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Live Video Streaming Solution high on scalability, reliability & security

Facebook has signed 140 contracts worth $50million for creating live-streaming content – Wall Street Journal.

From celebrity glitz to corporate conferences, live video streaming has taken a lion’s share of internet video market.

Though live streaming services has been made simple, quality, security, availability across multiple devices, speed, and personalizations are the factors that determine the magnitude of its success. A flawless video on demand solution with high-end security and utility features are the need of the hour.

How can Contus VPlay live streaming solution give you a competitive edge?


High definition -From 320p to 4K and beyond

Contus Vplay live streaming platform’s adaptive bitrate live streaming ensures your audience get a smooth experience besides getting to watch high quality video. RTMP and HTML5 support you can stream live videos to devices ranging from wall-size LED screens to pocket-size smartphones. And video rendering can be controlled in order provide video playback irrespective of a user’s network conditions.


Video Player -Playing it your way

The key medium of your live video streaming service is your video player. Contus VPlay’s video player lets you have full control over managing videos and can be personalized as well. DVR support lets users shuffle back and forth to various parts of live streaming or record it completely for a future watch.


CDN -Pillars of mass distribution

Have a distributed network of servers to achieve fast and uninterrupted video rendering on a global scale to diverse audience. With Contus VPlay live streaming solution, CDN configurations for your live streaming service can be done to perfection in order to scale adaptively according to incoming traffic to support thousands of simultaneous streams.


On Cloud -Be on top with cloud power

Be prepared for the unexpected. Hosted on Amazon cloud, Contus VPlay live streaming platform is flexible towards accommodating fluctuation of traffic thus rendering your service uninterrupted for millions of concurrent streams. Apart from scalability, broadcasters can leverage cloud computing tools and host data with high security.


Multiple device compatibility -Ditching device dependencies

Stream live videos to literally any device. Cater to the live streaming demands of every audience of your demographics chart by rendering full hd videos on Android tablets and smartphones, iPhone, iPad, Smart TVs, PCs, laptops and much more.


Customizable -Being business specific

As a live streaming solution, Contus Vplay can be improvised, downsized to accommodate your personalization needs. CDN configuration, video player, cloud setup, integrations and anything that your business demands can be perfectly bolted in.


Reports and Analytics -A keen eye on every, pixel, user and more

Analyze every pixel of your live streaming service that informs on real-time traffic and viewership status, demographics, average time spent etc. Save insights for a comparative study or to create a consolidated report that helps you analyze user behaviour, quality of your service and be proactive for future demands.


Monetization -Extract the best financial benefit

Monetize your live video streaming contents driving in ads, sponsors, subscriptions, pay per view model etc. You’ll the perfect payment system in place to get the earned revenue on time. You can determine the fee based on time and allow on the go extended subscriptions as well. You users can pay through credit cards and online transactions. All data associated with users right from their PIN numbers to login credential is fortified.

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3 Comments on "Live Video Streaming Solution high on scalability, reliability & security"

Mirfiz Collin
5 months 10 days ago

Does your live streaming solution support both web and mobile? What are the features included?

Vardha raj
8 months 13 days ago

Video streaming has become very common and followed by many. Seems like a best choice to launch a very own platform!

Bill Campbell
1 year 1 month ago

Nice. Informative post. I like your descriptions about live streaming solution. I am into media business and I am surprised how far technology has grown to serve the industry. Good Work!