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Build your Vacation Rental Website with the all new Airbnb Clone Script Version 2.8

What is Airbnb & What does it do?

Apptha AirhotelsAirbnb is an accommodation booking website. Airbnb does not own any properties. Instead it acts an online portal where anyone looking for a short-term accommodation (days, weeks or months) can go and find listings in their travel destinations.

Rather than offering professional run hotel chains and lodging facilities, Airbnb offers private properties self-owned by ordinary people who want to put their spare space to some use and earn revenue out of it. Airbnb creates a win-win situation for travelers and property owners alike.

Why is Airbnb so popular?

A typical Airbnb listed property is cheaper than a professionally run accommodation property. This has led to its massive growth since its inception in 2008. Airbnb also boasts of a robust and fail-proof online booking system that is easy to use for both travelers and property owners.

For travelers, Airbnb offers advanced search facilities to find suitable accommodation facilities in their destinations at affordable costs. Since these properties are verified and listed by Airbnb, there is also a certain amount of trust factor which makes the guests feel safer than in a usual accommodation facility.

Decoding the revenue model of Airbnb

Revenue Models
Airbnb sources it’s revenue from both guests and property owners. Hosts (i.e property owners) are charged 3% of the booking amount while travelers are charged anywhere in between 6% to 12% of the booking amount. The revenue so collected is to cover the cost of operations and also contains a good amount of profit also. It is this profit margin that has inspired many to start an online accommodation booking system of their own using a Magento Airbnb clone script.

How to make money using an Airbnb clone script?

Like we said before, starting a business with an Airbnb identical business model is becoming popular. Here are some ways to make money out of a travel booking website like Airbnb which justify why there is a gold rush for Airbnb clone based business models.

  • From Users
  • User registration charges from travelers
  • Transaction fee for every successful booking
  • Exclusive property suggestions of niche choice
  • From property owners
  • Property booking fee for every successful booking
  • Property listing from landlords, privately owned property owners
  • Property verification fee
  • Other sources
  • AdSense revenue based on website traffic
  • Banner advertisements
  • Commission from contract concierge services

All said, which is the best way to build an accommodation booking software?

Is it custom ecommerce website development from scratch or a readymade script that is market-ready and primed for launch? Read on.

Custom Ecommerce vs Readymade Script Differences

Custom website development is not for everyone. In fact, it is most suitable for those who have specific requirements that readily solutions cannot solve. Second, they are expensive. Have a look at the below mentioned table to have an idea how much it will cost to build a custom website, especially a custom ecommerce website with complete functionalities.Custom vs Readymade


In addition to the exorbitant costs, custom ecommerce web development for an accommodation booking software can be time consuming and daunting for someone with little or no technical expertise. The typical time duration required to bring a custom made Airbnb clone website can range anywhere from 3 to 6 months if not more. Post-development there is also the quality assurance process, during which if bugs are spotted, the retraction process will further expand the final launch of the website.

Coming to readymade scripts, there are no hassles. An Airbnb clone script, or for the matter any clone script, is a pre built software which when installed will give a complete website or web application that does what it is meant to do. Unless the user needs some specific customization in addition to the default provisions provided with the readymade script, an accommodation booking script is always prepped for instant launch. In most cases, they cost under $1,000 and come in 100% customizable bug-free codes.

Everything you need to know about Airhotels – Airbnb Clone Script

Airhotels Workflow
An Airbnb clone script is basically an accommodation booking script that allows interested individuals to create their own website like Airbnb that mimics all the features that made the vacation rental website a global phenomenon. The Magento Airbnb clone script, Airhotels can be further optimized for performance with add-ons and extensions that are abundantly available in the market today.

The Airbnb Clone offering from Apptha titled ‘Airhotels’ comes with an array of promising features, including:

1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Instant installation
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Lightweight design
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Bug-free code
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03100% customization
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Powerful & Intuitive interface
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Scalable and Flexible software

Apptha Airhotels Demo

Advanced Features of Airhotels Airbnb Clone Script

Features that make Airhotels a one of a kind vacation rental website script.

Video Monetization

Home page Video slideshows

Captivate guests with video banners/galleries depicting site location, vantage points, exoticness, etc. of the property.

Search Option

Advanced search

Faceted navigation based advanced search enables users to pick the right properties that suit their personal preferences.

Detailed Booking

Explicit Property Detailing

Facility to describe a property captively through video banners, image banners and snippets in slider format.

Seo Friendly


Rank higher in search engine ranking with SEO friendly URLs that fetch customers queries for local properties.

Booking Option

Hourly Booking

Time independent booking system that brings maximum utility for discerning travelers and overworked hosts.

Booking Settings


A 100% customizable code that enables admins to add, edit or delete custom attributes or to create a personalized theme.

Sales Boosting – Free Addons
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Paypal adaptive
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Recurring payments
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03One-step checkout
1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Social logins

1467287701_system-tick-alt-03Free installation
1467287701_system-tick-alt-031 year Amazon powered AWS cloud hosting
1467287701_system-tick-alt-033 months free support
1467287701_system-tick-alt-0310 days money back guarantee

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Planning to create a website like airbnb, which is the best choice either readymade airbnb clone script or custom development. send me more information.

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What are the additional features which are supported by the Apptha vacation rental software to make a website like airbnb.

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Hi Matt Henry,

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Currently there are lot of websites in the name of airbnb and promoting their businesses well. Hope this will be a great airbnb clone software to start an airbnb like website instantly.

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Really a best airbnb clone script. I search for a vacation rental script to make a website like airbnb and this script fulfill all my requirements.

It is very easy to use & easy to install
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