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Contus Fly – A Readymade Enterprise Chat API For Multi Platform Messaging

Communication APIs empower enterprises to construct their own unified communication systems that are high on utilities, security and scalability. Contus Fly is one such team chat app api that enterprises can use to build their own real-time instant messaging app on Android or iOS.

Depending on the business’ communication requirements, Contus Fly messaging SDK for Android/iOS can be customized for in-app messaging, direct one to one or group communication, real-time collaboration through voice calling, video calling, and file-sharing, and much more.

From Code To Cloud, Total Control To You

Messaging API & Chat SDK
Contus Fly is a pre-built chat api for mobile app that gives enterprises total control in terms of app management as well as backend customizations. From code to cloud hosting, the entire control of the messaging sdk and chat api remains vested with the buyer enterprise.

In the future, as and when more refinements in terms of design or functionalities are required, it can be carried out by hiring a developer either from Contus or from their own sources.

Advantages of Contus Fly chat API

Open Source

– Standards based open-source code that is flexible and can be customized easily.


– Modular code structure that can be easily customized periodically

Quick Integration

– The messaging SDK Can be easily integrated with third party integrations for extending the chat APIs functionality

Features that make Contus Fly an enterprise-grade messaging api for Android/iOS

Contus Fly can help businesses in two ways:

i) As a cornerstone chat SDK to build a chat application from scratch, or

ii) As a readymade chat solution to augment the messaging prowess of an already existing mobile Android/iOS application or a website.

For instance, businesses can have their own instant messaging app on Android or iOS that employees can use for formal communication and collaboration with other enterprises users. Think of a secure way of exchanging day-to-day information, emails, files, etc. with colleagues, managers, vendors, clients and so on.

Alternatively, Contus Fly can be used as a pre-built messaging API that can be integrated into the backend of a website, eCommerce store, mobile application, social network, etc. to enable real-time communication with extended features.


Private & Group Chats, Social Login, Multiple Platforms, Audio/Video Calling, Multimedia Support, Data on cloud server etc.

Integrate Chat into Your App Using Contus Fly API’s & SDK’s

Industry-specific use cases for Contus Fly Android/iOS chat app api

80% of mobile users use chat apps on an everyday basis. This sets the stage for businesses to get closer to their stakeholders with an instant messaging SDK.

In-app messaging for eCommerce stores

in app chat ecommerceA custom-built in-app that customers can use for conversing while shopping. The communication can be set at multiple angles like:

  • * Buyer to seller

  • * Buyer to buyer

  • * Admin to seller


* Sellers can impart complete product information upon customer enquiry to increase conversion rates

* Buyers can make informed decisions which helps reduce return rates

* Buyers can chat with other buyers from their contacts who use the app to make product choices

Business Collaboration

business in app messagingAn end-to-end business communication focussed tool that does more than just sending and receiving messages. Connects teams to cross-functional teams, vendors and other stakeholders through video calling, voice calling, file-sharing and so on.

Who can it help:

  • * Employee to Employee

  • * Employee to stakeholders, vendors & groups


* Connects remote employees under one roof

* Saves communication costs

* Gives real-time visibility of people

On Demand Services

On demand in app chatA chat app that conjures a real-time sync between deliverers, customers, admins, moderators and every other stakeholder involved. Best fit for on demand apps that need to follow specific timeline based delivery schedule.

Who is it for:

  • * Customer & deliverer

  • * Deliverer & Admin/Moderator

  • * Customer & Admin


* Superior customer experience

* Reduced complexity in making deliveries

* Real-time tracking of delivery progress

Instant chat is becoming the new way of communication. Every major app in use today boasts of instant chat as a highlight feature. Be it for business to customers or customers within themselves, chat opens up a whole new of conversing and getting things done easily and at fractional costs.

Building a chat app from scratch can be quite a task. Contus Fly chat application api makes it easy to create an instant messaging app from scratch minus the effort for coding and development efforts.

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Nolan Tris
14 days 8 hours ago

Is it omnichannel chat API?

1 month 5 days ago

What is special compare to other chat api?

1 month 27 days ago

Thanks for the information.

I have a few queries:
- What platform are you using, can Contus use Firebase as the backend?
- What is the authentication method supported? Does it support 2 factor authentication?
- The backend server is maintained by Contus or by the developer?

2 months 1 day ago

Thanks for this information. we get more useful information about Chat sdk for android ios.

20 days 9 hours ago

Is this Rest API or SOAP API?

20 days 8 hours ago

For Mobile using Rest API, For web application using web sockets.

2 months 5 days ago

How much does it cost Chat sdk’s & api?