23 January, 2022
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Steps to Create a Live Video Chat App – Features, Tech Stack and Cost

Lets have a brief on video chat app features, text stack, coding, customization, third-party integration, hosting options, cost, etc..


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Do you know that we absorb about 85% of the information visually from our surrounding world?

Yes! In general, visual perception sticks to the mind easily and stays for a longer period which is an added advantage in any business growth. Tracing the unhurried increase in the interest of video chat usage among the millennials has created many enthusiastic entrepreneurs to build a live video chat app.

However, this is a good thing but still the path is not easy as it seems to be. There is a need to unwind many things before building a live video chat app, which is highly necessary to understand when it’s about the features and budget requirements.

This article is all about guidance needed to build android video chat app including features, tech stack, and of course monetization.

Live Video chat app – verities speaks the rest


When it comes to online video chat apps, it is something which is always a real time demand. Therefore, it is an integral distinction that needs to be made before moving on with building your own android video chat app.

Well, there are a variety of live video call app and chat apps out there to be chosen depending upon your requirements. By purpose, these can be defined as

1. Live Video Call Conferencing

build video chat app

  • Video Conferencing is the type of application that is meant mainly to conduct a large meeting or seminar session where there could be an involvement of about 500 users. Some of the industries that mainly use this video conferencing app include e-learning and social communities.
  • One of the major benefits of these video chat apps is that, it allows all the users to participate at once around the world. For this type of application it is necessary to have a high quality of video and audio wherein, the app should be able to automatically adjust the audio and video quality according to the user’s internet connection speed.

2. One to One Live Video Call

live chat app

  • Every chat application does not have a video chat feature, but nowadays most of the apps are available with this additional video calling api feature mainly to grab more user engagement. So, despite the fact of being used as an instant messenger alone, now they allow their users to make conference video calls to get engaged with each other.
  • This video conference calling feature operates with no time restriction and is completely free. But, since it’s free to use, there is a limitation pertaining to the number of participants.

3. Social Entertainment Application

video calling app development

  • This type of application can be called an “all-time demand app.” Yes! It lets users get engaged in a huge number from anywhere, anytime and are mostly used for gaming, social event engagements, etc. When users connect via online they receive notifications from the other participants to join the party or game.
  • Now, let’s move on to the process of building this exciting best live video chat app.

white label video chat app where you have to just integrate the needed APIs and enjoy your own brand.


However, certain apps like telemedicine, e-learning demand the integration of video chat features compulsorily.

Now, it’s time to check out the major development steps that can get you to a successful video chat app.

live video chat app

1. UI/UX Design

  • UI/UX design specifies the appearance of the application that grabs the user engagement in the first place. So, remember that the more innovative and intuitive your front end is, the better would be the user engagement.
  • While building a UI it is must to have an eye on the usage of buttons in the menus, as more of them can simply make the visitor leave the page. Therefore, your video chat app appearance must be in such a way that it moves along with the people of all ages with technical proficiency.

2. Backend Development

  • To build a backend there are several ways, but before that you must understand that server logic is a foundation for any video chat app development. To build a video chat app you can just make use of the APIs available in the market, but the one that you build from scratch can only give you more flexibility, but will take a long time to come into reality which is not the case with ready-made API integration.

3. Video Streaming Protocol Integration

  • To transmit a live video/audio call through a video call api for android is possible with the support of WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) protocol. WebRTC is a secure protocol for video chat app development which is used mostly in the healthcare section to build a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform.
  • WebRTC protocol provides the features such as streaming, peering, audio/video codecs for interaction among the users i.e., exchange of data among the users that are willing to connect to each other. These WebRTC video chat apps allow the users to start a direct connection independent of the server.

4. Testing Stage

  • Once you are done with the technical coding part, it’s time to check out for bugs. These bugs can lead to audio-video desync, failure of some features, or leakage of personal data. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the quality with the assurance of testing at every stage.
  • Once the bugs are removed, the developers feedback will also be worked upon before moving forward with user feedback. All this is done to give an utmost user experience.

5. Supportive Team Formation

  • To develop any application, you’ll need a team of dedicated and skilled software developers. Therefore, you can hire a team of in-house developers or else outsource your project.
  • Even here it depends upon whether your need is for the long term or short term. When it comes to your own team, you can have a face-to-face interaction and have full control over your video chat app development process.
  • However, for this you have to invest in infrastructure, recruitment process, and other related resources. Wherein, this is not the case with hiring a software development team. First of all, this will be much more cost effective with more work flexibility where the developers will be available around the clock to assist.
  • Well, if we want to count there might be some more to it but the above discussed factors are the key role player when it comes to the understanding of how to make a video chat web app. Now, let’s move on with the features

Features, the most powerful tool


It is always better to create a video chat app for android MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first to have an idea about the product. Let’s have a look at some of the basic features to develop a video chat app.

video chat app features

  • Registration

    In some of the video chat platforms, the registration may be optional for users, but it is always better to have a registration as this will help you to re-enter into an app again easily.

  • Profile Management

    However, it is always better to be a registered user by creating your profile with personal data such as name, email, password, etc. If your app offers a paid video subscription plan then you have to provide your payment details too.

  • Contact List

    Well, building a video chat app without a contact list is unimaginable. Embedding this feature with the user’s phonebook allows you to fill a contact list automatically by searching phone numbers in your system.

  • Video and Voice Calls

    One of the most integral features for any video chat app development is video/voice calling. Yes! Of course there must be a voice call feature to accomplish any video chat app to the fullest. Making a foreign calls is much more expensive which has now been made cheaper with these best live video chat apps.

  • Contact List

    Sometimes, users prefer to connect with people in groups via a live video chat room app. Now, as per the requirement based on audience strength you can integrate this group video call feature into your app and get connected with people globally.

  • Text Chat

    Instead of always making a call, sometimes it’s better to have the conversation by text messages. Mostly, when there is an issue with poor network coverage.

    To create a video chat app for android with a text messaging API, allows you to have a safe, secure and uninterrupted text conversation wherein you can also share documents, this is an additional feature mostly that is available by default.

  • End-to-end Encryption

    Having a secure mode of conversation is something everybody desires for. It has been found that in the U.S. the people mostly select the video chat app depending upon their security assurance.

    This is so as the encryption API allows the devices to encode and decode the messages automatically at both recipient as well as sender’s end, ensuring the security with protocols like AES-256 and HMAC-SHA256. In certain cases these security measures are more protected via multi-layered security protocols.

  • Push Notification

    A simple but one among the most powerful features that solves a load of user’s issues. This feature notifies the users about new messages in the chat, missed calls, recent new updates, etc.

    However, when the above section has given you a well-awareness about the basic features, now let’s step up towards some of the highlighted advanced features as they play a very powerful role in the entire story of creation.

    “Experience the Great version of video chat app”


    Even the advanced features have their own pace when it is about building a live video chat app for android and web app. some of the features covered in this sections are as follows

    Screen Sharing

    A live video conferencing chat app without a screen sharing feature, is something fully deniable. Screen sharing is a powerful tool that is used for tutorials, streaming games, watching movies, etc. Thus, can be used in both personal and business video conferencing apps. This feature can be implemented with the help of the WebRTC protocol.

    Virtual Background

    This sounds to be a simple, hilarious feature in terms of video chat app building. But it’s purposes are remarkable. It replaces the user’s background with the images as per their choice. This feature works well if the background is with a green screen, even you can use the other color too but, with other screen usage you might track unavoidable issues.

    Cancellation of Virtual Noise

    Assume that when you are watching something interesting and you notice a background noise, it will be annoying and very irritating, right!

    This feature now the engineers can separate a user’s voice from the background, by suppressing the background noise with white noise.

    Custom Stickers and Emojis

    We have to accept the truth that always expressing the emotions via texting will not work enough. Thus, to express our emotions and fill in this gap we need some expressive and creative drawings or stickers or images.

    Absolutely, you got it – Stickers and Emojis, the easiest way to express the words. Sounds amazing! Well, by adding a sticker or an emoji with the text, now one can express their feelings and sometimes situations too.

    However, the major part of the voice chat app development is still hidden behind the bushes.

    Of course the technical stack! Never too late to know!

    Are you planning to create an video app for your business?

    “Rising technology to change anybody’s perspective”


    However, there are certainly many options available out there in the market, but it’s important to have a general knowledge about these tech stacks to have a better approach

    But, always make a note that these tech stacks need to be selected depending upon the features you need while building your video chat app.

    Programming languages:
    • Swift
    • Kotlin
    • Java
    Frame Works:
    • Node.js
    • Spark
    • MY SQL
    • Oracle
    Cloud platforms:
    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon S3
    Streaming protocols:
    • WebRTC
    • RTP
    • RTMP
    Encryption protocols:
    • AES-256
    • HMAC-SHA256

    Till now, we have covered almost everything that is needed to create a android video chat app, but what if I say that you can also benefit with it’s monetization concept.

    What happened? Sounds exciting!

    Come on, let’s dive deep and know more about, Something great to grab anybody’s attention

    Why CONTUS MirrorFly be Your Ideal Choice?

    “Let’s Explore the difference!”

    Building the best live video chat app is not an easy task and there are many chances to get deceived easily as the market is filled with gems and stones together. So, it is very important to look for the one with great market experience in terms of their goodwill.

    CONTUS MirrorFly is one of the leading real time chat platform providers who are always be noticed as a developer-friendly live voice chat API & SDK providers – for their most highlighted and outstanding features that includes

    • End-to-end customization
    • One time license cost
    • On-cloud and On-premises
    • High scalability
    • SIP/VoIP calling
    • Voice/Video call recording
    • High-end security, and much more.

    However, the above covers are some highlights but behind the screen there are many to talk about. Foremost, CONTUS MirrorFly is the best real time communication APIs and SDKs with chat, video, and voice. In terms of features, it has around 150+ chat features that are highly flexible and reliable to be integrated into any existing iOS, Android, and web app effortlessly.

    Additionally, it also provides a custom feature option depending upon the business needs as per the industry.

    A simple Strategy to grab businesses

    What do you think if I say you can make money by building your live video chat app. In the first place, you might be like… – but the next moment you will ask how?

    Well, there are many ways you can make money with, gaining your investor’s love for your products too.

    Let’s have a look at some without a delay

    • Advertisements “simple yet powerful”

      Video streaming apps and advertisements move along well with each other, this is because the commercials can be integrated right in the middle of the video. But, this is not the case with video chat app development, as you can’t be able to integrate the ads during the calls.

      Instead, you can go ahead and display small promotional banners during the conversations. Even if you can place un-skippable ads at the end of the call, your users might get annoyed with its frequent use, so have a check on that.

    • Paid Calls “Much better than Mobile Phone connection”

      Have you ever faced a situation when you are in need to make a call via a cell phone, and the user is not available online to pick your call, automatically you will get a thought to connect via phone as carrying a phone is something quite common.

      But of course, connecting over the phone is comparatively expensive, that too when making a foreign call.

      To tackle such situations you can make use of the online live video chat apps wherein you can connect with people of other land by making calls via your apps itself. These live video call app will be chargeable but less expensive when compared to mobile calls.

    • Freemium “Less expensive for any group video call

      The name reveals that something is available for free!

      Well don’t have a thought that there is something as the best free live video chat app at your service. I am talking about “Freemium” – it’s just the simplest concept of making something available for free to the users at the beginning, which is later converted into a premium upgraded version.

      Typically, this is the concept where the developers give away the app’s core features and functionalities for free at the beginning stage and then demand a premium to use further.

      It is the easiest way to grab the users attention, here once the customer gets more involved with the group video chat app, and wants to get connected to a larger group of people by making a group video call, will check out for the updated version which is of course available with premium video on demand and will be less expensive too. So, for sure the user will go with the premium package.

    • Paid Stickers “easy money with creative stickers”

      One of the most simple and the best ways to make money effortlessly is to create paid stickers. Absolutely, this is something which will be liked by everybody. These stickers can express the funny and creative part of any conversations.

      So, simply by hiring an additional designer you can build your own creative emotions showing stickers and make money.

      Well, wherein the all above sections have talked about the key steps and technologies behind building a video chat app.

      Now, it is very much necessary to make a wise decision. But before that let’s have a look upon “CONTUS MirrorFly” as why it could be your best interest when you are planning to create your own video chat app

    However, I hope the entire article would have given you a great clarity in terms of how to make the best live video chat app with monetization strategy that every investor sees as a cherry on the cake.

    So, If all these points were making you think about building your live video chat app for android.

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