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How to build grocery shopping apps for today’s tech-savvy shoppers?

The transition from standing in long queues for procuring grocery items to having them delivered at your doorsteps with a tap in your mobile has been seamless. Thanks to grocery shopping mobile apps—without them this transition would not have been possible.

Nowadays there has been a surge in grocery mobile app development in  iOS, Android and all available platforms. Reason—modern day groceries have started realizing the sales significance of grocery apps as it helps them offer personalized and engaging shopping experience.


Brands that Tasted Success in Building Grocery Mobile Apps

Many leading grocery supermarkets have started creating grocery apps to offer high quality services to their clients. Let us see some of the established brands offering grocery mobile apps.



Special Features


In store/ online

* Create wish list
* Quick spotting of products
* Location tracking
* Scan QR codes

Trader Joe’s


* Keyword based search
* Add favorite products to shopping list
* Store locator



* View items from weekly add
* Create grocery list
* Find nearest store
* Create recipes



* Store locator
* Scheduled deliveries
* Advanced search options
* Multiple payment options

Building Grocery Shopping Apps that Cater to Diverse Purposes

There is an air of versatility surrounding the grocery shopping apps and that makes them the most sought after by retailers and customers.Now let us probe in to how grocery shopping apps are developed for sundry purposes:


eCommerce Grocery apps

Grocery eCommerce apps enable customers to purchase grocery items from where they are. In fact, customers get to choose the delivery time as well as these serve as grocery delivery app. These apps are deployed by online retailers, and brick & mortar retailers who offer delivery services.

In-store Grocery apps

Retail brick & mortars deploy grocery in-store apps to offer personalized services to customers. These apps recreate the physical store virtually by giving a clear idea to customers about the grocery products and their quality, sending notifications about the offers, intimating the grocery store’s location when a customer is near, and so on.

Personalized Grocery apps for shoppers

These grocery apps are created exclusively for shoppers to plan their grocery shopping more effectively. These apps let shoppers to create a grocery list, set reminders for purchasing items, share grocery related info with their contacts, and many more.

Must have Features in your Grocery Shopping App


When you build a mobile app for grocery, the ultimate aim is to make shopping effort simple for buyers even before provide a great experience as grocery lists often extend from few to many.

Loyalty points: Coupons are an instant turn on for shoppers to download a grocery mobile app. Hence offering coupons through app is essential to improve customer loyalty.

Store locator: Deploy location based services to notify customers about the store’s presence, when they are at a closer location.

Push notifications: Incorporate the push technology in your mobile app and notify customers about the new grocery products, discounts details and so on.

Flexible payments: The grocery mobile app you create should support major currencies and leading payment gateways. Else it could lead to shopping cart abandonment.

Scheduled Delivery: Shoppers who order online can choose their convenient delivery time and items will be delivered accordingly.

Advanced search: Incorporating advanced search helps shoppers to find their preferred grocery items within a quick time span.

Multi-lingual: If you are planning to take your app on a global level multi-language support will certainly urge customers to download your app.

How to Create a Grocery Shopping App instantly in iOS and Android?

Contus M-Comm, a readymade mobile Commerce app development solution, lets you build a grocery shopping app within a week’s time in iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Thought M-Comm is readily built, yet it is very much customizable.

As native coding has been deployed to develop this solution, performance of your grocery app will be agile.

It is auto synced; changes made at your website backend gets reflected instantaneously on your grocery mobile app.

Contus M-Comm comprises an array of features including push notifications, mobile app deep linking, store locator, multiple currencies & languages support, pending order notifications, coupons, reward points, bulk product support and so on.

Turn Out to be the Best in Mobile Grocery Shopping Experience


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Pooja Yadav
3 years 9 months ago

Online grocery shopping so easy and on the time also provide products on time..Using AppsMarche Retail Management App, merchants can create their own app to become the part of online Marche and capture customer online.

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4 years 2 months ago

How necessary is it to create mobile app for grocery shoppers?

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how can i help people choose better food to eat and provide a good alternative for making their grocery list.

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I want to built a grocery price comparison app?

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How can cloud technology improve my shopping experience?? Especially a grocery based app?

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4 years 9 months ago

You shared good information about mobile app. I like you article. Thanks for business in India is rapidly growing. Appsbazar provides top quality retail app at low cost to develop online business and getting maximum profit.

4 years 9 months ago

Can i build grocery mobile app without having websites?

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Can you add deeplinking feature with this application?

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I want do some customization, how it ll be cost?

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Can I make some changes in my existing features?

4 years 10 months ago

How much does it cost to create a grocery app?

4 years 10 months ago

Grocery app that scans bar codes and gives you a total before you check out?

4 years 10 months ago

Hi, I want to create an android grocery app. I am planning for an iOs app on a later stage. How long it should take to develop?

Tony Cyriac
4 years 10 months ago

What are the languages that a grocery app can be made to support?

4 years 11 months ago

What are promotional techniques can include in this grocery app development?

4 years 11 months ago

Great. So there will be many grocery delivery apps in the future which will make me shopping a cake walk.

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4 years 11 months ago

Is this grocery app based on a SaaS strategy?

4 years 11 months ago

how can i improve my instore navigation? would a technology help improve that experience in my grocery app?

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I am planning to build grocery mobile app for my business. Will this app give me data analytics and notifications?

Tanya Joshi
5 years 1 day ago

Nice post Vignesh,
We are a leading IT enterprise primarily focussing on e-commerce development. At present, we are working for one of our offshore clients developing grocery and pharmacy mobile apps for android. Your post has truly helped us to re-align our mobile app development strategies. Thank you and keep it up.