23 January, 2022

A Complete Guide To Create a Chat Platform: Features, Monetization, Tech Stacks & API,SDK

Today Messaging applications have certainly changed the way we communicate. In recent years, the popularity of these messaging apps have grabbed the interest of so many entrepreneurs and enthusiastic developers to think over how to build a chat platform of their own.

If you’re the one thinking of creating your own white label chat platform, then we have a plethora of relevant information for you that have been collected via our software developers experience from our global clients.

Not only that, this article also covers the features and monetization criteria alongside easy-to-understand technical instructions as to how to build a messaging app.

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Is Market Research Needed Before Planning to Build a Chat Platform?

active user insights of chat platform

popular online chat platform

Yes, If you ever want a web chat app, it is integral to first understand the current market situation – As to how many people use these apps and why? How much time do people usually spend on these web chat platforms? And who are the competitors?

Well, all these seem to be simple questions but their answers can have a great impact. So, once you have gathered all this data, it becomes much easier for you to make an informed decision for the future to build a real time chat application.

According to Facebook ,globally there are 1.3 billion messenger users which is then forecasted to 2.4 billion users by 2021. This has led the messenger marketing to 70% when compared to email marketing. However, the usage of these chat app platforms generally differs as per the industry, as every other industry demands different features, which we can have a look at in our next section.

How Does Chat App Platform Work in a Variety of Industries?

Whenever you were planning to develop a chat app for websites or mobile, it would be a brilliant approach to go with industrial demands. Yes! If you are clear with what industry your app is targeting, then you can directly have the custom features as per that specific industrial needs. This can eventually save money at the same time give an appropriate success in your business’s growth ratio too

Let’s have a look at some of the industries

1. E-commerce & Marketing Industry

Among several other industries, the online shopping e-commerce and marketing industry has been revolutionized much quicker in the recent era with the usage of web chat app platforms. However, when white label messaging app is integrated into your existing app, it allows you to track the customer support and gauge customer experience more accurately. Moreover, the real time messaging platform allows the buyer to easily connect with the sellers and clarify their queries related to payment reminders, transaction, and onboarding to their customers, and much more.

web chat app for banking support

how to create realtime chat application in android

2. Finance and Banking

Offering proactive and quick interaction space with other bank employees in the banking sector via online chat platform without investing in back-office functions. These secure messaging apps make the communication more effective, productive, and smooth among colleagues, the same way when it comes to the financial service sector. All this is performed inclined with on-premises or on-cloud infrastructure installation collaborating high-end GDPR-compliant and leak-proof security to be fearless from hackers.

3. Digitalized Healthcare

Digital healthcare app connects the doctor and patient with cost-effective, voice and video-calling real time chat platform, where the patient can set an appointment, consult the doctor, share medical documents – diagnostic reports, X-rays, etc. Moreover, all the patient’s medical information is stored at this online chat platform which can be accessed by both patient and doctor at time of emergency to proceed with the treatment. The usage of thishealthcare app has made a great impact on patient’s expenses by reducing their traveling.

white label messaging app for healthcare & education

best web chat app for online learning

4. E-learning Industry

Rising connectivity with video call api or online video calling app has changed the traditional routines and showed a new light for learning with online and internet. Today the education system is using the best team chat app to connect the teacher and student with a real time mode of communication via chat, voice, and video. This involves thousands of students and teachers under a single roof of a virtual classroom where they can coordinate and share the study materials ensuring high-end encryption.

Key Features that Make the Best Real Time Chat Platform

When it comes to functionalities, today’s modern chat platform for websites possesses noteworthy functionalities that can be implemented into any mobile or web chat app as per the need of a business. Some of the essential features that are a perfect fit and must be integrated in a chat messaging platform are

1. Authorization

Every chat app development begins with an interface that questions user’s authorization, forcing them to sign up with a phone number, email address or any other existing social media account. This allows the user to join this group chat platform and connect with a larger user engagement. The regular manner of joining the group is simple but when the user wants to join the group via social media account, email or phone number it slightly differs. This is so as with these the user allows the app to have track of all the contact details that can be automatically reterved to its platform with direct interaction with the client-server API.

chat platform registration diagram

chat application for website

2. Importing Phone Contacts

Instead of updating the contacts manually, these developer-friendly chat platforms have been designed in such a way that can import all the details from your existing contact automatically. This feature will scan all the contacts of the contact book and send them across to the server, where the developers have already set an API comparing the user’s contacts with records in the app’s database. Moreover, the app will only retain those contacts that match the existing one and only that will be marked on the client-side server. However, this scenario avoids the need of a contact book by storing the contact list in the white label chat software.

custom mobile chat app

white label messenger app

3. Instant Messaging

white label instant messenger

mobile chat application development

One among the core features that any messaging platform can have when they are thinking to develop a chat app for website is instant messaging. This can be applied in many ways as the main difference lies between those ways in the data transmission. The process follows in the first case as the messages will be passed through the server and in the second one from user-to-user. Generally, the messages will be stored on a server and all the interaction among the server and user will happen via the HTTPS protocol with SSL cryptography. But, when it is about user-to-user, the data will not be stored on the server, and the authentical will be performed by the central server. This is further followed by each message encryption and later delivered to the recipient via wireless mesh network.

4. File Sharing

file sharing for android chat app

create a messaging app for web and mobile

Whenever the developer thinks of to build a video chat app platform, file sharing capability is one the main features to be considered. For this the developers mostly make use of specific supporting APIs along with passing the data to servers with the help of SOAP and RESTful APIs. This feature allows users to share their already existing document, videos, photos, etc. and also allows them to take photos and videos directly from the white label messaging app to let users capture the moment and share it immediately

5. Location Tracking

how to build your own real time chat app

build chat platform

To create a white label chat software with geolocation tracking requires CLLocationManager Class for iOS and android.location package for android classes. It enables the users to share their location with other users to identify each other or just to show where they are or their store, office or parking is located. This online chat platform’s location tracking also enables the route from the current location to the final destination point.

However, apart from these basic features there are some additional features too whose integration can enhance them to be the best chat platforms.

What Else Do You Need To Develop A Chat App Platform?

When there comes a need to build a chat platform, additional features are the unique ones that have the potential to make your messaging platform stand out from the crowd, certainly leaving a positive impact with high retention and user engagement rate.

1. In-App Voice Calling

create an android voice chat app

build voice chat app ios

No doubt, that the dramatic surge of voice calling app has gained a lot popularity where it enables the users to record voice messages or call other users in real-time at no cost i.e., this instant messaging platform supports the voice calling feature to experience the best fine tuned voice interaction.

2. In-App Video Calling

white label video chat app

building a video chat application

Rise in the demand for video calling is found to continue, which has enabled the user to perform video calling or record a video call in real-time enhancing the user engagement with high defined video quality. However, this feature is useful as it supports during the terrific period of distant socializing.

3. Channels

The purpose of this feature is to allow their users to create and join several communities inside a chat messaging platform. This is to build and engage like-minded people to discuss a variety of topics i.e., done via transmitting messages between the sender and the receiver.

4. VoIP and SIP Calling

how to build android chat application

white label chat solution

In digital communication, both SIP and VoIP move hand on hand enabling the agents, clients, and field workers to interact with one another by making or receiving calls from their web chat platform using broadband internet connection instead of regular phone line.

5. App to App Calling

Further rise in the technology has enabled this feature where the user can interact with other users by connecting two smartphones over real time VoIP calling. Here, the VoIP API permits to make unlimited number of high-defined voice calls globally with the support of internet connection.

6. App to Phone Calling

Leave behind the traditional strategy in communication, app to phone call enables the user to make a call to any mobile GSM network and landline phone network from their voice calling application. Embedding the SIP trunk allows the users to get connected directly from app to phone.

7. Phone to App Calling

The SIP protocol never allows the drawbacks caused by power outages, thus, connecting the phone system to mobile applications with SIP network which is already connected with the data centers is safe. This feature allows conference calling from devices to applications connecting thousands of users from any platform like iOS, Android, and web app.

8. Live Broadcasting

how to build your own broadcasting app

build android chat application

Live broadcasting feature allows the user to engage with an unlimited number of users within the chat software where the users get connected via frequencies. It ensures the connectivity via video, voice, chat with high quality and low latency rate.

9. Video Conferencing

This feature enables the user to create a video conferencing call and have face-to-face interaction at a time with any number of participants ensuring crystal clear quality. Alongside, it also allows transmission of full-motion video images with high-quality audio that can add an addition to any session.

The above are some majorly considered additional features that can enhance your creative mind to build a real time chat application in android,ios and web. Now, let’s see what else might be needed to give a complete finish to your chat platform.

Key Points To Build a Chat Platform

Ofcourse, Your best web chat platform deserves the best. So, when it comes to more than additional features, it particularizes the strong core features that are mainly considered by those who create android chat apps to build the most perfect chat application platform.

Let’s have a look at these core features

i) End-to-end Customization

Full-fledged customization and upgradable features & functionalities option is one of the best features a web chat platform can ever experience.

ii) On Premises / On-Cloud Hosting

Full-fledged customization and upgradable features & functionalities option is one of the best features a web chat platform can ever experience.

iii) Whitelabel Solution

This feature allows you to create your own chat app with your brand color, logo, and custom chat features. Even it allows the hosting services to be on their cloud or on your premises as per your business needs.

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iv) Full-fledged Ownership

Enables you to purchase the real time messaging solution at one time license cost with your desired features. And also provides the option of custom chat features with which can add desired features in the future whenever needed as per your business’s demand.

v) 3rd Party Integration

Instead of creating a new chat interface, you can make use of third party’s available APIs. Here, you can simply integrate your desired APIs into your existing application like iOS, Android, and web app and enhance your chat app platform.

Now, where we have covered everything about core features and functionalities, let’s move on to the security system, as it serves the key purpose.

Security Speaks Your Success To Create a Messaging Platform

how to build own chat messaging platform

web chat platform

Whether you are planning to make a iOS chat app or a web chat platform, security is a major key element in both cases, or can say it is the most important element that qualifies any application to be a secure messaging platform. End-to-end encryption, multi-mode messaging and synchronization between different platforms are the main keys to have a check on while planning to build a messaging chat app for Android or website.

Build Chat Platform : Know About Multiple Technology Stacks

A tech stack plays a very important role when you are planning to build a whitelabel video chat app. These tech stacks are also known as solutions stack or a technology infrastructure. Each of the tools in a stack creates, analyzes, or ingests data, so that the video chat application can run efficiently when linked to one another.

custom mobile chat app

chat application for website

There are several tech stacks available in the market, but there are certain ones that suit all the devices such as iOS, Android, Web app and desktops. Even most of the top real time chat platform providers make use of these


It is an open XML technology meant for real-time communication that empowers a vast range of applications that includes instant messaging, presence and collaboration.

2. eJabberd

It is an XMPP server or a Jabber server and MQTT broker that is supported by the Erlang programming language. It acts as a SIP gateway to create real time services like massive chat, instant interaction, etc.

3. Apache Cassandra

It is an open source NoSQL distributed database that is mainly known for its scalability and availability with no single point of failure. It has been designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers.

4. AWS

It notifies Amazon Web Services which has been broadly adopted for providing on-demand cloud platforms to many businesses, governments, individuals, etc.

5. Global DNS

It is a name resolver and a Domain Name System service that is offered to Internet users globally.

6. VPC Security

It is a security feature that allows you to perform inbound and outbound filtering at the instance and subnet level.

7. Access Control

It is a fundamental data security component that tells who and all are allowed to access and use company’s information and resources.

8. Amazon S3 Bucket

is a public cloud storage resource that is available in Amazon Web Services(AWS), Simple Storage Service (S3).They are similar to file folders, that contains data and its descriptive metadata.

Now, let’s see some more in depth information about these chat app technology stack.

Uncovered Technology Stack of Chat Platform

Well, when it comes to technology stacks, it may vary depending upon the project’s complexity and requirement in terms of functionality. Mostly, when it comes to the programming language,to build android chat app using kotlin is preferred the most instead of other languages. But, still we will have a fine tune view over the topic.

mobile chat application development

create a messaging app

Let’s have a look at the technology stacks that are used to build a real time chat application.

Android App

  1. Programming language — Kotlin
  2. Networking — Retrofit 2, OkHttp 3
  3. Database — Room, Anko SQLite
  4. JSON parsing — Gson, Jackson
  5. Image caching — Glide

iOS App

  1. Programming language — Swift
  2. Networking — Alamofire
how to build a chat app

build a messaging app

Back-end Development

  1. Programming language — Swift
  2. Networking — Alamofire

Third-party services

  1. Storage — Amazon S3
  2. Real-time Engine —Socket.io
  3. Push Notifications for iOS — APNS
  4. Push Notifications for Android

Once we are clear with the idea of what and all are the things needed to build a messaging app, now you might be thinking as to whether it’s possible to make money with a chat platform? Let’s dive into that part too.

Top Monetization Models, You Must Know!

Absolutely, once you have created your online chat platform, the next thing is how to monetize it to keep your company on page forever and offer more features to users in the future.

There are certain ways that can be utilized to monetize your own chat platform app

1. Subscription Fees

You can add a subscription fee to your chat platform with which the user who wants to access your application can just pay a monthly subscription and utilize the premium features like making in-app calls, turning off ads, calling to ordinary phone numbers, etc.

2. In-app Purchases

You can allow your users to buy extra content like sticker packs, games, chatbots, themes etc. to enhance their chat platform app usage.

3. Sponsorship

This talks about advertisements that are the main source of chat platform. However, it does not mean that you have to overload your chat app platform with ads i.e., your ads insertion must make the user feel comfortable when using the application. Even the Ads that are being played must be annoying instead should be relevant to the users search.

Explore the Challenges While Building a Chat Platform

Now, when you have made a note of all the required features to build a messaging app, it is very important to have a record of challenges too, that you might face. So, let’s have a look at some of them

I. User engagement & Retention

Well, they are the two major metrics that decides the success of a chat app platform. If you want your app to be on the top, then there must be enough users to appeal to the target audience. So, it is always better to develop a user-friendly and technically advanced app.

II. Onboarding Experience

This can be explained well as the user’s first impression could be the best impression. The more is the onboarding experience the less would be the abandonment rates.

III. Personalization

It is one of the best aspects of a compelling application as it provides a unique, relevant experience to users. This specifies that if the user is satisfied then will continue using the chat app platform.

IV. Incentives

It is one of the best aspects of a compelling application as it provides a unique, relevant experience to users. This specifies that if the user is satisfied then will continue using the chat app platform.

V. Regular Updates

Regularly updating the app with new features and personalized content helps to maintain user’s attention and engagement. Thus, it’s always better to have a track of analytics, user behavior, and considering feedback to establish the app.

With all this let’s see whether CONTUS MirrorFly could be the best choice to move with?

How Does CONTUS MirrorFly Make Difference?

When it comes to building a chat application, the market is filled with many messaging app providers. But it is very important to check out for someone trueworthy and genuine in terms of their experience and uniqueness.

CONTUS MirrorFly is one among the top rated real time chat platform providers who have always been the first-choice for developers, mostly for their very outstanding features that includes

  1. Self-hosting infrastructure
  2. On-cloud and On-premises
  3. One time license cost
  4. High scalability
  5. Voice/Video call Recording
  6. SIP/VoIP Calling
  7. Cross-platform Messaging
  8. High-end security,and much more

The above are some, but there are more to be counted upon, this is so as CONTUS MirrorFly has targeted all modes of real time communication: voice, video, and messaging. Thus, it provides almost over 150+ features which are so flexible and reliable that can be easily integrated into any of your existing apps including mobile and web apps.

Moreover, it also supports in providing custom features depending upon the business needs that are industry specific.


However, the journey to build the best chat platform is not that easy as it seems to be, but at the same time this article has also shown you how it has been represented as the most wanted one as a future of communication with monetization.

Thus, if this article drives you to think,

“Do you need a chat platform with all these ever best features?

And you respond with a YES!

Then we are really glad to know about your decision to build a white label chat app by yourself. And we’re pleased to guide you for more clarity with guidance.

If you are planning to build your online Chat platform,Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you get started right from scratch!.


Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.


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    Dear Mirrorfly Team: i need to build web chat app run in ios and android have voice and text messages you can contact me on my email only thank you ammar

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    We currently leverage a hometown bidirectional messaging tool in our platform and evaluating a move to a third party. Upfront would just need to know about white label solutions and APIs/SDKs

  21. june Reply

    Hello we are a start up e-learning company we have not launched yet but we are intereseted in some of you services. We would like to make use of your 1 0n 1 chat feature, your video call feature, and your group messgae feature

  22. muzamil Reply

    Hi, We would like to know more about online chat platformand the pricing model. We are looking to integrate in our android mobile application. Thank you Muzamil

  23. kamal Reply

    I need white label chat software api for taxi booking app. driver and user can make call but can’t see the actual number. All inbound and outbound call should be complete via a virtual number only. Do you provide such kind of service.

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