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Enterprise Instant Messaging Apps: Elevating the level of security and efficiency in corporate communication

Business Chat Apps Drive Blazing Fast Inter-Office Communication


Did you know that inter-office messages sent through business messaging apps enjoy 95% higher immediate-response rate?

As a matter of fact, in any given business environment, an enterprise instant messaging app can energize employee productivity by improving communication. Employees no longer have to wait for untimely replies as the team collaboration chat app can generate immediate responses.

These business chat apps do away with the cons of email communication and bring to table the endless benefits of an official communication app like instant messaging, file & media sharing, voice & video calling and much more in a real-time scenario.

Team mates can stay in constant loop with their remote coworkers, through group and private chat apps, both local and international, through business messaging apps.

How Corporate Messaging Apps Accelerates Operational Efficiency?

All highly productive teams rely on a team chat app for smooth functioning. A secure team chat app for business communication can bring together all communication easily under one window and provide following benefits:

  • Productivity: Catalyzes team coordination through file sharing
  • Connectivity: Epic productivity through all-hour, anyplace connectivity
  • Security: Highly private and secure solution for confidential conversations
  • Cost-effective: Slash domestic and international communication costs to a bare minimum
  • Improves work ethic: Fixing responsibility, decision making, employee interaction improves drastically.
  • Communication: Instant chat messenger for office can enable Voice and video calling with impeccable clarity

How to Build an Enterprise Chat App with Contus Fly

Contus fly is a ready-to-deploy enterprise instant messaging app solution. It can build the best instant messaging app for business communication with a myriad of next-gen features like video/voice calling, file sharing, cross-device access, social integrations, location sharing and much more.
enterprise messaging app

  • 100% customizable and secure official communication app exclusively for businesses.
  • Market-ready solution that comes with rock solid stability and bug-free code.
  • Message delivery notifications and alerts that enhances work accountability.
  • HMAC encryption that fortifies privacy and confidentiality from all corners.

Contus Fly Boasts of Stellar Enterprise Instant Messaging Features

Contus Fly as a corporate messaging app is crafted with brilliant attributes that will uplift corporate communication to its zenith.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging

The power of ‘NOW’ in direct one-on-one messaging or group chats for sharing instructions & information.

File sharing

File sharing

Employees can share spreadsheets, documents, images, video files, audio recordings, etc. on the go.

Voice&video calling

Voice & Video calling

One device for all kinds of voice and video communication to all devices across the world at local prices.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing

Screen sharing for employees to share real-time information that can be shown only with images.

Group conversation

Group Conversations

Chat windows that can accommodate any number of employees from any location for real-time team communication.

Chat Presence

Chat Presence

Prompt display of real-time presence status like Online, offline, Busy, Available, Unavailable or custom status.

Delivery Notification

Delivery Notification

Every message sent to a coworker is marked with a notification confirming successful or failed delivery.

Real-time connectivity

Real Time Connectivity

Employees can participate in office meetings through voice or video from any corner of the world, real time.

chat trail

Chat Trail

Complete chat trail for future reference. All chats/files can be traced to for future reference.

sync and store

Sync and store

Automatic sync and store ensures chats and files are accessible across all devices at all times.

all device compatibility

All-device Compatibility

One-size-fits-all team chat app for Windows, Android, iOs or any other OS platform.

social app integration

Social app Integration

Upped user convenience with social credentials based logins. No more need for multiple usernames and passwords.

push notification

Push notifications

Text alerts to to keep teammates in loop about official alerts, reminders or notifications.

heightened security

Heightened Security

End-to-end encryption and high profile data protection that thwarts hacking and piracy threats.

ongoing tech support

Ongoing tech support

All-caring and anytime available Technical, admin-level or user-level support.

location sharing

Location sharing

Location maps to trace location or even to ease employee navigation to a new plant or branch office location.

pixel perfect UI design

Pixel-perfect UI Design

A well-thought and clutter-free UI that facilitates quicker and easier corporate communication.

Fully searchable

Fully searchable

Conversations and files from the long past can be easily retrieved with smart search using MData retrieve.

Technologies Deployed in Contus Fly

contus fly real time chat app work flow

Contus Fly has under its hood several ground-breaking technologies that can deliver unparalleled communication experience for corporate communication.

Build your Secured Enterprise Chat App with real time Chat App technologies


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40 Comments on "Enterprise Instant Messaging Apps: Elevating the level of security and efficiency in corporate communication"

Jalak Patel
8 months 5 days ago

We are truly thankful for your blog entry. You will discover a great deal of methodologies in the wake of going by your post.

Shravan Rathore
10 months 23 days ago

I’m trying to build a business communication app for my team and that should have a feature where the messages can be self destructed. Is that possible?

10 months 22 days ago

Hi Shravan,

Yes, Using our instant messaging solution any kind of feature can be customized purely based upon the individual’s requirements.

1 year 19 days ago

How secure is your platform when it comes to enterprise chat app development

1 year 17 days ago

Hi Rodin,

We have done end-to-end encryption (AES 256 bit) which defends your data right from texts to multimedia files from hacking. And Server side security have been followed to fortify your messages. Techies at Whatsapp have done this a couple of days ago.

1 year 4 days ago

which protocol did you implemented for the end-to-end encryption? Are you also supporting end-to-end encryption for goup chats?

11 months 20 days ago

Hi Omri,
We have implemented AES 256 CBC encryption and yes the same supports for group chats as well.

Carol Hanson
1 year 1 month ago

The information on this page was very helpful and useful.Like whatsapp there are many instant messaging apps available in the market

1 year 1 month ago

Is this chat app a best private chat app for an office?

1 year 1 month ago

Hi Claire, Ofcourse it serves as a complete private chat app since it comes with purely customizable features and developed in an unique manner exclusively for any office!