26 October, 2021

How To Create Own Team Messaging App in 2021

Did you know that inter-office messages sent through enterprise messaging apps enjoy 95% higher immediate-response rate?

As a matter of fact, in any given enterprise environment, an enterprise instant messaging app can energize employee productivity by improving communication. Employees no longer have to wait for untimely replies as the team collaboration chat app can generate immediate responses.

These enterprise chat apps do away with the cons of email communication and bring to the table the endless benefits of an official communication app.

How Enterprise Messaging Apps Accelerates Operational Efficiency?

All highly productive teams rely on a team chat app for smooth functioning. A building a chat app for enterprise communication can bring together all communication easily under one window and provide following benefits:

  • Productivity: Catalyzes team coordination through file sharing
  • Connectivity: Epic productivity through all-hour, anyplace connectivity
  • Security: Highly private and secure solution for confidential conversations
  • Cost-effective: Slash domestic and international communication costs to a bare minimum
  • Improves work ethic: Fixing responsibility, decision making, employee interaction improves drastically.
  • Communication: An Instant chat messenger for office enabled with Voice and video calling integration for omni-channel communication.

Essential Features that Enhances an Enterprise Chat App

Whether could be a small or a large business, communication is an essential key component of any business. Businesses rely on interaction despite external or internal customers, end users or employees.

Although, the mode of communication differs depending on the industry that includes broadcasting information, team chat app messaging, video conferencing, voice calling, etc.

Depending upon the needs of the business, the real time instant messaging communication platform also varies, but at the end of the day all were brought together on the table with their unique features.

Let’s have an insight over the incredible features that plays an essential role when it comes to building most secure messaging app,

1. Customization

The term customization is used to reveal individuality of something and when it’s about to build chat app, the entire theme focuses on end-to-end scalability, quality, and the need of the enterprises that can meet the customer satisfaction. In general, real time chat communication solutions are considered to be the best if they are adaptable and flexible enough to integrate into any existing web application, iOS, and Android.

Customization can be elaborated as in future if an enterprise wants to add or remove any number of features as per their business needs, can go ahead with that without any worries just by fusing their needs into the existing application.

2. Instant Messaging

It is a feature where the real time chat messaging is used to communicate instantly over the internet, but if the user goes offline they will still be updated with the notifications. However, these chat SDKs and messaging APIs can communicate via messages from a variety of platforms that includes enhanced functionalities with an enriched features like,

  • One to One and Group Chat
  • File sharing
  • Push notifications

3. Video and Voice Calling

Video Calling : Video calling talks about something being communicated visually, either could be in group or individual calling. Mostly, this feature is enhanced with the customized SDKs that allow any enterprise to fulfil their needs when it comes to collaborating with any number of customers across the world concurrently.

Voice Calling : Voice calling solution is very important for any business as they allow you to make and receive calls over the browsers, and web applications. With regards to the enterprises they target towards cost-effective strategy as a special feature that stands out by allowing the businesses to communicate with unlimited calls encouraging the call queuing and routing process. Moreover, these features allow the businesses to have increase in productivity with a high rate of growth in business.

4. Media File Transmission

For any business it is very important to share the documents ensuring safety measures. Henceforth, checking out something that can contribute more into this feature by ensuring the security while transferring any confidential data is mostly appreciable. This feature allows to share multiple files of any type with the users in private or public, all these are performed in an easy term.

5. Push Notification

There are chances that you might miss some of the important messages sometimes in your busy schedule. To overcome this make sure that all the notifications whether they are from one user to another user or from the on-demand industries, all must be presented to you in a single shot then and there, so that you can be updated every moment.
build team chat app

Prime Features For Team Chat App

Although the above session has shed some light over the regular but extraordinary features that can be looked for while thinking of building a chat Solution with SDKs & APIs that can enhance the value of any business. There are certain additional features too that count into them as well, considered to be the best among all other realtime chat solutions. Some of these features are,

  • Scheduling Messages in advance.
  • Text to Speech – This is a feature that converts the text to lifelike speech.
  • Speech Recognition – It can also be called as speech to text. This is the feature that talks about the.z ability for the machine to recognize words that have been spoken aloud and later convert them into readable text.
  • Voice Callkit – It is a new framework where VoIP app integrate with the native phone UI.
  • Scheduling Voice Conference.
  • Clear and Crisp voice quality.

How to Build an Enterprise Chat App with CONTUS MirrorFly

enterprise messaging appCONTUS MirrorFly is a ready-to-deploy enterprise instant messaging app solution. It can build the best instant messaging app for enterprise communication or integrate chat app with a myriad of next-gen features like video/voice calling, file sharing, cross-device access, social integrations, location sharing and much more.

  • 100% customizable and secure official communication app exclusively for enterprise.
  • Market-ready solution that comes with rock solid stability and bug-free code.
  • Message delivery notifications and alerts that enhances work accountability.
  • HMAC encryption that fortifies privacy and confidentiality from all corners.

CONTUS MirrorFly Boasts of Stellar Enterprise Instant Messaging Features

CONTUS MirrorFly as a enterprise messaging app is crafted with brilliant attributes that will uplift enterprise communication to its zenith.

→  Direct messaging: The power of ‘NOW’ in direct one-on-one messaging or group chats for sharing instructions & information.

File sharing: Employees can share spreadsheets, documents, images, video files, audio recordings, etc. on the go.

→ Voice & Video calling: One device for all kinds of voice and video communication to all devices across the world at local prices.

→ Screen sharing: Screen sharing for employees to share real-time information that can be shown only with images.

Group Conversations: Chat windows that can accommodate any number of employees from any location for real-time team communication.

Chat Presence: Prompt display of real-time presence status like Online, offline, Busy, Available, Unavailable or custom status.

Delivery Notification: Every message sent to a coworker is marked with a notification confirming successful or failed delivery.

→ Real Time Connectivity: Employees can participate in office meetings through voice or video from any corner of the world, real time.

→ Chat Trail: Complete chat trail for future reference. All chats/files can be traced to for future reference.

Sync and store: Automatic sync and store ensures chats and files are accessible across all devices at all times.

→ All-device Compatibility: One-size-fits-all team chat app for Windows, Android, iOs or any other OS platform.

→ Social app Integration: Upped user convenience with social credentials based logins. No more need for multiple usernames and passwords.

→ Push notifications: Text alerts to to keep teammates in loop about official alerts, reminders or notifications.

→Heightened Security: End-to-end encryption and high profile data protection that thwarts hacking and piracy threats.

→ Ongoing tech support: All-caring and anytime available Technical, admin-level or user-level support.

→ Location sharing: Location maps to trace location or even to ease employee navigation to a new plant or branch office location.

→ Pixel-perfect UI Design: A well-thought and clutter-free UI that facilitates quicker and easier enterprise communication.

→ Fully searchable: Conversations and files from the long past can be easily retrieved with smart search using MData retrieve.

Technologies Deployed in CONTUS MirrorFly

contus fly real time chat app work flow

CONTUS MirrorFly has under its hood several ground-breaking technologies that can deliver unparalleled communication experience for enterprise communication.

Build your Secured Enterprise Chat App with real time Chat App technologies, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!


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    1. Masi Reply

      Our office chat app is purely 100% customizable! It can be customized based upon the user’s requirements in however way they want. You can have various customized features needed for your inter-office communication like offline messages, push notifications, voice & video calling, social integration, screen sharing and much more that comes out well as Secured Enterprise Chat App.

    1. Masi Reply

      Yes, an Enterprise Chat App helps a lot for team chat within an organization. Since it is real-time messaging app team members can expect instant responses where they can share unlimited files, have a voice or video convo, share screen and much more. These features could help a team to coordinate with each other without any time delay and thus how it enhances the communication!

    1. Masi Reply

      We are using Ejabberd, the open source Jabber server customized to improve operational efficiency. The XMPP protocol is also customized to speedup the signing in and re-signing in sessions. This mobile chat application is encrypted with HMAC in order to protect the app from DDOS attacks and to prevent account spoofing. And also we use own cloud storage Amazon S3 Bucket. You can expect a complete trustworthy team collaboration chat app!

    1. Masi Reply

      To achieve a better throughput at a given time, we have used Mnesia DB, the default database management used by WhatApp. Mnesia is designed for multiuser environment. Moreover, by improvising FreeBSD operating system Contus Fly will guarantee better throughput.

  1. Katty Reply

    What is more appealing in your instant messaging app when compared to other chat apps like Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, snapchat, Line, WeChat, etc.?

    1. Masi Reply

      Our business messaging app which supports all the platforms is purely built using instant messaging solution that has an added advantage of 100% customizable features, where you can build your own real-time chat app totally unique for your business. Some of its amazing features include screen sharing, offline messages, push notifications etc and much more as per the individual’s requirements.

    1. Masi Reply

      Contus Fly. It has all the needed and proved technical aspects which are the essential ingredients for developing a perfect secure messaging app for business. It is native and so it promises uncompromising performance and it is customizable to any extent.

    1. Masi Reply

      Yes Of Course! Our instant messaging solution Contus Fly can be customized as per your requirements and used as in-app messaging too. Similar to Flipkart’s Ping service.

    1. Masi Reply

      Our enterprise messaging app supports all languages and it is a multilingual application developed with wide range of features.

    1. Masi Reply

      Yes, you can build the chat app for your businesses without a website since it has nothing to do with it and anyway the chat app will be created using a different platform and later you can link it to your website if required in future.

  2. Rithika shah Reply

    I have created an enterprise chat app of my own for my organization and i wanted to make further customization in that, can you help me finish this? and how much will be the cost?

    1. Masi Reply

      Yes, we can assist you in creating app for your business. Our expertise technical team can help you in customizing the app further. For more details you can drop us your requirements at bd@contus.in

  3. Sunil Reply

    I want to build a team chat app for my remote team to keep them connected in a single loop. How long will it take for you to complete and how much it would cost?

  4. Mathi Ila Reply

    I wanted to build a chat app for my team that supports Group chat and i need the message history to be stored in a database. I heard about building it using PHP and Ajax and also came to know that, this makes high load on the server! Is that so? and What technologies do you use?

    1. Masi Reply

      All we use is real-time chat app technologies and we use Mnesia DB for database management. It is a multi user distributed DBMS which in turn improves the overall efficiency.

  5. Ramjith Reply

    I’m planning to create an enterprise chat app that supports multiple platforms. Can you help me get the open source code link?

    1. Masi Reply

      Yes, there is an open source chat app builder which can be used to create a real-time messaging app that could support multiple platforms. In case you are interested in our instant messaging solution Contus Fly you could avail it’s SDK for a price.

  6. Carol Hanson Reply

    The information on this page was very helpful and useful.Like whatsapp there are many instant messaging apps available in the market

    1. Masi Reply

      I am glad that i was able to get you some insight about instant chat application that are much more advanced and secured when compared to other social media apps like WhatsApp. Thank you for your appreciation.

  7. Jalak Patel Reply

    We are truly thankful for your blog entry. You will discover a great deal of methodologies in the wake of going by your post.

    1. Ramjith Reply

      I’m planning to create an enterprise chat app that supports multiple platforms. Can you help me get the open source code link?

      1. Masi Reply

        Hi Ramjith, good to know about your plan concerning your multi-platform support. Since, our chat APIs and SDKs supports multiple platform with more than 150+ chat features that can be integrated easily into any existing iOS, Android and web app. I prefer you to contact our support team for further guidance to build your team chat application with us. All the best!

    1. Masi Reply

      The team communication app helps you in lot more ways where the team members can stay connected within a loop and have a group chat, share the files and things related to work that helps you gain instant responses and much more!

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Claire, Ofcourse it serves as a complete private chat app since it comes with purely customizable features and developed in an unique manner exclusively for any office!

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Rodin,

      We have done end-to-end encryption (AES 256 bit) which defends your data right from texts to multimedia files from hacking. And Server side security have been followed to fortify your messages. Techies at Whatsapp have done this a couple of days ago.

  8. Shravan Rathore Reply

    I’m trying to build an enterprise messaging app for my team and that should have a feature where the messages can be self destructed. Is that possible?

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Shravan,

      Yes, Using our instant messaging solution any kind of feature can be customized purely based upon the individual’s requirements.

  9. Mike Reply

    Hey! We currently offer chat to our customers through custom-branded apps, and I’m evaluating a few alternative chat APIs to make sure we’re making the best decisions as we scale. I’d love to hear more about your pricing, feature set (and compare it to what we’ve currently implemented), and how easy or difficult migration would be. Thanks! Looking forward to connecting. Mike

    1. Masi Reply

      Hello Mike, Thanks for considering us for your customers requirement. I assure you that you will never be disappointed with the support system of our chat APIs. With regards to features, our APIs and SDKs offers over 150+ chat features with an open option of custom features too as per business needs. And Yes, we provide end-to-end documentation and support when it comes to migration process. So, feel free to contact our support team to set an appointment to proceed further with pricing and other related queries. Thank you!

  10. jerome Reply

    Hi, we are a tech company looking to integrate a whatsapp-like interface in one of our mobile app. We’d like to understand your technical offering and pricing model. Can we have a call this week to discuss this furthermore? Thanks and best regards, Jerome

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Jerome, good to know about your mobile app and your interest in our whitelabel chat API for your mobile app. You can drop your details to our support team to set an appointment, we will provide a complete technical guidance over our solution with pricing model to proceed further. Thank you!

  11. youssef Reply

    I want to make chat APP IOS (clone what’s APP) but all contacts will be created from Backend and I don’t need voice call or video call about non functional requirements High Security and High Performance

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Youssef, Good to know about your chat API for iOS with the specific requirement of omitting both voice call or video call feature. Well, as per your request our chat API could be the best solution for your needs as we provide the option of custom features, with which you can select your desired features as per your business needs. Kindly, contact our support team to proceed further. Thank you!

  12. Durim Reply

    i would like to build a end to end encrypted chat app with no back door and no back ups or saving of any chats. i would like functions of basic chat, text photo ,audio call wich are to be all encrypted . i would also a encrytped vault part of the app to save chats or photos or voice msgs.

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Durim, Glad to know about your team chat app. But your needs as with no back door, no back ups or storage of data sounds weird but good when it comes to other requires feature aspects. As you asked for our messaging API and SDK supports all your needs and also provides custom feature option if needed as per business. So, feel free to contact our support team to proceed further. Thank you!

  13. Isaac Reply

    We are a church group based in Uganda but have members in and around Africa and the world. We are looking into having an in-house cross-platform chat app for members only that is fully customisable with our own brand as a church. Ideally, this could have the following features: 1. Profile creation and verification 2. Chat (1 -1 private and group chat) 3. Media Upload 4. Audio Calling (with or without Video) Based on what the costs would be, we are looking into the following two options for the branded app: 1. Chat software that is also fully hosted and scalable (chat-app provided as a SAAS) 2. Software only solution that we can host on our own servers and submitted to app stores using our own accounts. We therefore require pricing based on the above features for the two choices/options where available. Kindly Regards, Isaac Muhumuza

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Isaac, Great to know about your requirement to have an in-house cross-platform chat app. I am glad that you are insterested in our solution for your brand. Let me get you some clarity with your queries,

      1) Yes, we do provide all the features that you have asked for like, profile creation and verification, 1-1 chat, group chat, audio/video calling, etc. Even you can expect some custom features too if your app requires anything as such.

      2) Since, ours is a whitelable chat solution with a self-hosted option we provide both on-cloud and on-premises service infrastructure. So, it depends upon the customers need, as both the options are ensured with high-end storage and data encryption.

      To know more about the pricing model and related queries, kindly contact our support team and proceed. Thank you!

  14. Kumar Reply

    we are planning to integrate chat and video call module to your app ,i want to know the details of pricing and customization of the app

    1. Masi Reply

      Hi Kumar, Glad to know about your video call module and your interest in our mirrorfly chat and video call application. Our video calling app is 100% customizable with 150+ chat features and the option of custom features as per business needs. To know more about you can contact our support team to have more clarity over the pricing model and other related queries. Thank you!

  15. kunal Reply

    Hello, we want to integrate a team chat into our mobile app What we need are private and public group chats. Right now we’re evaluating solutions. MirrorFly looks great, but I fear it’s a bit too enterprisey for what we want to do. Still, could you send us information on how high the license cost is? Also I’d like to know the requirements for on-premise hosting. Thank you in advance Alex

    1. abi Reply

      Hi John, I am glab that you have considered our chat API for your mobile app. As you asked for, our messaging API do provide both private and public group chat features which can be easily integrated into your mobile app. And about the hosting infrastructure, we have both on-cloud and on-premises as per clients need. Feel free to contact our support team to proceed with pricing model and other related queries. Thank you!

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