcast streaming platform powerful as well as highly competent, here are the essential steps that you need to follow while creating an engaging one for yourself to reap its benefits!! 

Step 1: Plan Mainstay Music Streaming Features 

Some of the features like quick music discovery, voice commands, push notifications are required for your listeners to have seamless experiences. 

Step 2: Acquire Musical Content Licensing To Stream 

It is a must to have authorization to stream legit content with licenses that are of two types: sound recording and music composition licensing agreements. 

Step 3: Stream With Stunning UI/UX Music Streaming App 

You can have the best subscribers always engaged in your app with remarkable user interface with its optimized user experience. 

Step 4: Launch A Best-Fit Economical Audio App 

Minimal viable product decides the number of users who can think of using an app which is worthy at all means & have diminished retention rates. 

This digital cross-platform music streaming platform has approx 70 million paying subscribers globally which generated a revenue of about 4.09 billion euros. 

Essential Features For Developing A Music Streaming App

The features Spotify has adorned itself & smoothly compatible with its algorithm that it delivers 1000s of music tracks on any given instant, on a global scale.


1. Registration & Social Login:

Launching your music streaming service is simple as you think, with all kinds of personalization and base information, registration on the live audio streaming platform is free and convenient through social media networks for further subscriptions.

2. User Profile & Authorization:

Embedded with endpoints to retrieve complete data about the user’s profile and authorization of every user with their similar database such as email address, password, etc. to minimize spam interferences.

3. Audio Streaming:

An interesting feature in the radio streaming software allows the user’s to stay up-to-date on the recent release of blockbuster tracks. Users can listen to the latest album at any time on different music tracks.

4. Effective Search Tab & Organization:

A Personalized platform to manage every track on the user-specific taste for an effective comfort zone. Users can discover up to n number of tracks and pinpoint the favorites.

5. AI Recommendations:

Naturally listeners tend to pay more attention to newly-suggestive curative playlists that are delivered according to their genre, mood, & added favorite elements. Music streaming app builders can capitalize on this aspect in an ideal way & enhance user experience. 

6. Playlist:

Listening of most liked audio playbacks endlessly through managing the user’s entire playlist by saving and editing melody tracks through online or offline mode.

7. Lyrical Display of Music:

By including verses of songs in your on-demand music application, you can personalize your user’s extraordinary listening experience with added curiosity. As it is AI-enabled, you can facilitate with an option to continuously display lyrics during the playback to keep customers engaged with your music app.

8. Download:

Listening to the chosen track at any time without the use of the Internet is applicable through offline availability – downloading on any device.

9. Playlists: Public or Private:

It enables users of your platform to create various playlists within the music app. They can be built and distinguished from one another by allowing only the user or those with complete control to access them.

10. Advertisement:

Earning on every audio streaming solution is applicable through advertisement by offering banners or videos & is certainly the key for Spotify to magnify the revenue by music streaming monetization platform.

11. Push Notification:

A must feature to connect users with the application in order to get the most out of recent updates form Artist, Community and Friends on the application circle.

12.Calendar of Music Events:

Customers can use this option to check the date of their favourite arranger’s or musician’s future live audio show or scheduled podcasts. This helps them to get back to your music streaming app and not miss those live or on demand events.

13. Invite Friends:

Let your friends listen to your favorite tracks by inviting your friends circle from Social Media or Email Addresses to enjoy every track on the list.

14. Song Writer Profile:

An appreciating feature that assists in rewarding every lyricist that adds an extra bonus of credits and encouragement and also to discover who produced your favorite music.

15.Chat While Listening In App:

There wouldn’t be anything else better than interacting with your following peers within a music streaming session. Allow your users to make the most of their involvement with other audiences to improve engagement and broaden socializing while listening to music.

Want To Create A Music Streaming App Like Spotify?

How To Build A Music Streaming App In the Best Way?

There are thousands of audio streaming platforms available in the market but only a small number of streaming service providers make their journey to reap a huge revenue. Thus such music streaming applications are built only by reputed audio service providers by implementing next-gen technologies and strategies.

“Relying on reputed music streaming solution providers are the key act to start your own white label music streaming platform!”

Introducing CONTUS VPlayed, a dominant player in providing customizable audio streaming platform globally. CONTUS VPlayed is known for its advanced technology like microservice architecture that delivers a complete peerless music streaming service.


How Does CONTUS VPlayed Showcase Its Uniqueness In The Significant Music Streaming Market?

CONTUS VPlayed delivers you with an audio streaming platform were audio content owners, music streaming artists, podcast streamers, etc. can stream any number of content either in live or on-demand with unlimited streaming service capacity supported across varied devices like Web, Mobile & Smart TV.

1. Surpassing Technology Stack At Its Core:

CONTUS VPlayed is predominantly equipped with advanced technologies such as PVNS, QTSS for streaming servers. Besides that, HLS and RTMP protocols are facilitated for broadcasting music tracks, AWS, Minio & provide a complete audio streaming solution. Azure Storage is utilized for end-to-end scalability and some data management tools to accelerate the flow of streaming mixes.

Also, CONTUS VPlayed delivers the best music broadcasting experience using robust audio streaming software to the users on all the platforms.

2. Memory Cache:

Most of the listeners are not aware of the memory cache whereas CONTUS VPlayed uses a specific area of your system to hold the latest data processing downloaded from the web or from nearby Spotify users as quickly as it can.

This processing can enhance the music listening experience by delivering flawless HLS video player for streaming capability without any buffering. Spotify’s music streaming tracks are positioned in different locations thus minimizing the database of the streaming. To put it simply, it takes a huge number of processes to stream a particular audio number from millions of servers.

3. Cloud Storage:

CONTUS VPlayed is inbuilt with Amazon Cloud Storage using live audio streaming software in order to provide endless scalability to store, manage and broadcast every music track to the right audience.

4. In-App Dialogues:

A real-time chat functionality to share your views with friends within the music streaming app triggered with image/text sharing functionalities.

5. Reliable Music Player:

Ideal HTML5 player embedded with adaptive bitrate streaming creates the possibility to deliver high-quality audio streaming with startling features that performs on multiple VOD platforms.

6. Social Sharing:

An intuitive platform to share your most-liked audios, playlists with friends privately or publicly and to view on what your connection shares.

7. Content Partner Portal:

Club with your favorite creators! CONTUS VPlayed offers eye-popping partnership schemes where external/independent creators can stream on your audio streaming platform. Go for a win-win situation!

How To Monetization Your Music Streaming App With CONTUS VPlayed To Upscale Your Revenue?

To monetize your music streaming app there are 5+ revenue models available with CONTUS VPlayed. Below are the types to choose the best suitable for your music streaming app.

create music streaming website

1. In-App Advertisement:

Run unlimited advertisements in the form of Images or Videos in between the streaming tracks using an audio streaming server to aggrandize your revenue based on the number of users converted through potential ads.

2. Premium Monetization Model:

Reap money for every blockbuster music track or specific content by applying a premium VOD subscription allowing users to get access to certain music only through a subscription package.

3. Membership Revenue Model:

At periodical occasions like Monthly, Quarterly or Annually you can plan your subscription-based tracks & stream it your audience to ensure with recurring profits along with repeated customers.

4. Ingesting Ads In Playback Streams:

Get most- prospective opportunities to display utility-based content for your users via in-stream ads and benefit with high user-engability in no time between your music playlists, podcasts, etc

5. Seasonal Coupons And Promotions:

Ensure to take advantage of selective events were you can fetch high returns with your content through coupon codes and promotional discounts pitched to have better results with enhanced branding strategy responses.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Music Streaming App Like Spotify?

To put it simply, On determining the potential features and customization using audio streaming software, the cost to build a music streaming app differs in its entirety. Every other music streaming solution provider apparently charges for complexities involved in developing the application but CONTUS VPlayed estimates the cost based on the Cloud Storage and Music Streaming Licensing.

Some of the other factors that contribute to develop a music streaming app similar to Spotify are:

  • The platform for structuring mobile app which is functional on other devices 
  • The company’s size and location are both important considerations
  • Market new pricing estimators wit app development technology
  • Timeframe for developing an exotic, feature-rich app

Furthermore, through CONTUS VPlayed, you can get a 100% guaranteed end-to-end audio streaming solution with no hidden pricing, ensuring absolute clarity and timely delivery.

Bottom Line:

Accomplishment of every other music streaming website utterly depends on the technologies & features that perform key roles in generating revenue.

CONTUS VPlayed has that potentiality and follows the agile process to bring your next-generation music streaming on every device globally. We urge the latest technology in the right logical pattern and upgradable features to put your music streaming website updated for modern streaming services.

If You Already Have an Idea About Developing a Music Streaming App, Schedule a Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Music Streaming Success

Frequently Asked Question

Recently, with the boom of streaming solutions, there comes a volatile hotbed for content creators and broadcasters. So, amidst the data security & theft environment, many OTT platform providers establish obfuscating encryption & provide piracy layers like Multi-DRM systems, Geo-based restrictions, Integrated paywall, Password Protection Unauthorized Access and much more.

Essential things that are required before developing acoustic music streaming app are end-to-end platform development with on-demand or live streaming capabilities. Frontend & Backend customized integrations, on-premises/on cloud infrastructure, innovative monetization business models, secured digital encryption, robust content management system & much more.

Generally, music streaming apps like Pandora get the main source of income via advertisements, and expand their monthly active users via unparalleled subscriptions. When you create a music streaming app or website these two are found most supportive helping you to gain lucrative profit share in the long run.

There are many factors that contribute in deciding the pricing to build a music streaming app. Aspects like features, technologies integrated into the app would play a major role in the fixation of estimated costs. In addition to that, the location of music streaming app development company, number of device compatibility, etc; signifies in determining the cost.

Now you can easily build a music streaming website with complete customization in less than a month and upscale your business effortlessly. Get personalized features with flexible monetization models & additional perks created according to your business specifications.



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      Thanks for the appreciation! You can build music streaming app and cater your precious assets to your localized audiences supported with Multi-DRM technology backed up with anti-piracy streaming solutions. Here’s a article that can help you to have valuable insights on: Top Security Standards

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      Hi.. You can incorporate numerous options within your music streaming app development. Key things you can provide is to live stream your music hits directly & engage mobile app users too, or you can play individual VODs to selective audiences. For more information you can contact us by providing the details & we’ll be getting in touch with you soon.

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      Hi.. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for providing us with your valuable response.. To have everything under one umbrella the best thing we would suggest is to create your own music streaming platform where you can earn pretty well by providing the opportunity for great talents to add their set of creations. And, we’ll help you to make your dream come live in just 3-5 working weeks.

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